5 Predictions For The 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Plot

The first teaser trailer for 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' has leaked, and carries many rumours concerning the 'Spider-verse'. Here are 5 possibilities of what we might expect from the upcoming movie.
A fan-made poster image for 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'
A 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' fan-made poster  Source: Youtube

This article is going to take an in-depth look at the new 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' movie trailer, and speculate on what plot possibilities may occur in Marvel Studios' next blockbuster. 

Well, it's been nearly a week since THAT trailer dropped and it's got Marvel fans fairly stoked, to say the least. It seems we are finally, officially getting a live-action 'Spider-verse': the crossover event that sees multiple iterations of Spider-Man from multiple realities converge into one reality's foray.

While we haven't seen any other Spider-Men yet, it's heavily implied by the arrival of Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus in the trailer, who appeared in the Tobey Maguire trilogy of films. 

Alfred Molina returns as Doctor Octopus
Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus  Source: Yahoo

Another seemingly confirmed actor is Jamie Foxx's Electro, who appeared in the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films. The Spider-verse has infinite possibilities, and what with Marvel creating the Multi-verse in the 'Loki' series, and getting the audience to ask 'What If?', it is leaving the imaginations of fans worldwide to run wild with possible rumours. With this in mind, let's explore five of some of the most controversial possibilities, a couple of them being 'not likely, but never say never. 

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of Spider-Man
Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of Spider-Man  Source: Twitter

1. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of Spider-Man could appear 

This is the big one that everyone is hoping for, and with the definite arrival of Doc Ock from another universe, it seems that Tobey Maguire at least is all but confirmed as a badly kept secret. 

The Maguire films, while cheesy in places (looking at you number 3), actually had a lot of heart and character, with an unforgettable soundtrack from Danny Elfman that I hope makes an appearance. I'd personally love to see Maguire and Kristen Dunst's Mary Jane get some screen time, just to see what happened in that arc and see how the characters are doing. 

The popular meme of three Spider-Men pointing at each other
The ever-popular -three Spider-Men pointing' meme Source: imgflip

The Internet in general is dying to see the live-action meme version of the three Spider-Men pointing at each other, and it seems that they may well get their wish on this one. 

Spider-Man and the Sinister Six
The original members of The Sinister Six  Source: CBR

2. The Sinister Six group of villains might team up

Fans have been crying out for a Sinister Six movie for some time: a rag-tag band of six villains that unite to defeat Spider-Man, and by combining the three live-action universes, you've sort of almost got them. The actual 'Six' tend to vary depending on which branch of comics or TV shows you follow, but the originals are Doctor Octopus, Electro, Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman, and Kraven the Hunter. 

The Green Goblins' pumpkin bomb in the 'No Way Home' trailer
The Green Goblin's 'pumpkin bomb' in the 'No Way Home' trailer  Source: The Mary Sue

Five of those have already been seen in different 'Sonyverses', however, I'd discount Mysterio: he may be swapped out for Green Goblin, given his death in 'Far From Home', as it seems that Tom Holland's universe is the one where the movie centers. The Green Goblin is also confirmed anyway by the appearance of his 'pumpkin bomb' in the trailer. The villain Scorpion was teased at the end of 'Homecoming', where Vulture met him in prison and does feature in some of the versions of the Six.

Kraven the Hunter was recently announced as a new villain movie, allegedly starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, so may be introduced in this film, who knows. Arguably, enough of the Six have been seen in live-action films, so there's enough fodder for a rough ensemble

Sony Playstation version of Miles Morales' Spider-Man
Miles Morales' Spider-Man could make his live action debut  Source: Playstation

3. Miles Morales' Spider-Man could make his live-action debut

A new fan favourite, Miles Morales has become a household name for Spider-Man recently since being canonised by Sony as the protagonist in "Into the Spider-verse" (which is obviously what gave Sony the push for this), and being the lead character in the PlayStation game "Spider-Man: Miles Morales". Miles has been unofficially mentioned in the MCU in "Homecoming" by Donald Glover's character who said "I have a nephew living in the city", or words to that effect. 

