On Her Wedding Day

wedding dress

Looking at herself in the mirror was a woman enjoying a bright sunny morning with tranquility enveloping her heart and mind. Her long wedding dress that was hard to find was chosen to adorn her bridal body was delicate, strong details outlining every curve and space of choice she took towards this path of matrimony.

Every part of her was covered with a hint of passion and promise that she turns to the side to see that her train was long, white, and traditional of her parents as she on this day begins her own.

Her shoes were a clip-pity clap of joy to the entire whimsical event as she imagined running to the man who she knows will feed, protect and defend her honor from this day forth.

She can feel his strong energy radiating with determination and can sense that he too is waiting in silence to be reunited for an eternity and this time beyond.  

She looked around the room, her betrothed had shown her that her values are cherished, her goals are understood and underway and her traditional will gradually blend within his.

She looks at her veil long, detailed and fragile with no crown but attached with the same simplicity of all the things that unite her with the engagement ring that she wears knowing, in his eyes that he would not take too long to give love, ask forgiveness and want a life of promise when he looked for her ring he knew intuitively where to find it. 

She stood up and put the veil over her face to protect the maiden within which protected her beauty, youth, strength, and the will of creation as created with the priest when they both stepped into the church to be received by God once more.

As she walked to the doorway, she can hear the joys of celebration, the anticipation of rushing feet, and the slight whispers of rumor. She feels powerfully led as if the church bells that are set to ring would have chimed at the sound of her slowly stepping feet, the wind in the air, the trees that sway, and the birds that live in them sing as she comes closer to the door. 

She takes one last glance at the back of her wedding dress, she has no fear of what others are too unsure to wait for, she has already passed that test of darkness and longs to enjoy her depths held deep in his eyes and smile alone.

I am a writer, journal keeper and a believer in many things.

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