Death Omens: Are They What We Really Think?

My personal experience with death omens.

Death omens can be found all around the world, but they vary depending on belief, culture, and tradition. 

While omens, in general, are mostly considered negative, death omens tend to strike a different kind of chord with people. This is because death is a fear that many have, although is not something that we admit. 

Regardless, death is something that is with us constantly. Whether the death is physical or a metaphorical death it is a necessary part of life. 

Before we dive deeper into the subject though, let's look at what a death omen is. 

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What is a Death Omen?

A death omen is considered to be a sign or message from the universe or the spirit world, telling us that death is near. Most death-omen messages tend to involve animals in some way, especially black animals. 

Some of the most common death omens are mirrors, cats, owls, ravens, crows, cracks on the floor, breaking specific objects, plants dying or blooming, beetles, etc. 

This message of death that these animals or objects bring can vary. In many cases, it can mean an end to something like a situation, relationship, experience, an era, and even life. 

When you look into death in the spiritual world, you realize that when it comes to something ending, it gives way to something else. In most cases, these deaths tend to lead to something better for the person who is experiencing them.

This is why many people in the spiritual world tell us not to fear but instead flow with these deaths. Because, almost always, there is something better, a relief on the other side of it.  

My personal experience

I believe that even though there may be some general death omens, there are also very specific and personal ones that vary from individual to individual. 

I know this because I and other members of my family, experienced it when my grandmother died. Each one of us, even though we are from the same family, saw and felt something different. 

But, all of it was signaling the end of my grandmother's life and there was no mistaking it. 

My paternal grandmother died on September 29, 2018, on the eve of my birthday. She died during the night, after suffering from two heart attacks in the hospital. 

That night, my parents had gone to her to drive her to the hospital due to her neighbors alerting them that something was wrong with her. I had decided to stay home that night, so I was alone when my mother called me. 

I was distraught, of course, but I had to be strong and help call the rest of our relatives to let them know of the passing. Needless to say, it was the worst birthday of my life. 

It was very strange though, while I mourned my grandmother's death, I was also at peace with it. As if part of me had known that it would happen. 

Then I remembered something that had happened that morning. Like I always do, that morning, I was making up fake scenarios and conversations in my head. 

In this particular conversation, I was telling my grandmother that she had to take her health seriously and get better because I didn't want her to die. She still had so much to teach us, to teach me. 

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You see, during her life, my grandmother had learned and certified herself on many subjects. She was a seamstress, a designer, a baker, an artisan, a painter, a sculptor, a gardener, a jewelry maker, and so many other things. She also had a degree in law and accounting. 

She had been great at everything, she even played instruments like the Quattro, the guitar, wrote poems and stories. My grandmother even knew how to ballroom dance. 

She had accomplished many things, it was sad to see her go. It felt like her death had been too sudden. 

At first, I was angry that I hadn't had any warning signs that she might go or that she was already in transition until I heard three different stories from three different family members.

What they told me made me realize that there had been signs, I just hadn't been there to experience them or I hadn't been paying attention. 

Besides the mock conversation in my head, these were the three signs that my family saw at her passing:

1. The dream 

My mother has always had the ability to see snippets of future happenings in her dreams. Although most times, the messages aren't referring to the people she dreams about but they are for other people close to her. 

The night before my grandmother's passing, my mother dreamt about her own father. In the dream, he told my mother that my maternal grandmother had passed away.

My mother told me she had woken up sweating and with a sinking feeling. But, since her dreams are never about the person she dreamt about she knew that her mother wouldn't be the one passing away. Still, she knew someone else would.

2. Sewing Machines Breaking

My older sister, like my grandmother, sowed. This is why my grandmother gave her two sewing machines, so my sister could start her sewing and designing business.

Two weeks before my grandmother's death though, both machines broke one right after the other. Even though there was no reason for them to do that. 

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3. Blooming Orchids

One of my grandmother's many passions was gardening. And her favorite flowers to take care of were orchids.

Occasionally she would give some away as gifts. At my grandmother's service, my aunt's sister told me something peculiar. 

She said that two days before my grandmother's death, the orchids had bloomed. She hadn't been expecting them to bloom because they weren't set to open so early in the season. 

Death omens, like the ones mentioned above, don't always have to be a black cat crossing in front of you or an owl screeching in the dead of night. 

Death omens can also be related to things and people that the person enjoyed or loved. They can also be very subtle like a made-up conversation in our heads. 

The keys are to pay attention and not be afraid because there is always a silver lining. While my grandmother's passing was sad, it was also a relief to see her go as she would not be suffering anymore. 

For some time she had been suffering from strokes and diabetes, she no longer has to. 

The death of anything whether living or circumstantial is painful but it is truly a necessity in order for things to change for the better.

A writer with a love for hot chocolate and rainy days. Has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and is experimenting with fantasy writing.

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