I think Miles might be a bit of a stretch, given the number of potential characters in the film, but we've all been surprised by 'Avengers' films which boast dozens of unique characters, all with a deserving amount of screen time. Additionally, given that the theme is that characters are just plucked from their respective universes, Miles doesn't necessarily need an origin story to set him up: the people will know who he is. Sony might even include the animated version, who knows. Like I said: infinite possibilities. 

Tom Hardy's Venom from the Sony movie 'Venom'
Venom: Spider-Man's ultimate nemesis  Source: IMDb

4. Tom Hardy's Venom might show up 

Another possible appearance could be from our favourite dark mirror image of Spidey. Venom has been established by Sony with his own solo movie(s) starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom.

No backstory is needed here either, and the Spiderverse would be a perfect way for Sony to have their two hot property enemies face off against each other, while keeping the "Sony-verse" and the MCU separate, as is their wish.

Topher Grace from 'Spider-Man 3'
Topher Grace's unfortunate outing as Venom  Source: CinemaBlend

Another possibility could be for Topher Grace's Venom from the Maguire films to show up. It's possible, given that Doc Ock is in it, even though he died. Otto Octavius has obviously been plucked from the time he was a villain, so the same could be said for Venom. I personally hope Venom doesn't show up though, as a showdown between those two deserves a whole film, and not shared limelight with other villains. (Again: looking at you, 3). 

5. PlayStation "White Spider Suit" Spider-Man could appear in live-action

The least likely chance, but one where I really hope I'm right, and if so: you saw it here first, I called it! Hear me out: bear in mind that Sony is showing off its acquisition of the Spider-Man franchise as a whole with this film, and showing all reboots under one movies' Spiderverse theme, just because it's possible. 

The Playstation 'white spider' suit in 'Into the Spider-Verse'
Easter egg game reference far left: see it?  Source: reddit

In "Into the Spiderverse" when Miles goes to visit Aunt May, a host of Spider-Man suits are shown in Peter's lair, and one of them is the white spider suit that features in the Sony PlayStation game.

While it was just an Easter egg at the time, a nod to Sonys' other media, interestingly last year Sony changed the face of the actor who plays Peter Parker in that game to an actor called Ben Jordan. It was confusing at the time, but could it have been a means of incorporating this version into live-action? 

Face actor John Bubniak changed for Ben Jordan as Peter Parker
Left: Original Peter Parker actor John Bubniak  Right: newbie Ben Jordan  Source: DenOfGeek

Sony and Insomniac Games have been pretty tight-lipped about the sequel to the 2018 mega-hit game, so could that be because the game takes place after the events of "No Way Home"? Some of the optional suits the player can wear in the game are official movie suits, so there's clearly a relationship between the game and movies. 

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in the 'Uncharted' game movie adaptation
Sony's golden boy: Tom Holland as Nathan Drake from the 'Uncharted' game series  Source: Gaming Bible

Could Sony be going cross-platform between game and movie? Their current obsession is making live-action films and series of their flagship games after all, including an 'Uncharted' movie, (Tom Holland again so there's another link), and 'The Last Of Us', picked up by HBO which has started filming in Canada

Sony seems to be using 'No Way Home' as a celebration of its' ownership of the Spider-Man franchise. A means of joining all of its' reboots together in a previously unseen way, yet very organically with its' own lore. It's a very exciting experiment, with many other wild speculations flying around the Internet. 

I personally hope that Sony and Marvel don't release any more trailers, as too much footage on this one could spoil the content. Either way, they don't even need to: you got us, okay? We've seen one trailer and we're all hooked. Don't worry: we're definitely going to the cinema for this one.

In conclusion, there is a number of possibilities for 'No Way Home', given its' timeline hopping structure, and Marvel bending realities in general, given the theme of the 'Loki' series, and Doctor Strange's abilities.

Could Gwen Stacy be included? The Sinister Six are likely, other versions of Spider-Man are probable, and Venom could be a hidden gem that's been kept secret. Only time will tell and the world will know soon, as 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' is released 17th December 2021.

Jason is a freelance content writer living in Nottinghamshire whose preferred topics are movie/game reviews and climate change.

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