8 Unique Storylines I Created With The Sims 4

The possibilities are endless!

Every time you start a new game in The Sims 4, you embark on a journey of endless possibilities. You control the decisions that will shape your Sims' lives, and there are so many different directions you can go with it. Over the past decade or so that I've been playing The Sims, I've "lived" plenty of Sim lives and I can honestly say they've all been unique.

Some people have written off The Sims franchise as a temporary fad that eventually gets old. Indeed, some people do eventually get over it, but on the flip side, a lot of people eventually return to playing. This is ultimate because between expansion packs, stuff packs, cheats, and mods, there is a seemingly endless amount of content to explore. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to Sims' life stories

To showcase this, I’ve gone through my gallery and compiled a list of my 10 favorite unique Sims and storylines I’ve created using the Sims 4.

Miami Jackson

custom sim Miami Jackson

I have to kick off the list with my favorite Sim. Much like The Sims' recurring in-game character Bella Goth, this character has followed me through every Sim game I've played. When I first loaded up The Sims 2 on PlayStation 2 about a decade ago, she was the first Sim I ever made. Although I create many Sims over the lifetime of an installment, whenever I would buy a new Sims game, I would use the updated Create-A-Sim features to make Miami first.

That being said, I was thrilled to use The Sims 4's super detailed character creation tools to bring her character to life in a way like never before.

While her appearance went through a few upgrades, I kept the details of her story relatively the same as they were when I was growing up. She worked in the fashion industry as a style influencer, and she aspired to have as many friends as possible. Due to her focus on her social life, she didn't take much time to perfect her craft and she remained stagnant in her career. However, she made enough to party, which was all that mattered to her.

In The Sims 4, I started her out in a small, affordable house in Willow Creek. Over time, she made friends in the neighborhood and her small house became a meeting spot for all her friends. Where ever she went the crowds followed, and she made a point of traveling and making friends in other cities so her name was known everywhere. 

Originally I intended to switch her career to an Actress, but her constant partying also meant plenty of connections, and she ended up growing particularly close with a Sim from another city. Although we have complete control of the story as players, I try to honor the decisions the Sims make when autonomous and see where the story takes me. 

She ended up getting married and starting a family, so I switched her focus over to being a family woman. Her husband made enough to support them, and they both made it to old age comfortably. They were able to move into a nicer house in the Oasis Springs and eventually retire as their children grew old enough to go out on their own.

However, her husband suffered a tragic accident — he was electrocuted while trying to fix a broken appliance. Miami was left a semi-wealthy widow with an empty nest and went on to enjoy her daily walks and talks with neighbors until she passed away naturally.

Maura Huggins

custom Sim Sims 4

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Maura Huggins. She started off as an adult in a small home in Oasis Springs, and on day 1 she immediately applied to be a Medical Intern. With the Get To Work expansion pack, I was able to go to work with her and monitor her performance. She started off being a bit clumsy, but she eventually became more sure of herself and her decisions with patients. 

Shortly after starting her new life in Oasis Springs, she was inspired to buy an easel for her room and start painting on the side. It started as a hobby, but over time she noticed her art pieces start to sell for higher prices. Although her main focus remained becoming a doctor, she had a knack for the arts. Creativity was one of her traits and she put it to use whenever she could.

The most notable thing that happened in her life was her brawl with a creepy neighbor. Due to a mod that I have installed, sometimes a peeping Tom (literally named Tom Peeping) will look through windows and try to catch someone undressed or in the middle of sexual acts. When Maura caught the perp peeking into her kitchen window, she ran outside to confront him.

After yelling at him, he had the audacity to come back, and Maura decided to take action. She engaged in a physical fight with him and emerged victoriously. This kept him away for a while but ultimately led to Maura moving to a different neighborhood.

Shortly after this encounter, she moved into the city for a change of pace and scenery. She hit the midway point of her medical career, and it seemed like a good time to transition. Around the same time, she also hit the middle of her adulthood, and I had to scramble to turn her aspiration into a reality.

What Maura wanted was a family and a strong, successful lineage. However, at this point, she didn't even have a love interest, let alone kids. She began attending San Myshuno's festivals in hopes of making friends and being introduced to someone who met her standards. Since she was doing so well, she was pretty picky and refused to date below her tax bracket. 

Just when all hope was lost and she was preparing to purchase a home for herself, she met an up-and-coming professional athlete. They hit it off pretty quickly (with plenty of help from me) and ended up married within the next week. 

In the end, she never made it to the very top of the medical field. Instead, she chose to keep the position she had and focus more on her family and painting. She ended up having two kids, both boys. She raised them well into her old age and ended up passing away before the youngest son left the house. 

Robin Devries

custom sim Robin Devries

Robin is a Sim from one of my most eventful Sims 4 households to date. She moved into a small home in Willow Creek with two other girls: Susie Moran and Gina Rosario. Due to all the craziness that ensued in this place and the number of times that things were broken, I began calling it D House, for "destruction house".

