How To Save Money On Clothes? Satisfaction Guaranteed!

This is how you can spend less, save more and still remain fashionable.
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Buying clothes is fun! But so is saving money. Does the idea of having both sound surreal? Don't worry, we've got you covered. This article will give you a few verified tips and we guarantee you'll find the most of the satisfaction in combining spending and saving while shopping.

Here is how you can save money on clothes:

1. Sort Out Your Wardrobe

Girl with clothes

Start with organizing your wardrobe. Before heading out to the stores always make sure you have a space for new clothes, which means going through all the stuff you currently have. Take a closer look at every piece of clothing you own. Have I worn it recently? When was the last time I was wearing that cute sweater I found folded behind the pile of clothes here and there?

Take your time, take it one t-shirt, hoodie, pair of shoes at a time and think about the purpose of that specific piece of clothing. Do I like to wear it? Where am I usually wearing this? Is it still in a good condition? Once you're done with that, separate clothes you are not wearing from those you love to wear. Put the latter back into your wardrobe. Go through separated ones. Try to find another purpose for the clothes that are no longer good to wear. Turn your old jeans into cute shorts or an old shirt into a fancy crop top. Options are limitless. Donate the clothes that are no longer much of a use to you to charities, thrift stores, or ask your friends if they fancy some. 

2. Make A Shopping List

Continue with making a list. With your wardrobe sorted out, clean, and ready for the fresh new items is easy to see what you are having enough of and what on the contrary you don't need. Try to apply the grocery shopping strategy here. When buying groceries we usually follow a simple list of goods we want to buy for our consumption when trying to avoid impulse sweets or junk food buying. You can apply the same to clothes. Always go to the stores with a list of clothes you really need to buy and focus on those while roaming the store.

It's getting cold outside and your hands are freezing all the time? Put those gloves on the list. Go to the store, buy the simple gloves. Don't spend time checking on a fancy scarf to go with the gloves. Your last wardrobe organizing session endowed you with some you had already forgotten you ever had. Match the gloves to those scarves.

As simple as it sounds, buying one generic black pair of gloves is always the safest choice. Black goes with everything. I know you know that, just a friendly reminder to have in mind when checking the twelfth hat - gloves - scarf combo.

Hand writing in notebook with pen.

After organizing your wardrobe and getting those shopping ideas out on the list, you are ready to go to the stores.

3. Avoid Shopping Clothes For The Full Price

Unless you are really in need. We are not talking about basics like t-shirts or your underwear here. Think about seasonal jackets or shoes. I bet you are familiar with seasonal promotions and discounts. There are also numerous days in a year dedicated to shopping with great deals - Black Friday or Boxing day for example. When trying to be smart with your budget around the clothes, save those big purchases for those special occasions.

Are you saying you don't like going on shopping sprees when it's overcrowded everywhere? Well, this year made it way easier to buy stuff online than ever. Many stores offer amazing deals online with exceptional return policies in case you're not fully satisfied with your order. So, hey, no more excuses for saving money!

There are plenty of ways to get what you want for the price you haven't even dared to dream of. Just be a little season sensitive, a little patient, and shopping smarter never been easier for you. 

4. Try Thrift Store Shopping 

Could you believe there's a lot of people out there who have never been to a thrift store? Don't worry if you are one of them too. Just make sure you'll avoid making this mistake again. There are thrift stores out there offering true gems of clothing for prices that are more than budget-friendly. It's no secret you can often find luxury and high-end brands for less than a quarter of their original price. Sounds good?

Shopping at thrift stores not only keeps our clothes expenses low but moreover contributes to saving our planet. Thrifting lowers the production of fast fashion clothing which is known to be made through the environmentally demanding manufacturing process. Lowering your carbon footprint and reducing the chemical pollution that accompanies new clothes production are some of the many benefits that thrift shopping offers. 

Girl thrift shopping. Racks with clothes.

