The Ultimate Survival Preparation List For An Emergency Crisis

Don't wait for the next natural disaster or emergency. Prepare for it.
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survival kit for emergency crisis
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Flashlights, canned food, bottled water. Seemingly idle commodities that grace the cupboards of many, but when disaster strikes, grocery store shelves are left as desolate wastelands in people's frantic efforts to possess these items for survival. News media outlets show lines of people waiting hours for just a loaf of bread in disaster-struck areas. Why? Sadly, many are unprepared for emergency situations.

With unexpected natural disasters and the pandemic of 2020, it has opened the eyes of many in that it would be wise to develop a game plan for the next occurrence. “Always be prepared” is not a motto that should only apply to the Scouts. If you can count on anything in this topsy-turvy world, it’s that you can always expect the unexpected. Don't be one of the thousands standing in line; get prepared for life's next surprise.

How should I Prepare for an Emergency Crisis?

Preparing for emergency situations can be a slow process unless you’re a millionaire because there are a number of items to stock up on and consider. You will have to buy enough food for a minimum of two weeks and possess items that are not dependent on water or electricity for maximum self-reliance. Don’t break the bank by running out and stocking up on supplies in one visit. Rather, every time you go to the store for your regular shopping, buy two or three emergency items (or more depending on your budget) to build your cache up over time. The list provided is an outline of items necessary and useful for emergency situations.

What Food Should I Have In Store In Case of an Emergency?

food to store in case of emergency
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Just because food options are limited during a disaster, it doesn’t mean that you and your family have to survive on just rice and beans. It is important to make sure that you have food that will provide the necessary nutrients to keep you healthy. A body under stress coupled with bad nutrition is a recipe for illness. Make sure that you are staying as healthy as possible, and if at all possible, buy organic when you can. I am listing items for several categories of food. Don’t feel compelled to buy all the suggestions. Buy what you and your family will eat.

Here are the food items you should have in store to keep yourself prepared for an emergency crisis:

Canned Vegetables:

Dried or Canned Fruits:


Canned Beans:

Protein Bars : (sugar content should not exceed 15g)

Canned Meats:


Nut Butters:

Grains and Starches

When stocking the pantry, keep in mind that grains and starches, other than cereal, will not really serve you well if you are out of electricity or water (unless you have water to spare and an outdoor oven or grill). They, however, are a great commodity if you have both utilities and just need to hunker down. Flour makes for a really great survival food because it is so versatile. Just add sugar, water, and yeast and you’ve got yourself a recipe for bread, pizza, chicken pot pie, etc.




Miscellaneous Food Items to store for an Emergency

These items tie everything together and add flavor to your meals:



Being hunkered down in close quarters or in complete solitude can really weigh on a person. Make sure to include some fun foods that will help keep morale up.


Hydration is paramount to survival; you know, seeing as a human can only survive without water for a few days. When stocking up on beverages, make sure that water is first and foremost in higher quantities than other options. Be mindful of soda or beer; they induce thirst, not quench it. Tread lightly with other hydration options.

If diarrhea or vomiting happens while you are in survival mode and you do not have Gatorade on hand. Here is a simple recipe that costs way less and available in a pinch:

34oz (1 liter) Water

6tsps Sugar

1/2 tsp salt

If you want it to taste more than just water and you have access, you can add in flavorings such as fruit juice or freshly squeezed fruit.

What are Useful Tools to Have During an Emergency?

emergency toolkit
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

When thinking about preparation, consider situations you could encounter. If you run out of water, you will need buckets to transport or store water. What happens if the lights go out? You will need a flashlight. With that, you will need batteries. If you lose cell service, you will have to rely on radios for information.

Here are the useful items to add to your tool list while preparing for an emergency crisis:




An emergency crisis will never warn you before it hits, so stay prepared. Always!

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