Although the girls moved in as equals, she would eventually become the head of the house due to her forwardness and bringing home the most money out of the group. 

She took a job in the medical field as a front for what she really wanted to do. With the help of a few mods I have installed, Robin was able to connect with the neighborhood dealer and get her hands on a variety of controlled substances. She tried many of the substances herself with Gina and Susie, and accidentally ended up addicted to Adderall after her first try. 

She aspired to be as wealthy as possible, and it didn't take long for her to flip her habit into a business. She used the social prowess of her roommate Gina to attract potential clients into their home and gain loyal customers. Before she knew it, her phone was blowing up at all hours of the night with Sims asking to come and get their fix from her.

As time went on and they made friends together, Robin and Gina became pretty close friends and did almost everything together. Not to mention, they were both becoming dependant on Robin's supply. Although Gina was known as the party animal, Robin found herself falling deeper into addiction more than anyone else, and began to start missing work.

It didn't take long for both her and Gina to lose their jobs due to lack of attendance and general negligence, which sent Robin into depression. It became pretty difficult to keep up with her needs as it seemed something was always wrong with her. 

The other roommate, Susie, had since moved out to live with her boyfriend, and I figured a move would be good for Robin too. Although her character was originally intended to be crazy like Gina, I suddenly decided I wanted to stage a redemption arc for her. Soon after losing the medical job, she moved to San Myshuno in search of a new beginning.

This time, she joined the Cooking career path and eventually bought her own restaurant. She never completely stopped using, nor did she completely cut off her clients. However, she did put her illegal business on the back burner and began to focus on her new one, which ultimately improved her mood and turned her life around.

She was so busy trying to get back on track that she never got married or had kids, however she did achieve her life goal of having a large amount of money. She died of natural causes while trying to perfect her cooking, and that was the end of her story.

Susie Moran

custom sim Susie Moran

This Sim was the voice reason for D House, the calm and collected one. Susie aspired to be a renowned painter, and perfecting her craft was her only mission. Although she tried the substances along with Robin and Gina when they all first moved in, she had negative effects afterward that deterred her from trying them again.

As Robin and Gina partied day and night, Susie struggled to find enough peace and quiet to study art and focus on her paintings. She eventually moved her easel from the front porch to a small corner in the backyard in order to have more privacy. To avoid the hustle and bustle her roommates caused, she would travel often and study in different neighborhoods or cities. 

She didn’t have a negative relationship with her roommates, it just wasn’t a positive one either. She felt they weren’t respectful of her space and time, but since they were putting the most money towards the bills, she tried to find a way around the problem without any conflicts.

This translated into her rarely being home, and making many friends outside of the city. One of these friends became her boyfriend over time, and as soon as they were financially able, they moved in together. Susie was the first to leave D House, and her departure ultimately led to me moving Robin as well. The lifestyle in the house was toxic, and Susie figured this out early enough to cut ties and move on when she needed to.

She went on to live a life of culture, painting in peace and attending shows and dinners at fine restaurants. She built a small following for herself and her art, and went on to have a child with her boyfriend. Parenting eventually split the two up, and Susie moved herself and her daughter into a homely apartment where her daughter would take care of her until she passed away. 

Gina Rosario

custom sim Gina Rosario

Gina was the last inhabitant of D House. She was opposed to doing any kind of traditional work and decided to take a job in Social Media with hopes of becoming an influencer. All she wanted to do was get high, drink, and party her heart out. She was the most reckless out of the three, and most of the problems the girls found themselves in happened due to her decisions. 

Since her aspiration was to throw as many ragers as possible, she made it a point to make as many friends in the neighborhood as she could as soon as she arrived. With the help of social media and mutual connections through her roommate Robin, it didn't take her long to form a reputation. 

Over time she became particularly close with Robin and would buy substances from her for herself and her friends. Robin supplied the goods and Gina supplied the personality — they were a dynamic duo. However, this lifestyle only lasted so long for her.

After Susie moved out, Robin and Gina began throwing even more ragers, and it was becoming costly. Sure, they both had careers and Robin's dealing business, but handling the rent and bills while keeping up their way of living proved to be too difficult in the long run, especially as they became more and more distracted. 

Eventually, Gina stopped participating in work tasks and lost her job in the Social Media industry. She still had the notoriety, but now she wasn't getting paid for it. She used this newfound free time to party more and eventually fell into a never-ending cycle of partying, recovering, and doing it all over again at someone else's place the next day. 

Eventually, Robin grew out of this and left too, leaving Gina alone to figure something out. Since I ended up separating the household to play out Robin's life separately, I'm not actually sure what ended up happening to her character. I would see her walking around sometimes, but that was before both Robin and Susie moved out of the town. I would assume she still walks around looking for the next big rager, however, she would have made it to old age by now.

