The Return Of Tyranny

The Invasion of the Taliban and the fight for Afghanistan

While Afghanistan was thriving under the United States military protection and guidance, Terrorism was crushed and pushed to the shadows where it belonged.

However, Terrorism was still very much alive and waiting quietly to make its move to push the country back to where it was before its people knew any personal freedom or knowledge.

Now terrorism has come back fiercer than ever because The Taliban has come back into power destroying all the hope and aspirations the country and its allies had fought to protect.    

While it is predicted that the Taliban would conquer Afghanistan in weeks, it only took a couple of days. When Afghanistan's president fled from his own people to escape its invaders, the country was taken very quickly because their own fighters refuse to defend themselves even though they were prepared to do so according to Julia Hollingsworth's CNN Who are the Taliban and how did they take control of Afghanistan so Swiftly? 

Who is The Taliban?

Ironically, the Taliban were Afghanistan's resistance fighters once who fought against Soviet forces in the 1980s. Now their sole purpose is to make sure they remove any other law and custom that interfered with their own and rule the country with their own ideas of what Islamic law is such as women's suppression, they will not be allowed to go to school or have a job and no one is allowed to leave the country.

However, after September 11, 2001, when terrorists hijacked airplanes in the United States and crashed them into the World Trade Center Towers, the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan to stop the Taliban who were supporting Al Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden.

The Taliban leader is led by Mawlaw Haibatuullah Akhundzoda who is a religious clerk after Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour had died. The Taliban agreed with the previous president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump with a proposal of peace if he agreed to remove the United States's troops from their soil and release the imprisoned Taliban as long as no aid would be given to any activities that would be connected to the acts of terrorism.

The president was deceived. Now he wishes to blame President Joe Biden for the Taliban's sudden rise to power.

What had happened there?

The Taliban took control by force and while a report was given to the United Nations Security Council nothing could be done about it. It seems that the Taliban want to tell the world that they want peace and prosperity with everyone around them yet they plan to conquer people around them just to enslave them.

Additionally, what makes this situation worse is how it makes the United States look - at least to The New York Post's Opinion We have Armed the Taliban to Cause destruction in Afghanistan and elsewhere for Generations by Douglas Murray, who says the Taliban was able to get support from the weapons and the equipment that the United States had left behind.

The military has claimed that most of the weapons have been disabled, the Taliban was able to make use of them somehow. In his opinionated article, he suggested a drone should be sent there and while that may prove to be a great asset if the people of Afghanistan are too afraid to fight for their country, there is no reason to blame America for that but of their own president who did not teach them the values of their own lives when he abandoned them.

According to ALJAZEERA, the Taliban has made a new government with Mohammad Hasan Akhund and some of the names of those chosen to impose their law are all troubling because they are all connected to a past time of their own regime. The United States has responded to their new government by not believing what they see or hear and hope that there will no more further acts of terrorism on their soil or others. 

Afghanistan Talks Afghans Discussion Communication
Alejandra Santiago

The two judges that sent The Taliban to prison are now in danger from The Taliban who despite the militant's promise of no future revenge attacks according to Alia Shoaib's Hunted by The Taliban, Afghanistan's former Judges are disguising themselves and going underground, yahoo! news, Business Insider.

One of the plans is to kill himself by setting himself on fire if he can not outrun them. He is worried about his family who is no longer has a future while he had tried to escape from Afghanistan.

The other judge is now on the run disguised as a beggar who travels only in the day to escape his previous location although he has no way of getting access to help. He wishes to get his family out of the country who is already suffering psychologically and are worried about their own futures.

Meanwhile, because Afghanistan's ambassador Adela Raz blames President Joe Biden for The Taliban's invasion of her country since he gave the order for the United States's troops to leave her country.

In Thomas Colson's Afghan Ambassador to the US says her people won't trust an American president against any time soon following military pullout, yahoo! News, Business insider, She believes he does not care about the safety of Afghanistan's women who will suffer, and what makes it worse is that the Biden Administration will not with her either. Perhaps she should take a look at her own president who abandoned them to The Taliban!    

With this in mind, Vice President Kamala Harris who has been accused of not caring for The Taliban's invasion of Afghanistan has made it clear that the United States will work with them to help keep the girls and other children safe during the trip to Southeast Asia which made her think about the similarities between The Taliban's invasion of Afghanistan and United States's trouble with China according to WDC News 6.

Afghanistan girl burqa ceremony Bee keeping Women
Amber Clay

What can the Afghanistan Civilians do?

There might be some hope for Afghanistan yet, it seems that the Taliban had a change of heart for the women in their country where they can now continue their education in a gender-segregated environment.

Perhaps they will come to understand that not all battles are won with violence and learn to protest against the tyrants who have imprisoned their homeland and learn to find ways to speak out, first start by reading and then starting writing and soon the talking will occur to inspire conversation.

Unfortunately, Protests get harder for Afghan women amid risks and red tape by Zeba Siddiqui and Pamiyan Zemaryalai Yahoo! news, Reuters, shows that any demonstrations of protest against the old regime, The Taliban have been disrupted by violence and the same as it was ruled in the 1990s except women will be able to have small jobs.    

Can the Afghanistan Civilians learn to fight for their own country against the tyranny of the now-dead civilians that have died trying to escape it?

I am a writer, journal keeper and a believer in many things.

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