Maneskin Is Keeping Rock N' Roll Music Alive In 2021!

Watch out world! The Italian glam rock group is stirring the flames to make rock music hot again.
Maneskin and rock N roll music
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Maneskin is quickly becoming one of the most popular groups talked about in recent months. After winning Eurovision 2021, the third time an act from Italy has won the song contest, the world hasn't stopped talking about this rock group. Although we jokingly say that rock music is dead, it hasn't been as popular as rap music in 2021.

As we all are aware, music has its eras where one or more genres of sound are more popular at the time, right now rap and trap music is what is playing on mainstream radio and the charts. While I can't say that Maneskin single-handily brought attention back to rock music, they had a hand in reviving the genre worldwide.

Who is Maneskin?

Consisting of members Damiano David, Victoria de Angelis, Thomas Raggi & Ethan Torchio, the rock group Maneskin has been together since 2016. The entire group has a hand in the production and lyricism of all their songs. And they are on fire!

What makes Maneskin stand out from the crowd is their energetic and infectious energy to make the best music. Within the lyrics of their songs, it consists of social commentary on challenging the prejudices against young people, promoting the LGBT community, growing older, and finding your voice as a young person in this world. It's quite inspiring and as someone in the Millenial generation, I can still relate to what they are saying in their songs.

While a relatively young group, they seem to understand the struggles people go through on a level that makes their music seem more mature and caters to a wide audience.

Only in their mid-20s, Maneskin should be proud of all their achievements throughout the past five years. They rose to fame after winning second place in the Italian version of X-Factor in 2017. Jump to four years later, and the group went on to win Eurovision 2021. Amazing!

Maneskin and rock N roll music at Eurovision
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Maneskin was one of the two rock groups I was hoping would win Eurovision. They went through the rounds so confident and energetic, that you couldn't help but root for them. After their win, I went on to Youtube and Spotify to discover more of their music.

If you have watched Eurovision in the past few years, you also might be familiar with Italian artist Mahmood. Mahmood won second place at the 2019 song contest, which was a huge feat at the time, Italy had only won two other times. In my very biased opinion, Italy should've won that year. So to see another Italian artist win the grand prize just two years later is something everyone should celebrate.

Seeing a group gain fame organically through word of mouth and people genuinely being taken in by their music is exciting to watch unfold. Lots of mainstream artists rely on their fans to constantly stream their music to be #1, it can be disheartening to see artists with the biggest fandoms stay at the top, objectively speaking the quality isn't there, but because of who those artists are, their music stays at the top.

And whether you believe in streaming manipulation or not, seeing artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Maneskin being #1 or within the Top 10 on the Billboard Charts, is a testament to their talents.

Zitti E Buoni

After watching them perform their Eurovision entry "Zitti E Buoni" and the latest single "I Wanna Be Your Slave," Maneskin became my new favorite rock group of this year. They have released only two full albums, ll ballo della vita & Teatro d'ira: Vol l. All the members of the band participate in the production of the albums, with lead vocalists Damiano taking on the producer hat for all their albums.

The youthfulness of the group reminds me a bit of the rock/punk group Paramore, who also started in their early teens back in 2004. While their image and musical styles are different, I feel the two groups bring the same energy to their stage performances. 

I Wanna Be Your Slave & Zitti E Buoni (Live @ Wiwi Jam at Home)

Torna a Casa

During the Eurovision program and after winning, Maneskin kept repeating their now-iconic mantra, "Rock n' Roll never dies!" And you know what, with the kind of energy they bring to the stage and how in love with music they are, rock and roll music will most definitely not be dying anytime soon.

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