Jan Hitts

custom sim Jan Hitts

This Sim's story is probably the wildest. Jan Hitts is a trans female living in a penthouse apartment in San Myshuno. I used cheats to give her all the money she needed to live comfortably, as I didn't want work getting in the way of her having fun. Her one and only goal is to bed as many people as possible and live a wild and crazy life in the city.

I placed Jan in the same universe as my "me" Sim, and coincidentally my roommate and I have run into her a handful of times and formed an acquaintance. Jan uses her charisma and connections to gain power, and within her first couple of weeks, she was basically running the underside of San Myshuno.

Since her aspiration is basically to WooHoo all over the place, she flirts with almost everyone she meets. She is pansexual and has a general love for humans that leads her to see the best in even the meanest Sims. However, her dealings have caused a lot of trouble for her.

When I say she flirts with everyone, I mean she advances on whoever she wants without any regard for whether they are in a relationship. She has formed a group of persisting enemies by accidentally stealing Sim's spouse or significant other. She has engaged in many fistfights and has even had someone killed over one of her altercations. Although she is generally nice to everyone she meets, she does have a dark side that shows itself when anyone challenges her. 

This character is still currently in play, and the last move Jan made was purchasing another penthouse in the city that she turned into a strip club. It just opened up and only has one or two dancers at the moment. My "me" Sim's roommate is trying to get a job working there, and my "me" Sim is trying to get into the business of owning a club herself. So, they are watching the process closely and discussing often with Jan. 

Yazmin Mendez

custom sim Yazmin Mendez

This Sim is another character I am very fond of. As a writer, I have a handful of original characters that have shown up in my work over the years, and Yazmin is one of my main characters. The Sims is great because it allows me to bring my written stories to life, which is what happened in Yazmin's case.

In The Sims 4, she is actually my "me" character's roommate and best friend. By putting in a cheat code or two, I was able to advance their friendship to the highest stages on their first day living together, so it would be like two old friends moving in together rather than a bunch of randoms (i.e D House). 

She currently works part-time as a barista, but a strip club recently opened up in her area and she is considering doing that for a little while to keep up with her half of the rent and eventually move into her own place. She spends most of her free time at the gym or the club, and has accumulated a pretty solid amount of friends around the city.

Her aspiration is to find her one true love, and she brings a new guy around the apartment every couple of weeks. She hasn’t stayed with anyone yet, but I’m hoping the next Sim she meets will be a keeper. When she isn’t concerning herself with boys, she does enjoy spending lazy days inside with my “me” Sim, watching TV, and falling asleep on the couch.

Jade Lynn

custom sim Jade Lynn

If you haven't created a Sim version of yourself and used the game to live out your dream life, then what have you been doing? Although creating myself isn't usually the first thing I run to, I do usually give it a shot after I've gotten used to the gameplay. 

I don't know how other people create their Sims, but I used a recent photo of myself as a reference and tweaked the details as best as I could. As time passes, I'll usually update the Sim in my character gallery to mirror my real-life changes. I also kept my style true to what I would actually wear. 

My Sim's life is currently still in progress, but at the moment she lives in a small apartment in San Myshuno and has 3 streams of income. She works full-time as a journalist under the Writing career path, and she's written and published 5 or 6 books on the side which she receives royalties for.

As for the last hustle, this is where things go a little off the rails. With the help of a couple of mods, my Sim was able to get her hands on some special herb — a plant that many like to smoke. She has spent a significant amount of time improving her gardening so she can grow and sell this herb, and her business is just starting to take off. 

She aspires to live in the nicest house possible, which I'm hoping to accomplish before she gets old. However, advancing in the career path and perfecting the skills take time, and old age is fast approaching for her. So far, she's been so focused on her career that she hasn't dated anyone at all or made many friends (besides her clients and roommate, Yasmin), but I'm planning to change that soon now that she has settled into her new life.

As you can see, there are so many different directions you can go with these Sims' lives.

There are still plenty of things I haven't done with the game yet, and I've been casually playing The Sims 4 ever since it dropped in 2014. For instance, I've always started my game as a female young adult character. I usually gain male or younger/older Sims through marriage or pregnancy before the starting character's life cycle ends, but I've never actually chosen to start that way.

If I can create all of these storylines just using young adult female characters, only a few expansion packs, and a few cheats & mods, then just imagine how many possibilities there are when all of the different customizable features are used. Not to mention, many of these stories took weeks to play to completion, and even when the Sims die the story is not really over. 

If you don't want to create your own Sims, you can jump right in and play as any of the game's pre-created households. Their personalities and aspirations will already be pre-selected for you, but you can still take over their stories and shake things up in any way you wish.

In conclusion, although it might seem like you eventually hit a wall with The Sims, it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not to mention, the constant updates to the game make it a title that consistently improving and giving fans a reason to come back to playing. 

Writer, blogger, and content creator from Sunny San Diego. When she isn’t writing, you can find her exploring, eating, and watching Netflix.

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