5 Pride-inspired Makeup Looks That You Can Try With Basic Cosmetics

Support the pride community by trying out these easy pride-inspired makeup looks
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So the most awaited pride month is here! It's a month filled with love, spreading out positivity, celebrating, and supporting the LGBTQ+  community by keeping every difference aside and appreciating the humans that we all are. As we all are stuck in this pandemic situation, it's not possible for us to step out of our houses that's why many of the pride events are being done virtually.

But that doesn't stop us from celebrating pride as we all can show our encouragement and love in various ways from any corner of the world. Makeup is one such art form through which you can express your support and love by creating makeup arts.

While we plan the pride outfits alongside, why not pair it with some of the amazing pride makeup arts to rock the whole pride look in virtual events or parties. We see people around various social media platforms creating pride looks and makeup arts which are just jaw-dropping and even we think of creating such make-up arts for the pride month. But the problem arises as some of us can't figure out how we can do it in an easy way.

Here are the pride inspired makeup looks that you can try at home:


  • The look created is a glittering mermaid one with a pinch of a bold look. To get this look, start with applying a base to your skin, and blend it properly.
  • Then take the eyeshadow pencil of a milk shade and use it underneath your brows as it will do the work of adding an effect to your eyes as an eye shadow as well as highlighting your perfect brows.
  • If you don't have a brow pencil of the same shade you can just give a shape to your brows with the help of a normal brow pencil and later on use a highlighter to highlight the necessary features.
  • Take bronzer in a brush and apply it going from right to left direction on the crease of your eyes.
  • Use a white jumbo eye pencil or a white eyeliner, you can also make use of white eyeshadow as a substitute if both of them aren't available and draw a broad wing on your eye with it.
  • If you are one of those whose wing doesn't match each other then make use of a paper or a card and hold it at the edge of your eye to get an equal wing for both eyes.
  • The next step is to take different colors from your eyeshadow palette and start applying them one by one on the white wing that you created.
  • Start with filling lime green color from the inner side of your eyelid and then slowly fill up other colors like dark green, blue, purple, pink, and red.
  • Make sure that all colors are blending properly to get the best results. Now make a thin wing with black eyeliner, do not overlap fully the eyeshadow just make a thin wing.
  • Add up false lashes to your eyes to give a dramatic look and pair it up with light peachy cheeks and red lips.
  • Make use of glitter and apply it on the upper side of your cheek in a semi-circle way till the corner of your forehead.
  • Making use of glitters adds effects to your whole look making it bold and shimmery!


  • The look is really easy to create and takes less time, it's simple yet elegant.
  • To start with, apply a proper base to your skin, then take a neutral eye-shadow from your palette. By neutral eyeshadow means you pickup any nude or beige color shade.
  • Apply it on the crease of your eyes, don't take too much of the eye-shadow in your brush just one coat of eyeshadow or a maximum of two is enough so that it looks simple and sober.
  • The next thing is to take a white color pencil or eyeliner or anything which you have in white shade and apply it to your eyes by making a wing.
  • Make sure the wing is not broader it should be of normal size just like the regular wing.
  • Also, you can make use of a thinner brush for making a perfect wing, the sharper the wing, the more perfect it looks.
  • Take black shade from your palette and apply it on the inner side of your eyelid on top of the wing that you created, don't apply fully but a little on the inner side.
  • Pick up the purple shade after using the black and then apply it, make sure that every color that you apply one by one should blend each other properly and the amount of all the colors on your white wing should be proportional.
  • You have to use shades in this series: black, violet, orange, yellow. After you are done with the blending of your wing, take brown shade from the palette and apply it to your lower lash line. To give it an effect blend it with a yellow shade.
  • Add false lashes and use mascara so that it enhances your lashes adding a simple yet sassy look.
  • You can also pair this rainbow winged liner with a nude shade lipstick and setting up the whole look by highlighting your facial features.


