10 Low Priced Disney Themed Face Masks For Kids On Etsy

While Disney theme parks may be closed, you can still venture outdoors with Disney inspired face masks.

Everyone wants to stay safe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but it's hard to truly stand out in a world which currently relies on safety and protection. What better way to diversify yourself than with a mask dedicated to your favorite Disney characters? Note: Masks sold on Etsy are not medical grade. 

1. Disney Tinkerbell Face Mask With Nose Wire by KatiePinkBoutique

Disney Tinkerbell Face Mask With Nose Wire

The mask of Disney's oldest fairy. Featuring Peter Pan's iconic confidant Tinker Bell front and center, the mask is colored in a striking shade of purple to compliment the background surrounding the famous fairy. Priced at $6.50, the mask can be purchased with or without a nose wire. There are only about five masks left in stock on Etsy, so it'd be best for those interested to purchase while they're still available. These masks are mainly for a child demographic but can be fit in sizes for adult women and men.

2. Mickey Mouse Cute Mask by MyShopAZ

Mickey Mouse Cute Mask by MyShopAZ

Standing off to the side of his own mask is Disney's own mascot Mickey Mouse. Available in youth or adult sizes, the Mickey mask is covered in black and priced at $4.90. This Mickey Mouse Cute Mask is an Etsy bestseller and unlike others, there's still plenty left in stock for purchase. It may not be as colorful as the Tinker Bell offering, but you can't quite represent Disney without the mouse himself.

3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Face Mask by PalaceOne

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Face Mask by PalaceOne

What's even better than a Mickey Mouse? A $4.00 mask featuring Mickey and his romantic partner Minnie. Minnie and Mickey share one of the most distinguished relationships in all of Disney. They are both iconic characters capable of standing on their own, but they're even better together.  While Valentine's Day may have recently passed, this Mickey & Minnie mask can still prove protective in covering the faces of loved ones. This is a great fit for kids from toddlers to elementary.

4. Social Disney Face Mask by OmgdesignsTienda

Social Disney Face Mask by OmgdesignsTienda

This is an extremely creative mask that takes the Disney motif and cleverly incorporates the magic of the brand with the current state of the world. Not only distinct in its design, but the Social Disneying mask is also available in two separate variations, one featuring a  standard pair of familiar mouse ears in the background. The other implements a red bow to represent Mickey's wife Minnie. The plain mask, without the Social Disneying design work, is set at $4.00. The mask with Mickey and Minnie designs are $8.00 each.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas Stained Glass Jack & Sally Face Mask by NatalieJeanDesigns

The Nightmare Before Christmas Stained Glass Jack & Sally Face Mask by NatalieJeanDesigns

Another Disney favorite gets the stained glass treatment. While The Nightmare Before Christmas may not have initially released as a standard Disney film, the Tim Burton-produced cult classic has become synonymous with the house of mice. Featured front and center are the film's two core characters Jack Skellington and his love interest Sally. This mask is one of the few on Etsy to be patterned in not only different designs (Jack with Mickey's ears, Jack and the Grinch) but featured as another entity such as lanyards and hearts. With a $4.49 cover price and available in child sizes ranging from toddler to youth, it's no wonder that the mask is a current best-seller on the site. Given the dark and gothic atmospheric nature of the movie, it's quite fitting that the outer limits of the mask are surrounded by bats.

6. Disney Cat Masks by ThreadsByLuzma

Disney Cat Masks by ThreadsByLuzma

Featuring a diverse lineup of Disney's most distinguished film cats throughout the years, the Disney Cat mask is crowded with memorable felines. Disney has always had a tendency of finding success in not only their human characters and this mask exemplifies this through the overabundance of feline creatures covering the front. The $6.00 mask remains available but other variations this seller has available are cat doodles, cat invasion, and turquoise cat. From Alice in Wonderland to The Aristocats, this mask is a solid candidate for old and new fans of Disney. 

7. Disney Goofy / Pluto Face Mask by OmgdeisgnsTienda

Disney Goofy / Pluto Face Mask by OmgdeisgnsTienda

A Disney fan can't be complete without the two most famous canines. OmgdesignsTienda is selling masks featuring the two most famous dogs in the world of Disney, Goofy and Mickey's canine Pluto. These children's masks are ranged from children around 1 - 9 years old. Certain adult sizes are available as well. Buyers have the option of choosing either Goofy or Pluto for the particular mask design. 

8. Muppet Faces Face Mask by TheThreeMaskateersCO 

Muppet Faces Face Mask by TheThreeMaskateersCO 

Initially, a family-oriented sketch comedy series, Jim Henson's The Muppets has become a pop culture phenomenon known for featuring a collective ensemble of fan-favorite characters. This Muppets Face Mask, sold by TheThreeMaskateersCo, features only a slice of this distinctive cast. It's no surprise that headliners Kermit the Frog and wife Miss Piggy feature front and center, but supporting Muppets Fozzie Bear and The Animal also receive a spotlight on the veil. The Muppets are well ingrained into the Disney family, having been acquired by the Walt Disney Company in early 2004. Adult sizes are out of stock, but children and youth masks remain in stock from $6.00-$8.00.

9. Disney 2021 Face Mask by CuttingTemplate

Disney 2021 Face Mask by CuttingTemplate

If 2020 is anything to go by, 2021 and the years to follow will be a decade to remember for Disney fans and fans of pop culture everywhere. Featured on the masks are the infamous ears of one Mickey Mouse, with a red mask protecting his other Disney compatriots. This Disney mask from Cutting Template dates itself immediately, front and center. While the mask lacks colorful characters, a Disney 2021 mask with COVIDin full swing will become a valuable item to have as time goes on.

10. Marvel Comics Kids Face Masks by MensBodegaUSA

Marvel Comics Kids Face Masks by MensBodegaUSA

Time for another popular property now under the Disney umbrella, Marvel Comics. These superhero masks are priced from $2.95-$9.99.  It's a win-win; coming in the variations of Marvel mascot Spider-Man and the distinguished leader of The Avengers, Captain America. Superhero culture is all the rage today and these masks are a clear indicator of the superhero craze filling the air. While Halloween is still a ways away, kids can prepare by representing their favorite Marvel heroes when they go outside.

These Marvel face masks are a must-have for comic fans as well as younger Marvel enthusiasts.

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