Outside-The-Box Valentine's Day Ideas You Never Thought Of

Valentine's doesn't have to be the mundane Chocolates, Roses, Dinner, and A Movie. Spice It Up With These Fifteen Ideas You Probably Never Thought of.
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If you're like many people and you're tired of the same mundane Valentine's Day ideas or trying to act surprised when your spouse does a repeat of last year, then it is time to spice it up. With just a little bit of thought and a lot of imagination, you can come up with ideas that will blow your sweetheart's socks off. But until you do...

Here are ten outside-the-box unique Valentine's Day Ideas:

1. Mystery Dinner On Valentine's Day

If you've never been to a mystery dinner it is something you most certainly have to try. It is your usual dinner but a crime is committed before the night is over. You are given clues to find who, amongst the dinner guest, committed the crime. Nothing spells "Romance" like a little mystery and suspense. It adds a touch of danger, and we all know a little danger is quite sexy. 

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride for Valentine's

What can be better than sipping Champagne and sharing your favorite candies above ground while floating into the cloudless sky? To really make it romantic, plan your ride during sunrise or sunset, to add a touch of romance. 

3. Be Your Own Chef

Enjoy a day of cooking your favorite meals together. Or you can do a surprise meal where you and your spouse cook the meal separately, then try and guess what the other made. Give rewards for correct answers!

4. Make Your Own Candy

Instead of buying candy this year, or going to a candy shop, get a little creative by making your own. You can buy all the materials from your local shop and decorate them as you choose. 

5. Make Valentine's Day Collages

They say the best gifts are free, I say the best gifts are free and personal. Give your sweetheart a reminder of all the reasons you love them. You can add pictures, past trips, and memories, or letters from the past.

6. Have Valentine's Day Picnic In A Flower Field

Who said you have to bring the flowers home with you? Go to the flowers, by having a romantic picnic with your favorite food, desserts, and wine or champagne. This idea is friendlier to the earth and you won't have to clean up dead rose petals after a week. Plus you get to enjoy a variety of flowers, fragrances, and multiple colors. 

7. Go Strawberry Picking, This Valentine's Day

Nothing says Valentine's more than strawberries dipped in chocolate but this year put a little spin on it. Go to a strawberry field and pick your own strawberries. Bring them home and dip them in chocolate and decorations of your choice. 

8. Valentine's Day Helicopter Ride

Enjoy a night above the lights with a Valentine's Day helicopter ride. The ride could be fifteen minutes one hour. Whatever you choose, don't forget to bring a blanket to snuggle and keep warm on your night over the town. 

9. Post Secret Valentine's Day Love Notes Around The House

Nothing says I love you more than beautiful words. Write a few notes or poems and hide them around the house for your lover to find. You can leave little clues and give rewards for finding them. 

10. Valentine's Day Burlesque Show

If you've never been to one you are sure to enjoy it. You can go with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day. If not and you're feeling a little creative, you can do an "at home" Burlesque show. Making it all the more personal.

These are a few things to try this year in 2021. The goal is to spice it up and think outside the box. Do and try something a little different this year. After all, 2020 was a trying year for all of us. Try to bring as much passion back as possible to start off the new year.

Ola Marie is a Communications and Creative Writing Major. She writes Magazine Articles and Advertising Copy with an interest in wellness.

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