How To Naturally Get Lips Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is undeniably one of the most significant fashion icons of this generation; why? Her plump, pouty, red carpet, ready lips are incredibly envious. Search no further as we have the secret Jenner and her MUAs don't want you to know.
Kylie Jenner; Image courtesy of Kylie Jenner Instagram

Who is Kylie Jenner, and why do we care about her lips?

Kylie Jenner and Kylie cosmetics are popular in the west coast region and a massive subtopic to the makeup and cosmetic industry. Including themes and terms regarding makeup and Kylie Jenner has a chance to be wildly successful as there are many searches and queries regarding both of these subjects. The word "naturally" also brings interest as it shows users that they do not need to spend much money, and they can again do this change themselves. All of these factors may contribute to the success of this title.

What are lips, and how can we train them?

Lips are body tissue and pliable muscle. Muscle can be trained and strengthened like any other part of your body, like your leg muscles or arm muscles. You can exercise your lips to be bigger and plumper. Face yoga is a common practice to decrease facial fat and enhance the shape of the lips. Do one exercise get two results! Facial yoga has been practiced since the 1980s and help tremendously in defining facial structure and features.

Lip and facial exercises to achieve your ideal aesthetic and look

1. Chipmunk cheeks

Fill your cheeks with air and switch the air from one cheek to another. Do this exercise slowly and 8-10 times. This exercise stretches your muscles around your mouth, aiding in circulation, and prevents small wrinkles around your lips.

2. Kissy face

Pucker your lips and hold this position for 3-5 seconds. Do this for 1 minute, and you will feel your face tighten. This exercise helps with the overall facial structure and may help your lips look fuller as they may appear slightly swollen from this workout.

3. Fishy 

Make a fish face with your lips and hold for 3-5 seconds and do this for 1 minute. Like the kissy face, this exercise helps your whole face and works out your lips, giving them more emphasis.

The Hollywood confession, the reality of beauty for models and influencers

Jenner has confessed that she has had numerous operations to get her lips the way they are, as per an interview in May of 2015. Lip fillers are becoming more neutralized in our society; however, they still cost a pretty penny having a cost as low as 500$ upwards to 2000$. In my opinion, this is outrageous! Not to mentions the numerous permanent risks that are associated with this procedure.

The best things for the most iconic lips

1. Too Faced Injection Extreme Lipgloss

I have used a product called Too Faced Injection Extreme Lipgloss that has given me perfect lips. This product is a lip gloss that provides plumping effects that last up to 4 hours! I was able to control how much product I used, and the mini size lasted me weeks, and the directions for this product were so simple. Apply the effect on your lips, wait a couple of minutes and apply your favorite lip color or product; it could not be simpler. I chose an exact gloss color to compliment the lip color I used to gain a more natural look. I recommend doing a swatch test on your forearm to prevent any allergic or adverse reactions. To perform a swatch test, put the product on your forearm, and wait for 1 hour for any negative response.

image courtesy; find Too Faced Lip Injection on Amazon 

2. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This vitamin C-infused cream will heavily aid in your lips' versatility. Like other beauty trends, sometimes, the more products we use, the more we damage our bodies. This cream will assist in maintaining gorgeous healthy lips. Vitamin C is extremely beneficial as it helps with brightness and has anti-aging properties, and will help heal any blemishes or sores. With using many products on your lips, they may become irritated and crack, which is exceptionally standard; this product heals cracks instantaneously and also promotes collagen and blood circulation, which will heal your lips and make them stronger.

image courtesy; find Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask on Amazon 

3. Algenist Genious liquid collagen lip

This lip treatment is filled with collagen, a natural protein that aids in reducing inflammation and promoting smooth and plump lips. Inflammation can be detrimental in a long-term perspective when it injures your lips and essentially aging them. Reducing this inflammation will help build your lips for the next 20 years, and this product is known to have fantastic instant results. This product is excellent as it fights to age and promotes natural plumpness; another bonus is that this product is 100% vegan.

image courtesy; find Algenist Genious liquid collagen lip on Amazon 

The importance of sufficient lip care and hydration

Lip care is something overlooked. Most apply chapstick only when their lips get dry. However, lips must be cared for, like washing your hair and using your skincare routine. In addition, healthy lips bring out your lips' natural color, which is the most suitable for your face. Besides, healthy lips add natural plumpness to your lips, which helps add to your overall facial and lip aesthetic. 

Are my lips better than Kylie Jenners?

With our tips and resources, you will have the poutiest and most kissable lips. Kylie Jenner will not stand a chance as you will achieve your aesthetic with no risks and naturally, meaning you can always reverse your look if you want to change your aesthetic. With our article, your lips are better than Kylie Jenners.

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