  • Creating a rainbow lip is a really simple one but it looks quite creative. To start off with use sugar, rub and pat it on your lips to remove all the dead skin cells until the sugar dissolves in the skin of the lips. This is done so that your lips don't peel off later on and also they will become soft and moisturized.
  • Use lipstick in a white shade and apply it to your lips. You can use another substitute for this if you don't have it but it should be white in color. Make sure that it suits your lip and causes no damage.
  • Take a paper towel and pat it on your lip. Patting helps to remove the excess matter and matte the color.
  • Take pigments and start applying them from the corner of your lips, the order in which you have to use colors are pink, purple, dark blue, light blue, light green, yellow, and orange.
  • You can also go as per your sequence of colors if you don't have pigments you can make use of different color lipsticks as a substitute.
  • Do blend the colors with each other properly while you apply them one by one. Wipe the excess from your lips if any, at the time of blending and applying.
  • Remove the excess which remains outside your lip carefully by using concealer around the lip area.
  • Apply gloss on your lips. Make use of a cotton brush to apply it and avoid creating a mess.
  • To complete the whole look make a simple wing with eyeliner and add eyelashes. Your look is ready to slay with rainbowish lips and a simplistic look.


  • This look is an overall look with rainbowish eyeshadow creating a vibrant yet glowing look.
  • Start off by applying the foundation to your skin. Firstly moisturize your skin properly so that when you are done with the overall look it doesn't seem flaky.
  • The next step is to highlight and contour your facial features properly with the help of a beauty blender, use a little compact as well so that your base looks perfect on the skin.
  • Use a paint pot on your eyelids so that when you apply eye-shadows it doesn't feel cakey. if you don't have a paint pot you can use a concealer as well.
  • With a light matte eyeshadow apply it on the crease near your brow area.
  • Take a yellow eyeshadow and apply it 1/3rd near the inner side of the eyelid.
  • By taking orange from the palette apply it to the center of the lid and then at the edge of the eyelid. Use pink and make sure to blend all three of them.
  • Below the lash line at the outer part use purple, in the center use blue, and stop halfway there.
  • At the inner side of the lash line, use a black liner to make a thin and sharp line at the inner corner of the eye, take melt green color and blend it a little on the inner side of the lower lashline.
  • After you are done create a sharp wing by joining the previous thin line wing and here we are with a prismatic eyeshadow.
  • You have to do the reverse thing on the other eye which means the colors that you apply below the lash line use it on eyelids and vice versa. This will give a reverse effect on both eyes and make them look magnificent.
  • You can use false lashes to give a dramatic look and highlight your cheekbones. Make sure to highlight your facial features.
  • Make use of light blush to make your cheek peachy and then pair your whole look with nude lipstick.


  • In this look, the focus is mainly on applying two different combinations of colors on both eyes to make it look more colorful and bright.
  • Apply the base for your makeup, use contour and setting powder so that your base blends in your skin properly.
  • After completing the base and contouring your face structure highlight your nose and cheekbones and blend them. 
  • Take the brow powder to fill in your brows and give it a shape if needed.
  • Use a light tannish eyeshadow and slowly apply it to your crease, make sure the shade is light.
  • To start off with the first eye the combination of colors will be yellow, orange, and red.
  • Start with applying yellow on your eyelids fully and then take orange blend it with yellow on the center of your eyelid, at the outer corner of your eyelid use red and blend all three colors properly.
  • We will be doing the same thing with the other eye, the only difference is not with the same colors.
  • The combination of colors for other eyes is: green, blue, and purple. Green at the corner of the eyelid, blue at the center, and purple at the outer corner of the eyelid blend them all.
  • The next step is to take the same color combination for both eyes and apply it in the same order on your lower lashline.
  • Use liner and create a thin wing and then enhance your lashes with mascara.
  • Apply a lighter shade of brown or nude lipstick to match with your two-toned eyeshades.

Scrolling through my feed this morning, I saw many artists showing their love and support for the pride community through different makeup arts. This inspired me to filter out some of the simplest pride looks tutorials so that everyone can glam and slay their makeup looks in virtual parties, events, and so on, this year. I'm sure you will find it useful!

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