Nowadays, thrifting comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. It's more popular than ever to buy clothes online and thrifting certainly does not stand behind. There are popular pages like Poshmark or Depop that make sustainable shopping easier and fun. Facebook Marketplace's increasing popularity is also a good example of thrifting going online. Marketplace not only offers often barely worn or completely new clothes for cheaper, but you can find a lot of cool stuff for your household too. Very useful when moving to a new place with a tight budget. 

5. Be A Season Ahead

Mix up those seasons a bit. Try to look for winter jackets at the beginning of spring when stores are already getting ready for the summer season. This means stores are trying to get rid of the winter's apparel which is usually sold with a major discount. Go and check how cute you'll be looking next winter then. The same goes for summer. Plan your vacation outfits a little ahead and save the money for your travels. Being one step ahead is crucial when it comes to saving.

6. Check Online Stores First

Whenever you are heading to the stores, do your online research before. A lot of times one can find better deals online than in the regular store. Make an online wish list and when you are not sure about your size or the fitness of the product overall, just then go check the store in person. If the price matches the online price, just stick to your list and look at the things from the list. If, on the contrary, prices differ, bear in mind you are only going to try some things on and make an actual purchase online. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize/price baby! 

Online shopping for the deals.

With the current COVID-19 situation, some stores may have their try-on policies adjusted a bit due to safety precautions. Check your favorite stores and follow their advice. Safety first. 

7. Check Kids/Men Section

This step is mostly dedicated to women. Do not hesitate and take a look over the men's selection. You wouldn't believe how many great pieces for everyday wear you can find there and usually for much less than the price of a very similar item from the women's section. If you are a fan of a bit of an oversized style - men's wear should be your go-to. Another great and money-saving tip is to check the larger sizes in a kid's section. Kid's wear is always a bit cheaper in comparison with women's attire. Whether we are talking about shoes or clothes, it's always worth it to wander around the sections of our little precious. 

8. Shop Only Clothes That Fit You And Feel Comfortable To Wear Right Now

We all do it sometimes. We buy jeans we are hoping to fit in once we lose weight. We call them motivation. This has to stop! With all that ''buying things I only need mindset'' this one should come pretty naturally, shouldn't it? Unfortunately, we often find ourselves falling into this 'once I do this, then that cycle'. Not only is it bad for our finances, moreover it affects our mental health, putting pressure we don't need into our life. Clothes should be fun and pleasure, not misery and torture. Clothes help us to express ourselves and to feel better. So, embrace that and do so! Enjoy your clothes now and feel better than ever with just the right attire.

Happy woman jumping.

9. Do Not Buy Trendy Stuff

While it's great you are following all the What's hot topics, bear in mind that trends come and go faster than a blink of an eye. It's not worth it investing in crazy things that don't have the potential to be that hot next year. How to spot the difference between a timeless piece and a one-hit-wonder? Easy. When things are too unusual, maybe too original and admit it, you kind of even hated it before, it's probably for the best to not invest in it. Rather look for something more simple and if you want to stand out a bit, use accessories more or play with colors. Oh boy, those make wonders! 

10. Buy Non-Branded Basics

When we are talking about basics, we mean plain t-shirts, socks, or underwear tops. You can get those in an amazing quality almost anywhere. Doesn't have to necessarily be a designer brand. High quality, low price pieces can be found at thrift stores, small local shops, or sometimes even at supermarkets. Combining those with high-quality jeans or jackets saves money and lets the true gems of yours shine bright.

Clothes hanging on hangers.

11. Use Cash

It is so easy to let loose when we cannot see how much money we spend when paying with a credit card. A small thing that could help is paying with cash. Get the amount of money you want to spend out of the ATM before shopping. Take your cash to the store and work with your physical budget. It's easy to let loose when you are not fully aware of the act of paying. Just beep here and there and that's it. You're happy with the purchase moving on with your day until you get home and check your account, not understanding where it all went. On the contrary, physically possessing the money and actually using it to pay, helps your brain focus and makes you realize the actual value of the money better. Once you can see money running away you are less tempted to allow them to do so. 

You don't have to necessarily apply every single one of the steps mentioned above. Take the ones you feel the most comfortable with into an account and go just with them. Or try one step at a time. It's all up to you, but one thing is for sure - you'll never regret trying!

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