Pregnancy And Work From Home Is Actually A Good Idea

Pregnancy can be a lot easier for the mommy-to-be while they are working from home.

When the good news arrives, it brings a blast of emotions of happiness, joy, excitement, and fear. For a woman, getting pregnant is the most wonderful gift in her life. This is the most exhilarating feeling where a woman is about to begin a new journey by carrying a fetus in her stomach. With excitement comes fear and added responsibilities. It's best if you have the support of elders and family but if you're alone, it may get a little difficult. Women, you don't need to worry because everything falls in place with time. 

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On the other side, if you are an independent working woman who needs to travel to work or if your work involves a lot of physical activity, pregnancy may act as a minor disruption. Especially, being pregnant during a phase where the working environment is shifting from the office to home can be scary and tiresome. Moreover, the situation is terrifying when pregnant women who already have a child and household chores to manage. 

Working from Home for women means signing up for double duties in the absence of house-help. But if you have a house-help, pregnancy and work from home can be the best phase of your term. Certainly, this new routine can be a blessing if you are about to welcome a newborn into the world.

Here are 5 reasons why pregnancy and working from home is actually a good idea. 

  • Juggling between meetings and appointments

For proper prenatal care, visiting a doctor is very important. It is so much easier to juggle between work commitments and doctor's appointments when you are working from home. 

Especially, for those moms who need extra prenatal care and more visits to the doctor for regular check-ups and ultrasounds. Work from home for mommy-to-be offers a lot of flexibility. It is easy to prioritize self-care and work by going for flexible working hours. You can even work on the days closer to your due date by the doctor's recommendation. Work from home during pregnancy easily wins as you won't have the stress to quit your job for any reason whatsoever.

  • Dealing with morning sickness

Pregnancy is new and all things seem exciting and scary at the same time. Mostly, you prefer to keep it a secret till the first trimester is over. You enter week six and all of a sudden you get hit by the morning sickness which almost feels like all day sickness.

The advantage of being at home all day is that you can avoid the feeling of being sick at work. No one would notice your weird expressions of the bad smell that's bothering you. Be at your own comfortable space. Also, if you feel exhausted, it is easy to take a quick nap anytime in your own bed. 

  • No judgement and full privacy

Having heard from a pregnant woman who says that work from home wins over the traditional office. She says, "It is easy to avoid the embarrassing moments of dropping something on the floor or sitting in an extra comfortable position while growing a human in the tummy. No one is judging me at home. I can choose the most comfortable position to work. I can find a dozen pillows to rest my back. I can have all the privacy I want."

Working from home means, no one's watching your random mood swings. There is no belly touching or fighting for cute baby names from intrusive colleagues or unsolicited advice by experienced co-workers while you are in a meeting. You can eat, sleep, relax and work as per your schedule in your favourite corner of the house without an audience.

  • Opportunities and relax and exercise

It is hard to find time for a full workout if you are working. New moms-to-be would be excited to have a beautiful and fit body and hence exercising regularly becomes necessary. But how would you do it?

By choosing work from home, finding time for fitness can become a lot easier. Wake up early in the morning and utilize your ' traveling to office time' for a quick and baby-friendly workout sessions. You will find a lot of free workout sessions for pregnant women on the internet. You may not go for rigorous routines but slow exercises suit best for pregnancy.

You can also take short breaks in-between working hours and stretch your body which will help in flexibility.  Also, relaxing and balancing work-life is extremely important. You cannot take extra work-load which could lead to stress. This is unhealthy for you and the baby. Talk to your boss and manage your daily to-dos accordingly. Complete your tasks and relax. 

You can go out for a walk, inhale some fresh air, talk to your friends and family. Such activities help your mind and body keep calm and stress-free. It helps to avoid anxiety and stress.

Keep a close check on mental health during pregnancy is very important as your hormones tend to react quickly and emotionally. You may need someone by your side always to talk it out. If you need some time alone, plug in your headphones and listen to music. This is the best way to stay calm and release stress. 

  • No stress of 'what to wear'

It feels so good to be working in the most comfortable outfit. While you are pregnant, you tend to gain fat and your tummy grows. This demand a collection of maternity wear. Especially, a decent collection of clothes that are suitable for the office.

But if you're working from home, it's easier because no one's watching you. You can simply avoid video calls and work with messages. You need not go shopping and easily slip into loose t-shirts of your husband. This would be cosy and comfortable. 

Let your little one grow, but do not feel the need to quit your job only because a traditional office environment is hectic. The world is adapting and working from home is a much better solution to take care of the baby and yourself without giving up on your career. 

Put on those sweatpants and choose a wise option to continue with your career. No one's stopping you.

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