Fun Activities That Keep You Fit Without You Even Noticing

Working out sucks. But it doesn't have too.

The gym can be overwhelming, confusing, and intimidating. Running outside in excess heat or snow can be sometimes discomforting. Home YouTube videos can get boring. So, how do we stay fit and have fun while doing it? Better yet, how can we work out and not even realize we're working out at all? 

Check out the list of ideas and activities that will keep you in shape providing a workout that you won't even know about.

ways to keep you in shape that are fun
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1. Roller Skating

Roller skating may seem difficult for those less coordinated, but once you get the hang of it you can roller skate anywhere. You can dance, disco, and twirl at the roller rink. You can race with friends or even on a league or turn the workout into a party and throw an event! The options are truly endless. On a beautiful day, take them outdoors and ride the bike path. 

2. Horseback Riding

Now, this may not seem like an enjoyable activity to everyone, and can even provoke more fear than joy in some. But to others, there is no more of a fun workout that totally distracts you. It's even considered a sport because of the competitions, skill, and focus that goes into it. Bobbing up and down and posting those legs are going to get you the thighs of your dreams. 

ways to stay fit without realizing
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3. Ping Pong

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, can tone your arms and is sure to keep you on your toes! Shuffling back and forth while working your biceps to return the ball will leave you shocked because you're so out of breath. You can get your own ping pong table for your basement, but they often have them at the gym for anyone to rent a turn. You can also find a way to play competitively on a team with a school or a league. 

4. Playing with young children

Playing with young children is another fun way of staying fit. They will knock the breath out of you whether you're playing tag or My Little Ponies. 

5. Laughing

The best core exercise at all is laughing out loud. If your abs don't hurt, you aren't laughing hard enough. 

6. Household chores and cleaning

A clean house and a fit body, why not put this one to the test? Add more to why this is a workout. You probably will feel the pain of the workout while cleaning, but at least you're not doing push-ups or crunches. 

ways to stay fit without knowing
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7. Lot of sex

Sex helps in keeping a healthy heart rate, builds up stamina, works those thighs, you totally get where I'm going...

8. Mile-long walks with your friend or your pets

If you live somewhere with four seasons, you are extra lucky. Utilize the outdoors to get a workout and some sunshine in your system!

  • When it is warm out, it's as easy as taking a mile-long walk outdoors. 
  • The four seasons also add some extra arm toning chores... Get those rakes and shovels out. Although raking and shoveling may not be fun, you have to get it done so you might as well make a workout out of it.
  • If you need a push, a pet would force you to get out and moving. If you want an easier push, a friend also can hold you accountable (and keep things fun). 

9. Swimming

Swimming in a city pool or gym is a very relaxing way to burn off calories and tonearms. If doing laps feels boring or repetitive, try treading water, doing aerobic activities, or practicing different types of floats.

ways to stay fit that are fun
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10. Hiking

Those scenic views are bound to make you forget about your quivering legs and sweaty back. This is a great option for those who feel uncomfortable going outside to exercise in public. When hiking, you can find more of a private but safe path. You will still probably see some people who are great for safety, but no one is watching you besides nature.

11. Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding is a recently new trend that involves balance, core strength, and upper arms to paddle yourself while standing. Some people will take this a step further and do yoga on the board. 

ways to stay fit for fun
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12. Go for boating

Boating involves rowing such as canoeing or kayaking. Like paddleboarding, you can rent a kayak at popular local beaches. This is a fun hobby to do alone or with a friend, it's up to you if you want the silence or conversation. 

If there is snow on the ground, you have even more choices!

13. Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing seems like a leg workout, but when you rely on the poles to push you, your shoulders will burn within ten minutes. 

14. Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing otherwise known as downhill skiing will make your legs burn like no other. After an excruciating hill, you get to relax on the chairlift on your way back up. After the day is over, the chalet will be waiting for you with warmth, beer, and greasy food. 

ways to stay fit that are fun
Source: Pexel

15. Ice Skating

The perfect winter festivity to celebrate the season while practicing your balance and training your legs and core. Working out has never looked so graceful. 

If staying inside is more your forte, there are so many options to exercise that don't include a gym or boring at-home videos. 

16. Walking the mall

Venture outside your house by taking laps around a shopping center. You get to stay dry, window-shop, or create a detour and actually buy something. The more bags you're holding, the more weight you're adding to the workout.

17. Dancing 

Dancing is the perfect 10-minute exercise you can do anywhere. In your room quick, the bathroom, your office, any place that you can jump up and down and get your heart rate up works great. Put your headphones in and hope no one walks in on you. 

18. Volunteering

A food packaging site, food shelter, or housing project are great examples of a volunteer day that will work your body while giving back. 

19. Rock climbing 

Rock climbing will strengthen your fingers, arms, balance, and focus. It makes my hands start to tremble just thinking about the thrill. If heights do not bother you, this may be the activity for you.

If working out isn't for you, because it's boring, intimidating, or you just don't really know what you're doing, try any of these activities to get an exercise in. You won't feel the same pressure as at the gym, and you will be so distracted by the fun, you just might even forget your exercising!

Remember that just staying active is better than nothing, and there are so many ways to do that.

Just a girl living in the city, writing, and loving my friends, family, and cats.

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