Ariana Grande Inspired 'ICONIC' Haircuts For Every Hair Length!

Here are 5 of the MOST ICONIC Ariana Grande Hairstyles that are suitable to every hair length!

Ariana Grande has been an icon when it comes to hair and fashion. Every girl is obsessed with her feminine and super cute haircuts and wants to achieve a similar look. However, it is definitely a task to find Ariana hairstyles meant for all kinds of hair lengths.

Here are 5 of the MOST ICONIC haircuts of Ariana Grande's that are suitable for all hair lengths -

For Long hair – Sleek Ariana Grande Ponytail:

Ariana Grande sleek ponytail


1. Set the strand stage

Before you start styling your hair, make sure you have combed it well, and take a small amount of gel or vaseline petroleum jelly on your fingers and rub it on your hair pushing it backward.

step 1


2. Tail comb your way out for the perfect part

Use a tail comb to create the perfect side part or middle part depending on your preference. Secure the side part with an elastic.


ariana grande


3. Sweep your hair into a ponytail

Comb the remaining hair upwards and tie a high ponytail using the comb, make sure you don't mess with the already secured side part. Use an elastic that's tight since this ponytail would be the foundation of the entire hairstyle.



4. Secure the side part

Remove the elastic from your side part and pin your side part towards the back of your head securing it tightly with bobby pins. Don't forget to use hair spray (from a 3-inch distance) on the side part.



5. Create a bun from the ponytail

Gather the hair from your ponytail and make a bun, cover it using a bun/fishnet and use bobby pins to secure the net on your bun, in place. Now make sure the bun is secure enough.



6. Use a wrap-around hair extension

Comb the extension hair and keep it ready to use. Now wrap the extension hair around the bun you made and clip it firmly and securely. Use bobby pins for an extra-secure grip. Finally, use some hair spray on all your hair and make sure everything is in place. You're done!



Watch this hair tutorial video for the Ariana Grande ponytail!



For Long to Medium hair - Ariana Grande Bubble Ponytail


Ariana Grande bubble pony
Photo by: Instagram


1. Prepare your hair

Prep your hair by using dry shampoo or serum to give it a silky, glossy shine and easier to untangle. Comb it to make sure there aren’t any bumps. Now loosely grab all the hair that is above your ears on both sides and tie it off at the crown area.


ariana grande hairstyle


2. Gather your hair from behind your ears and middle of your head

Now make sure there is a large amount of section of hair left at the bottom. Use an elastic to tie the hair you just grabbed along with the previously secured pony at the crown area.


Ariana grande


3. Create your bubbles

It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for, your bubbles. Gently tug at the sides of this newly created section between the two ponies you just tied to add volume and form a rounded, bubble-like shape. Go ahead and tie the leftover hair the same way you did in the previous steps according to the length of your hair. Create your bubbles after tying.


ariana grande bubble hair style


4. Make it neat :

After all of your bubbles are created, you’ll want to ensure your style is neat and even. Gently tug at the sides of any bubbles that need perfecting, making an effort to maintain approximately the same bubble size going down the length of your ponytail.


ariana grande bubble hairstyle


5. Style your hair with cute clips and accessories:

However, I would recommend not to over-accessorize since the hairdo itself is a statement!


ariana grande hairstyle


Here is a hair tutorial video for the bubble ponytail



For Long to Medium hair - Half up Half Down hair Ariana Grande Style

Ariana grande

1. Prep your hair

First comb your hair with a tail comb, curl the bottom of your hair lightly to get a wavy effect. Use a clip-on extension if you want to, it is optional.



ariana grande half up half down hair 


2. Part your hair sideways


Create a clean side part using a tail comb and apply hair spray or gel to make it stay as it is for long. Now pull all the hair from above your ear to the crown area and tie it with an elastic, use a tail comb to get a smooth ponytail, and use hair gel to make it stay.




3. Faux hair elastic


Now take a strand of hair from behind your half-up ponytail and wrap it around the elastic you have tied your hair with.



4. Use a curler


Curl the ends of your hair to give it a slightly wavy look. And, you are done with the half up - half down, Ariana styled hairdo!


Here is a hair tutorial video for the Half up Half down hairdo!



For Medium to Short hair - Ariana Grande Space buns


1. Brush your hair, then part it down the middle using a tail comb

Comb your hair until it is smooth and free of any knots or tangles. Use the handle of a rat-tail comb to create a part running down the center of your head, from forehead to nape.



2. Create 2 pigtails


You can make them high on the top of your head, or you can make them low on either side of your nape. Smooth down the hair going into the pigtails so that they are nice and neat. Secure the pigtails with hair ties. You could leave some strands to get a softer look.



3. Create a three-strand braid for both the pigtails


Take 1 of your pigtails, and twist it away from your face, then braid it. Repeat with the other pigtail.



4. Coil the braid into a bun, then secure it with a hair tie


Wrap the braid around the base of the pigtail. Make sure that you wrap it away from your face, not towards. Tuck the end of your hair under the bun, then wrap another hair tie around the base of the bun.



5. Repeat the same with the other pigtail


Secure it with a hair tie. Accessorize and have fun!


Here is a hair tutorial video on how to get cool space buns!



For Short Hair - Ariana Grande Side part (13 going on 30) Thank you next haircut

Ariana grande hairstyle

1. Comb your hair and use a rat tail for a side part

After combing your hair, you need to use the end of your rat tail to create a sleek side part and pin it well using a bobby pin, apply a generous amount of hairspray only on the side part to make sure it stays. Use hairspray from where the side part begins to get the voluminous effect on top.



2. Tease the crown area

Now go ahead and tease at the crown area of your head and make sure to get a voluminous effect.



3. Curl at the ends of your hair

Use a curler to get slight curls at the ends of the hair and like this, the hair will fall into place.



4. Hairspray it!

Now apply hair spray all over the hairdo and enjoy the Ariana-inspired haircut!



I'm sure these Ariana Grande-inspired haircut ideas were super useful and stylish! Have fun styling them and flaunting your Ariana-inspired hairdos. Don't forget to use cute accessories and most importantly have a great time and dance to your favorite Ariana Grande songs!

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