Hidden Gems Inside The Mall Of America

With over 500 stores, make your trip to MOA worthwhile by stopping at these fabulous retails and restaurants.

Going inside the largest mall in America can bring you feelings of excitement but also anxiety. Where do you start in a mall with four of the largest department stores, a level dedicated to restaurants, two hotels, and an amusement park? Below you will find unique stores inside Mall of America that you cannot miss, kiosks by small local businesses, and tourist attractions that are worth the expenses. 

Hidden gems inside mall of america
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The Mall of America is basically laid out in the format of a large square, consisting of four levels, that wraps around in a way where you can make a full lap. If you walk around one whole level in a complete lap it is roughly a mile-long walk. With this information, you might want to come into the Mall with a plan, so you don't end up walking many miles and wasting time. However, sometimes you may feel up for the adventure and see where the mall takes you. This guide will provide you with a better idea of what stores you want to hit and what attractions you want to see before your legs wear out. 

1. Soul Sistas 

This is a quick stop that doesn't even require you to walk inside a store as it is a kiosk. Soul Sistas is a black, woman-owned, local Minneapolis business with the purpose of protecting other women. The keychains sold are self-defense tools while making them cute and fashionable. The keychains consist of pepper spray, a rape whistle, flashlight, and brass knuckles. What more does a girl need? Location: 6110 North Market. 

where to go inside mall of america
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2. Wafels & Dinges

Bite into a taste of Norwegian heaven at this waffle stand. Choose either sweet or savory and have no regrets. Location: 360 West Market. 

hidden gems inside mall of america
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3. Third Degree Heat

If you're coming to the mall to pick up a new pair of sneakers or Jordan's then Third Degree Heat is your go-to shoe store. Walls full of shoes on display, you are sure not to leave empty-handed. Location: 334 West Market.

4. Aritzia

Brand new to the MOA and the first in Minnesota, Aritzia will bring you puffer coats, sweat suits, work clothes, to dainty tops made from high-quality material. This store is not cheap, so approach with caution! It is also fun to just window-shop the fancier stores as well (check out the Gucci store inside Nordstroms or the Canada Goose store too). Location: 115 West Market. 

where to stop at Mall of America
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5. The Sugar Factory

This Instagram-worthy restaurant is only located in major cities across the US, and the MOA got lucky to be included. Order a fishbowl drink with dry ice and gummy worms, then go drunk shopping after. Location: 339 South Avenue. 

Where to go in MOA
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6. The Crayola Experience

Crayola crayons have created an experience to enjoy for all ages but help to have a little one to truly celebrate the joy. With a special, small door made of crayons, they get to enter a world where they can draw anywhere, and come up with masterpieces of their own. Location: 300 South Avenue. 

7. Sea Life

Now, this is an attraction that you will be in awe of no matter how old you are. With tunnels that are completely surrounded by water, fish, turtles, and sharks will swim all around you. Location: 120 East Broadway. 

Mall of America stores to visit
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8. Disney

Be transported into a fairy tale when you walk inside the Disney store. From plush stuffed toys to tees with your favorite characters, there is something here for any age. Tip: arrive early, this store always has a line. Location: 118 South Avenue. 

9. FlyOver America

Currently featuring Hawaii, different places in America are shown in this interactive ride. You feel as if you are really flying over the scenery, the wind blowing in your hair, and the sun shining brightly (all special effects, of course). Location: 5120 Center Court. 

where to shop at mall of america
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10. Nickelodeon Universe

Single tickets are available for purchase if you need a shopping break and want to hit a ride or two, along with unlimited ride passes. The Rock Bottom Plunge and Fairly Odd Parent roller coasters are my personal favorite ones. They are fast, big, and right on theme. The Log Chute is a classic too but warning, you may get a little wet on this one. Location: Center Court. 

11. Hideaway Express

Hideaway is a popular destination for glass or any smoking needs. The express is a smaller selection compared to some of their larger smoke shops around the city but features the same beautiful glass pieces. Location: 532 East Broadway. 

where to go in Mall of America
Source: Mall of America

12. Lululemon Café

Calling all yoga fanatics and health nuts- your favorite athleisure brand now has a fueling café inside their retail space. If you're going to pay that much for leggings, you might as well get a smoothie to go with it. Location: 116A West Market. 


This new, high-end streetwear clothing shop is one of the Mall's best-kept secrets. Located on the highest level, it is tucked away which makes it easy to miss but is definitely worth the escalator rides up to the top. Feel free to take a photoshoot up there with your new purchases; the white floors, open windows, and twinkle lights make a great backdrop. Location: 387 West Market. 

where to go at mall of america
Source: Mall of America

14. Carlo's Bakery

The hit television show, Cake Boss, comes to life now in Minnesota along with Carlo's other bakeries located on the East coast. The cannolis are a must. Location: 335 North Garden. 

15. Morphe

If you love makeup, the brand new Morphe store is one of the few full Morphe makeup stores in America. Usually, you can find the brand inside larger stores such as Ulta or Sephora, but now the mall has a whole space dedicated just for them. Location: 262 West Market. 

Hidden Gems inside Mall of America
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16. Sencha Tea Bar

Sencha is a local Minnesota tea bar with locations in the MOA, Uptown Minneapolis, and downtown Saint Paul. Try an iced green tea with a flavor like a mango and add strawberry jellies for the tea of your dreams. Location: 392 North Garden. 

17. Shake Shack

The beloved burger and shake joint is a part of one of the Mall's many food courts. The double cheeseburger and chocolate shake will leave you satisfied and in love. Shake Shack rivals In-And-Out, so you know it's seriously good. Location: 332 North Garden. 


The Mall of America has a neat little section called the Community Commons where local artists can showcase their work. 4THELOVE is a black-owned, clothing business with a social justice cause after his city was in despair over the death of George Floyd. If you were emotionally moved by his death but not sure how you can make a difference, supporting businesses like this one is a great start. Location: 238E South Ave. 

Where to go in mall of america
Source: Mall of America

19. GameWorks

The Mall has many toy stores, electronic game shops, and board game stores. GameWorks is different because you get to play while in the store. This arcade holds hundreds of video games, bowling, and food. The eccentric display and design of the store will suck you right into this fantasy world to play. Location: 401B East Broadway. 

20. I Love Minnesota

Lastly, show some love for the state that is bringing you this great mall by visiting the Love from Minnesota shop. Showcasing the nature, lakes, and love for our city, pick up a souvenir from here. Location: 372 West Market.

Whether you end up coming with a game plan of what stores to stop in or decide to wing it, make sure you stop at one of these hidden gems while visiting the Mall of America. Support some local businesses, stores wanting social change or protection, or just have a sweet treat if you need a break from it all. No matter what you're feeling, the Mall of America will have it. 

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