4 Cute Phone Games With Relaxing Music

Sometimes we just need to play a game and relax
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Game music is amazing, ask anyone. Whether it is an epic piece or a song to dance to, games have the best music. Most times, the best-underrated and mostly unknown music pieces. 

This is sad because music plays such an important role in our lives. Especially now in this forsaken year of 2020, we need music that is inspiring, peaceful, soothing, and calming. 

The need to take my mind off of current events and find a way to deal with my own stress and anxiety was what led me to find these games. The games, but mostly their music, have helped me with managing my anxiety and I hope they do the same for others. 

Here is the list of cute phone games with relaxing music for when you need a time out to de-stress. 

1. Guitar Girl

Released in November 2020, Guitar Girl is a game developed and published by Neowiz Global. In this phone game, you will be able to help the main character raise her popularity through likes and followers. She plays various guitar pieces that you unlock throughout the game. 

I do have to say that the music is my favorite part of the game, it is very relaxing and soothing. It is a very cute game as well, with animations based on anime.

If you are more of a hardcore gamer though, you probably won't like this game. It is a sit, pause, and relax kind of game where the main character doesn't move. Instead, she either sits or stands there playing her guitar. You do interact with other characters but it is through text messages. 

One of the things you should be aware of is that in order to gather likes for the character you need to tap and tap and tap and tap the screen of your phone. That is the main way to gather likes which will then be able to be used to get followers, new songs, and level up. 

There are some skills and other things you can obtain in the game to help you with the tapping but it will mostly be done by you. So, prepare your hand and arm because I guarantee you will feel it all the way to your elbow. 

Guitar Girl is available on iOS and Android. You can listen to Guitar Girl's music in the video below.

2. Stray Cat Doors

Stray Cat Doors was developed by Pulsmo, Inc for Android and Nintendo Switch in January of 2019. 

In this game we help our main character, a little girl wearing a tail and hat with cat ears, search for her missing cats. You play detective by solving mysteries that will eventually lead to you opening the doors where the cats are in. 

The character doesn't move but you can zoom in all around you to find clues and open the doors. 

I do have to admit that sometimes I get stuck in the puzzles but I absolutely love the music of this app. Nintendo describes this music as "healing" and I have to agree. The pieces are beautiful and I don't get tired of listening to them. 

3. Stray Cat Doors 2

The sequel to Stray Cat Doors is a little different. We have the same characters but instead of just looking for the cats you are also taking a trip down memory lane and remembering the main character's first cat, as well as collecting things that her cats took from her.

In this version, the character can move around and you are transported to different scenarios, for example, a train and a busy town square. The soundtrack is equally amazing and "healing".

I have to admit, I liked Stray Cats Doors 2 more because of the ability to move the character around and explore new places. I also liked the fact that in Stray Cats Doors 2 you can get hints and answers to puzzles if you get stuck, something that Stray Cats Doors didn't have. 

What I didn't like though, were the ads. There are ads, ads, and ads everywhere. The ads appear at the beginning and end of a stage; to get extra supplies, to get hints and answers to puzzles. They pop-up constantly, so keep in mind that you need a whole lot of patience when you play it. 

But, the soothing soundtrack does help to calm you down. So, it might be worth it for you, I know it is for me. 

The soundtracks from Stray Cat Doors and Stray Cat Doors 2 are available through Amazon now. Both soundtracks were written by Nao Nakata. 

4. Sky: Children of the Light

This one I have only started to play recently, but so far I adore it, especially the cute animations of the characters. Created by thatgamecompany (yes the company was named that way) and launched in 2019, Sky is a game where you travel to restore the light to the constellations and the world.

As a star being, you are tasked to find other stars and restore the light to the land. The graphics and design are beautiful, and so is the music. The best way I can describe it is as a cross between epic and soothing music. It is very emotional but in a relaxing and calm way. 

One of the cool things about this game is that you can interact with other players. You can also fly with a cape!

According to the creators of Sky game, you can purchase or stream the soundtrack on iTunes, Apple Music, Play Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. This game is available on Nintendo Switch, Apple, and Android. 

This year has been a tough one for all of us and we deserve some time for ourselves to wind down. So, go ahead try these games out. I am sure you will be both entertained and relaxed before you know it. 

A writer with a love for hot chocolate and rainy days. Has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and is experimenting with fantasy writing.

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