9 Things That Every Fan Wants In The Final Season Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

With one of the best comedies in recent years coming to a close, there's a few things that just need to happen by the end of it all.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ending in season eight, and that is not noice. As un-noice and un-toight as that may be, everything has to come to an end at some point, and the best thing a person can do about it is trying to enjoy it until the very last second.

It certainly helps if, by some stroke of luck, you get everything you were hoping for out of it, and here are a few things we feel the final season would be remiss to not include.

1. Holt Needs to be Promoted to Commissioner

Captain Holt Needs to Become Commisioner
Credit to TV Database

This one is a complete no-brainer. When Captain Holt first appeared in the very first episode of the show, he established right off the bat that his dream was to become police commissioner, a dream that had been made out to be an impossibility thanks to the prejudice directed at him for being both black and openly gay from the start of his career.

Holt finally having a chance to realize his dream was a major story arc for season five, and while he ultimately failed, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t have another shot at it with the show coming to a close.

2. Holt and Kevin Need to Have A Real Wedding

Holt and Kevin Need to Have a Real Wedding
Credit to Screen Rant

Early in the show, it was revealed that Holt and Kevin never had a traditional wedding because they had no way of knowing if gay marriage would always remain legal, leading to a very funny scene of the two of them rushing the minister through the process just so they could get to the important part.

Neither of them had any problems with it, but after seeing Charles’ father and Gina’s mother get married, Holt tells Kevin that he thinks they should have “a more festive ceremony to celebrate their love”, an idea that Kevin agrees to, but the show never mentions again afterward.

Now that the show’s coming to a close, it’s time for our two dads to have their chance to do it upright, especially if it lets Holt make another one of his balloon arches.

3. Terry and Amy Need to Keep Going With Their Promotions

Terry and Amy Need to Keep Going With Their Promotions
Credit to telltaletv.com

Aside from Captain Holt, Terry and Amy are the only members of the 99 who have shown any desire to take on higher responsibilities than what they started out with at the beginning of the show.

Terry, after several trials and tribulations, secured promotion to lieutenant, and Amy eventually got herself promoted to sergeant, the exact position Terry started out at at the beginning of the show.

With Holt still wanting to become commissioner someday, the show is perfectly setting itself up for Terry and Amy to be the ones running the 99 after his departure, so let’s hope that there’s some payoff for that.

4. Gina Needs to Show Up One Last Time

Gina Linetti Nees to Show Up One Last Time
Credit to thewrap

Back in season six, Gina Linetti left the 99 as her actress, Chelsea Peretti, left the show for reasons that haven’t been elaborated on, depriving the show of one of its principal characters.

While her departure was handled very tastefully, and she even had another appearance near the end of the season, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t have one last hurrah with the show coming to an end.

Let’s all hope that the human form of the 100 emoji shows up one last time before the show comes to a close.

5. Rosa Needs to Find Love

Rosa Needs to Find Love
Credit to popsugar.com

Ever since Rosa came out as bisexual in season five, her primary character arc has revolved around her quest to find love.

She’s been in a few relationships here and there, some even managing to last a few episodes before abruptly ending, but she’s never managed to find anything permanent like Jake and Amy.

With the show coming to a close, there’s no reason for them to put it off any longer; Rosa needs to find her dream person, for anyone in the show could be they.

6. Jake and Judy Need to Have One Last Adventure

Jake and Judy Need to Have One Last Adventure
Credit to EW

One of the major highlights of the show over the years has been the annual team-up of Jake Peralta and Doug Judy, AKA serial carjacker, the Pontiac Bandit.

The two went from enemies to frenemies to best friends, and every one of their episodes is absolutely hilarious thanks to Craig Robinson’s acting and the chemistry he has with Andy Samberg.

With how there’s always been a Doug Judy episode every season, the final season having one is most likely a certainty, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a point in talking about wanting it to happen.

7. The 99 Need One Last Halloween Heist

The 99 Need One Last Halloween Heist
Credit to Rolling Stone

Another mainstay of the series is the Halloween Heist, where the characters compete against one another for the honor of being named the Ultimate Human/Genius.

Each Halloween Heist has been bigger than the one that came before it, and if an eighth one would follow that same trend, then there’s no reason for it not to happen.

There won’t be any more chances for either a new person to claim the title of Ultimate Human/Genius or for a past winner to reclaim the title, so it would certainly be a shame to not see it come to fruition.

8. Bruce Willis Needs To Make An Appearance

Bruce Willis Needs to Make an Appearance
Credit to Wikipedia

One of the most prominent running gags of the show has been Jake’s love of the Die Hard film franchise, with anything that even remotely references it getting him to act like an overexcited child.

The movies were even what inspired Jake to become a cop, so if the show is coming to a close, now’s the time to finally have a cameo from John McClane, himself, Bruce Willis.

Sure, there’s the in-universe hiccup of Reginald VelJohnson hating Jake and telling Bruce Willis about how much he sucks, but they can also clear the bad air between Jake and Reginald VelJohnson, so that’s another win.

9. The Finale Should Close Out The Show In A Satisfying Way

The Finale Should Close Out The Show In A Satisfying Way
Credit to IMDB

This last one doesn’t exactly relate to the show in any specific way, but it’s an important thing to consider, regardless.

The easiest way for an otherwise good story to ruin itself is from an inability to stick the landing with the ending, and there have been too many shows to have fallen into that category over the years.

A show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine deserves better than that, though; with how much people have grown to love it over the years, it deserves to end on a high note that leaves everyone satisfied. Nothing could be more noice than something as simple as that.

There’s not a lot that’s being asked for out of the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, mostly just the completion of various story arcs and for the series to end on a high note, but sometimes, that’s all you really need to ask of a great show as it enters its endgame.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has made a lot of people laugh for years, even surviving a cancellation to do so, so whatever happens in its final season, it’ll hopefully be as toight as possible.

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