Natural & Helpful Ways To Get Rid Of Painful Period Cramps

Painful periods aren't any fun; it's hard to do anything when dealing with them! However, there are certain steps you can take to soothe your painful cramping.

Oh boy, it's that time of the month again! Not only can period cramps be painful, but they can be emotionally draining. Especially when it interferes with school work, activities, the workplace, or during any occasion. 

No matter how many times you've tried to ease the pain, the cramping just doesn't seem to go away. There are often times where many of us ignore the pain, but it only makes matters worse. 

With that being said, there are several tips that actually work when dealing with painful period cramps. Therefore, even though you are on your period, it doesn't mean you have to put up with dreadful period cramping!

Don't hope that it will soon be over, instead, take action to fix it. 

ways to deal with painful period cramps
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Here are some helpful tips when dealing with throbbing period cramps: 

1. Use Hot Compression For Painful Period Cramping 

Using hot compression is a great way to ease painful period cramping. As soon as your painful cramping begins, you can soak in a hot bath or take a hot shower. If you choose to take a hot bath or shower, you should make sure that the water isn't TOO hot. It should be at a temperature that suits your needs. Whether you prefer hot or cold compression, whatever temperature works best for your cramping, you should stick to it. 

You can also use a heating pad to ease the pain. You can find affordable heating pads at a nearby pharmacy such as Walgreens, or online at Amazon. To add on, most heating pads allow you to adjust the temperature. There are also heating pads that provide a vibrational setting where vibrations are used to soothe your cramping. 

Heat therapy works by relaxing the muscles of the uterus, increasing blood flow, and easing pain, according to AOA Family

ways to ease painful period cramps
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2. Take Pain-Killers To Minimize The Cramping 

To help with painful period cramps, you can take Ibruprofen that works best for you. Popular pain-killers such as Advil, Aleve, and Midol are effective against excruciating period cramps. 

However, even though an Ibruprofen brand can work for one person, it doesn't mean that it will work for you. That's why it is important to pay attention to how your body reacts to the pain-killer. Depending on how effective the pain-killer is, you can decide which one works best for your cramping and stick to it! 

If you are having trouble sleeping because of your period cramps, you can take an ibuprofen brand that contains the word P.M. This will ease the pain and make you feel drowsy enough to sleep; despite your cramping.

To add on, if one pain-killer isn't enough, it is okay to take two. If two isn't enough, you can talk to your health care provider to determine if it is okay to take more than needed. 

ways to ease painful period cramps
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3. Exercise To Relieve Painful Period Cramps 

Getting your body in motion is a great way to relieve period cramps. Doing exercises such as jogging, yoga, or even walking can relax your painful period cramps. 

Here is a great way to test this out. If you are experiencing cramping, try jogging in place for a few seconds. As you are jogging, monitor whether your cramps have worsened or lessened. If they have worsened, you might want to try other exercises that ease your cramps. 

With that being said, when you are on your period and are experiencing cramping, take the time to do light exercises. If you want to do intense exercises, go for it!  

working out to ease period cramps
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4. Drink Herbal Teas To Ease The Pain 

Drinking herbal teas is a great and natural way to relieve period cramps. Herbal teas such as ginger, chamomile, peppermint, cinnamon, along with many other herbal teas are known for soothing painful period cramps. Try one of those herbal teas, and see which one is the tastiest and works best to soothe your cramping. 

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5. Avoid Sugary and Fatty Foods

Have you ever noticed whenever you eat junk food on your menstrual cycle, your cramps begin to worsen? If so, it is best to avoid fatty and sugary foods whenever you are on your period. 

Instead, replace that juicy hamburger with some vegetables. When you eat healthier and lighter foods, it can lighten your period cramping. 

Lay off on the sugary and fatty foods until your menstrual cycle is over. Eating fatty or sugary foods during your period can cause bloating, which is extremely uncomfortable. 

To add on, you should avoid drinking caffeine and dairy as well. These two are known for increasing bloating and cramping during your period. 

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6. Massage The Area Where The Pain Is Located 

Massaging the area where you are having pain can ease period cramps. During a menstrual cycle, most women experience pain in their lower abdomen while others may experience pain in their lower back. 

Where someone feels pain varies from woman to woman. However, once you have figured out where the pain is located, you should start massaging the area. Massaging the painful area with essential oils can minimize your cramps.  

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7. Drink Water During Period Cramps 

Drinking water on your period can relieve painful cramping, sometimes, it can make it worse. If drinking water worsens your cramping, avoid it and try other drinks that may soothe your pain. 

However, if some people find that drinking water relieves cramping, then it is a good idea to increase your intake of water. Drinking more water can release bowel movements and reduce constipation when you're on your menstrual cycle. Most of the time, constipation can be a reason for your painful period cramping. 

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8. Seek Medical Care If Nothing Seems To Work

If you have tried plenty of ways to soothe your burning period cramps, but nothing has seemed to work, it is important to seek medical care for other options.

Things such as birth control can be recommended by your health care provider. Although birth control doesn't work for everyone, it may work for you. So it is important to talk about the side-effects with your health care provider and see if any improvements have been made with your cramping since the birth control. 

To add on, painful period cramps can be a sign of another health condition. Conditions such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids can be a sign of why you are experiencing painful cramps. This is something your doctor will explain to you. 

talking to doctor about period cramps
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To sum things up, dealing with painful period cramps can be frustrating. Therefore, it is important to try out several ways that can soothe your throbbing period pains. 

On the bright side, menstrual cramps tend to lessen with age. Until then, try these helpful tips to ease your period pains and see which one works best for you.

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