#FreeBritney, Her Fans Helping Her Sing A Different Song, A New Life

After achieving so much success, her fanbase The Britney Army is helping her achieve her greatest hit by regaining her life back once again after her inner struggles revealed a more vulnerable side of her

When Britney Spears got her court date on June 23 about the way her life has been lived for several years now under her father's control given by the conservatory because of her mental health issues, she was not alone. She was constantly supported by not only her fanbase but her fellow singers and actresses.

Because of the strict orders of her father and others involved in the conservatory - a bunch of lawyers who control her money and her health would not allow her to remarry and start a new family. Instead, she was forced to take drugs and perform her songs to make money she can not control. 

After the world became publicly aware of the situation Britney Spears's life has been for several years now in a gruesome documentary of the " FreeBritney Movement", her fans have shown her continuous support while other celebrities come to acknowledge how other celebrities who get caught in bad situations unable to come out on social media. 

After she, unfortunately, lost the case by her father who now has less power than he presently has, it is known that it will at least comfort the Pop singer of any harsh feelings that she may have had at the beginning of the #FeeBritney movement. While it was understood when she needed his help, it was appreciated. Now, however, she's a mere pawn in her own success.

Britney Spears's fanbase is working really hard to end Britney's conservatory. They even had a Free Britney rally to release her and social networking with each other when they believed she is communicating with them whether it's what she saying or wearing on social media. 

When Diana Sawyer had interviewed a young Britney Spears, attacking her on her public breakup with the Pop singer Justin Timberlake and her career as an artist when she was publicly verbally attached at an anti-domestic violence conference.

I was suddenly and strangely reminded of a Tom Cruise interview done with Oprah Winfrey - a talk show host and his " strange" behavior regarding his engagement to his ex-wife Kate Holmes who has been consistently judged for his continuous involvement with Scientology.

It should never be okay for anyone including a high-profile celebrity to be judged solely on either their mental health or personal choices. The differences are obviously quite clear- Britney Spears wants to make choices whereas Tom Cruise remains happy with his commitments, Britney Spears has constantly shown that she can make her own choices.        

The 2 Republican members of Congress Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene have invited the Pop superstar Britney Spears to Congress to talk about her battle against her conservatory because they believe it will help her win back her independence since the judge would not grant her it back to her on July 1.

While Republicans Matt Gaetz spoke at the #FreeBritney Movement, her fanbase on Social media had wondered why he was there since it's no secret that he is under investigation of having sex with underage girls while being a part of a rally to save a Pop Icon. Who is being robbed of her finances, reproductive health, and marital status?

Some of the other people, who seem to be following his lead are the Qanan followers who compared her forced infertility treatment to the Coronavirus vaccine insisting what the government is doing to its own people is by no way different than the Conservatory treatment of Britney Spears.

What a dangerous and ridiculous comparison! Especially since it is being propelled by 2 Republicans who are doing everything they can to remain important in their political circles because of their part in the misgivings of false information that has lost a million lives both in sickness and racism upheaval in America now wishes to display Britney Spears as an act of self-righteous. Britney Spears should be advised to stay away from them and follow her fanbase as they continue to help her sing a song about a new life.

the Britney army
Britney Army
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