How Can A Sad Person Be Happy?

Choosing to be happy is a choice. But let's talk about how to be happy.

Happiness when depressed is achievable. However, getting to the root of the problem is something you need to face head-on. Within this world, there are too many tasks for us to handle which overwhelms our body and overdrives our mind. And time alone is not often possible. So here are some quick tips on how to be happy. 

Words of encouragement and self-motivation help overcome our depressions. And the key to being happy starts in the mind which then the mind sends signals to the body to start changing your overall mood. So take these as tools to help build yourself into someone that will and can be happy.

1. Identify The Problem 

Write down what is bothering you. Keep a journal nearby to express your feelings so that you can understand them better. Take a deep breath and focus on where it began and how you were feeling. By targeting the problem, you are dealing with something that is emotionally holding you down. Then ask your, what you would like to see happen?

By shifting your focus to solving the problem, you are releasing the burden of the past. You are letting go of something you no longer have control over. The only thing that matters now is what you can do. This will help ease the tension of old repeated thoughts. 

2. Accepting What Happened

By accepting the situation, will help you move towards what you need to do next. It will stop the recurring thoughts and ease the emotional hold and tie to something that is in the past. This will help calm your state of mind and bring clarity to what is making you feel this way. Accepting what happened also brings you to the present moment and may even help you understand why it happened.  

3. It’s Easy To Be Sad, Choose To Be Happy

Start by reprogramming your conscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of your mind that is physically aware. Reprogram by uplifting yourself throughout the day. Leave happy sticky notes on your bedroom walls, bathroom mirror, and/or kitchen fridge. Set note alarms on your phone, even play some happy tunes. 

Let yourself know that it's going to be okay. There's a little girl or boy inside of you that is scared and needs positive reassurance. By creating notes of happy messages for yourself, you are nourishing the nervousness, anxiousness, and uncertainty feelings inside. By walking yourself through a positive way of thinking, will help brighten up the dark clouds. 

Helping yourself first will start the inner momentum of staying in the present moment. By staying in the present moment, you are paying attention to what is tangible. This will help release stress in the body. In addition to uplifting yourself through your own personal messages, using a positive affirmation that others have created is also helpful. 

Affirmations are tools to help retrain your brain. This video is an affirmation guide to help you get started on uplifting yourself. Use this as a template to create your own personal affirmation.

4. Get Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Body

We are always in motion either by walking, running, sprinting, or simply just skipping. And since the body moves in motion, the energy within needs to be moved around. We tend to keep stress and unwanted thoughts in different areas in the body, causing pain in your back and/or unable to move your neck freely, along with other tense-up areas. 

Moving your body around will help elevate your mood and increase blood flow; making you feel calmer, present, and happier. It also helps you move forward. If outdoor activities are limited, here are some indoor activities you can do to increase your happy state of being. 

In your own comfort space:

Put on some music and dance dance dance! Move your body around. Lose yourself in your favorite song and make up some dances of your own. Dancing will bring you to the present moment and limit your worries. This will help loosen up some tense structured muscle. If you are not a dancer, don’t worry! Yoga or a great workout routine also helps your body become happy. 

Another suggestion is picking up a new box of puzzles. Spend time creating by putting something together. This will help bring you in a state of joy by focusing on something tangible rather than your thoughts. Grab a Mandela coloring book along with some crayons to help ease your mind. Mandela books are great to help lower depression by expressing yourself through shapes, colors, and patterns.

Using our imagination to change the outcome of our reality can be done by creating it in our minds. Using your mind to change your current situation starts with you. In order to be happy, you have to be willing to do something that brings in happiness. By implementing activities you love to do, will help you smile more each and every day. 

5. Self Love And Self Care

Stress and depression occur the most when we give attention to the outside world than ourselves. What you focus on grows so why not turn your attention towards yourself. Check-in with your daily needs. What are you eating? Are you getting enough sleep? Who do you surround yourself with?

Keep in mind you are the only person that can give yourself peace of mind. No one else can do this for you. Keep true to your boundaries by honoring how you feel. By listening to yourself, you are creating trust and preventing situations that you do not need to be in. Doing what makes you happy is a form of self-care. 

Being selfish is being considerate of your needs by putting yourself first. If you tolerate moments and the things that make you unhappy, then you are subject to other people and things. Place yourself in a happy position by declining places, things, and people that may cause you tension. 

If you feel like sleeping forever is a great idea as a solution, try this before going back to sleep.

Good memories always bring happy feelings. Lay down or sit in a comfortable position and allow yourself to travel back to either childhood, teenagehood, or any specific memory that made you feel happy inside. By traveling back, you are reminding yourself of the happier feelings you want to get back into.

Play a specific song that is familiar to you as that song will help you travel back in time. Start by breathing in and out through your nose, bringing awareness to your stomach expanding and deflating. Allow your thoughts to surface then select a memory of a time and space where you experienced the truest happiness. 

This is called meditation. Meditation is the state of mindfulness and awareness. By being aware of your thoughts, helps you address and let go of the thoughts that no longer bring happiness. Being in the present moment allows you to choose what you want to focus on which helps you move into a happier state. 

There are so many things we do throughout the day that might trigger our minds to repeating old thoughts. It's easy to fall back into an old cycle but choosing which thoughts we want to focus on, will help you gain more control over your mind. And help maintain a positive way of thinking and feeling. As long as you want to feel happy, happiness will come.

bring happiness in your life
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