How To Gain More Social Media Followers And Build Social Connections

Relations and connections are now some of the most powerful tools to help you become the most successful person. Relationships pose an immense superiority in today's workforce. Why? Because an employer would much instead hire someone with social credit than someone with no social footprint.
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What is social media, and how can you use them to your advantage?

Most have heard of sites such as Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as these are sites where people interact with other social users. Approximately 3.6 billion people are using social media, 3.6 potential connections you can make.

Your responsibilities and how you can invest in yourself

 Taking the initiative to start using these platforms is the hardest part for many as social media is a relatively new concept. The truth is social media influences 40% of all demographics meaning people of all ages, ethnicities, and countries. 40% is a vast number, and it will only increase. Do you want to miss out? You will be missing out on numerous opportunities, and you are just getting in your way and success. Do not hesitate. Sign up! The worst that can happen is you stop using a free account.

Social wealth and how to build your empire of connections

These platforms all have a crucial component; connections and relations. Connections and relations are essentially the same things; they are the connections you establish with someone to build a relation. Take advantage of how you can meet thousands of people who will provide you references to the working environment. The top 1% are also on social media. If you can build your social wealth, you may meet people in the 1%. Social wealth provides much more stability than references and will help set you apart from everyone building your future.

Virtual vs. real-life interactions and how you need to excel in both aspects

 People are used to first-hand interaction, such as handshakes, introductions, and presentations. Virtual interaction is similar, however significantly different, as the business yields no emotions, context, or body language. The same components that sell a speech or expression are entirely irrelevant in a virtual context; therefore, how does one sell a virtual address or gain virtual connections. Virtual connections are all based on representation, presentation, and passion. 

Here is what you can do to gain more social connections and relations:

1. Finding your group of like-minded people

Ascertain your passions and interests and follow the hashtags and popular pages that encompass these topics. Your love will help engage you with like-minded people who are interested in the same subject. People get excited about interacting with people that have the same mindset and the same passion. Therefore they will follow your account and connect with you because they want to surround themselves with familiar people.

2. Find people you know and build your social media following

Interacting with people you already know will rapidly increase your following as well as your social connections. You can also interact with people that your established relationships interact with and post about as these are your mutual connections and friends.

3. What are mutual friends and how to use them to your advantage

 Mutual relations or friends are the people you share indirect links with, meaning you have one or more of the same connections. Pursuing these connections can tremendously help your social standing and relationships.

4. Repeat and maintain active

Most successful people with the most social connections are the ones that are always interacting with other's posts and reposting on their accounts. They are also the people who are still trying to find new mutual connections and maintain their relations. They remain active on their account by posting regularly; if you are like me and are not keen on making a full post, the next best thing is utilizing the story feature.

5. What is a story feature and how to become a story pro

 This feature is available on all platforms except Linkedin; this feature enables users to post a "story" that will remain on their profile for 24 hours or even longer in archived stories. With this feature, you can conduct polls, messages, question and answers, and reposting.

Overall Connections and how you can start investing in yourself

Whether if these connections are in-person or virtual, they take practice and consistency. Building trust between people is always tricky; however, they are extremely rewarding. You need to know how bad you need and want it. Understand that this tactic will set you apart in the future as our society is starting to depend more on connections and abilities to network over references and experience. Networking takes time and shows companies how passionate you are about yourself and how you are terrific around others. In my opinion, cry now make the efforts and enjoy the reward in 10 years.

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