Make Activities With Your Dog More Interesting

These activities will strengthen your bond and make time with your dog more exciting.

One thing every dog owner can agree on is that we love our furry friends like family and want to make their time with us as special as possible. While it may not seem obvious, there are so many ways in which you can share special moments with your pup, whether or not you have kids or other family members with you as well.

Activities like dog beaches, off-leash parks, agility courses and more, options grow each and every year for you to get out and maximize the time you have with your dogs, regardless of where you live.

Here are a few ways to enhance activity time with your dogs:

1. Take Your Pup To The Dog Beaches

Dog enjoying the beach
Image Source: Pexels

Dog Beaches offer an opportunity for a fantastic summertime activity with your pup. Dog Beaches are set up to specifically serve dogs and their owners, outside of the typical beaches for the general public.

Some locations offer wash stations, waste bag stations, and drinking fountains for dogs and their owners alike. All the same rules apply, especially picking up after your dog! There will be a demarcated area that clarifies the boundaries of the beach, but you and your dog are otherwise free to use all of the land and water area there.

Many coastal cities have designated dog beaches to better serve active dogs without running the risk of interfering with typical beachgoers. Arguably the best part of dog beaches in California or otherwise warm climate areas is they are open and accessible year-round!

My home state of Michigan also has many dog beaches; up along the coast of Lake Michigan on the west side of the state, many townships, county, and state parks have even managed to fold in a dog beach to their spaces. While you can also access these beaches year-round, it would be much less enjoyable to try catching a tan in January while in Michigan as opposed to California.

2. Let Your Dog Run Free At Off-Leash Dog Parks

Open space off leash dog park
Image Source: Pexels

Off-leash dog parks are another phenomenal place to bring your dog that is sure to be a lot more fun than a normal walk!

Off-leash dog parks are huge areas that you can bring your furry friend and let them run free, off-leash, and get in touch with their wild ancestors. What sets an off-leash dog park apart from “normal” dog parks is that they are often in vast land plots like governmentally protected environmental areas like a county or state parks. 

My experience with these was in Colorado. The park was set up almost identically to other hiking trails we had been to, but you could let your pup run free! It was so nice to be able to allow our dog to explore on her own, meet new dogs and run around with them as we continued on our own hike as well.

A few reminders while you walk your dog at off-leash parks:

  • Make sure your dog stays on the trail. Keep them in your sight at all times.
  • Check for fleas, ticks, and other pests before you leave or when you get home.
  • Talk with owners that you come into contact with. Not every dog will want to be chased or played with, so you may need to leash your dog temporarily until you reach a separate area of the park.
  • As always, be diligent in cleaning up after your pet.

Our favorite off-leash spot was shut down for a period of time, due to animal waste pollution washing down into a river that ran through the trail system and had contaminated the watershed. The parks are great, but you must do your part as a responsible dog owner.

3. Have Fun With Your Dog At Agility Parks

Agility parks just might allow you to build a bond with your pup that you never thought possible. It might surprise you just how much your dog enjoys obstacles, climbing, and weaving. There are certainly specific breeds that may enjoy the tasks of completing obstacles more than others, but you never know!

If your dog loves chasing balls or frisbees, climbing things, and is a good listener, give it a shot! Many dog parks have setups just like those of agility competition. These can help you form an even stronger bond with your dog, as many of them just want to please their owner and see praise (and treats, of course!).

You may have to do a little more searching for specific dog parks that have those agility components to them. Educate yourself a little bit on the best ways to get your dog to perform some of these tasks and see how it works out for you. Many dogs that need a lot of activity and stimulation will be just as tired from a mental workout as they get from a physical workout. You can even purchase your own setup for your yard!

Regardless of you and your dog’s ability or activity level, there is surely something out there to help make the time with your pet more exciting.

There are many possibilities, even more, and more shopping centers are becoming dog friendly so you never have to leave them home alone. Get out, explore and have a great experience with your dog!

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