10 Books To Help You Discover Your Purpose In Life

The beauty of life unveils when you realize your purpose. Discovering your purpose adds meaning to life because the world celebrates rather than tolerating you. You become happier, have a sense of responsibility, and help others to discover the best in them. Purpose adds enthusiasm to live, the driving force to greatness.

Let's get to know you a little; about your life

  • How do you feel now? Describe the emotion constantly in your mind.
  • Are you happy with your life right now? From internal factors only
  • What have you procrastinated? 
  • Are you happy with your current job?
  • And lastly, how do you think of yourself?

Purpose unveils reasons to support what you do every day. The questions listed above help to express what you feel honest without lying to yourself. You are born intuitive, and if you learn how to tap into it, you will discover your purpose through what you like doing, responsibilities you can't escape, and simultaneous coincidences in life. 

Think of a situation, you are at the market, and a customer in front of you drops 100 dollar notes unknowingly while answering a call. An impulse instantly says to you, tap him and let him pick the money. If you wonder whether to agree to it and step to pick the funds. Right there, you have blocked your intuition.

Away from the spiritual perspective of discovering your purpose, you may wonder whether you have a life purpose, and that is fine. The answer is, Yes. You have a life purpose because you are alive. As Caroline Myss says in her book, 'anatomy of the spirit,' if you have life, you have a purpose. You need to recognize it and devote yourself to serving it fully.

Make books your next best friend.

Books have been my most excellent companions in life. Growing up in a family of learners, where my father was a lecturer while momma was still practicing medicine, I had less time with them for company.

I could spend an hour at the local library and join university for my degree, and the library was one of the best buildings in the whole school. It represented a pool of knowledge where one could take a sip anytime at will, but very few students seemed to notice.

books help you discover your purpose
Photo by George Milton from Pexels

It's in the library that I met my other-self. Interested in psychology and arts, I researched much about great men's speeches and writing. One evening after a long day doing examinations, I picked Myles Munroes' 'Seasons of Change,' and the book took my world in a spin. I spent two days reading it and memorizing famous quotes in it. 

When I placed Myles Munroes' book back on the counter, I was a different man. Many years later, I still feel the sensational moment of having read 'Seasons of Change.'

It would help if you had a purpose in life.

When you discover purpose, it adds meaning to life- More happiness, a sense of responsibility, and a desire to help others find the best in them. Ideal adds enthusiasm to live, the driving force to greatness.

Seasons of Change is one of the influential books on my way to self-realization. Purpose unfolds when you realize and appreciate your power. Think of it like, you like bodybuilding, but you feel weak and unwilling every time it's gym time.

If you make an effort to fight that impulse and hurl your bag, get to the gym, and exercise like a man possessed of greatness, you feel better after the session.

As Albert Einstein said, adversity introduces a man to himself.

It's not until you are pushed to the wall by circumstances in life, your education, need to supply for your family that you acknowledge your power. Now it's up to you to use it or trash it. 

Understanding your purpose happens when you desire to invest in yourself. It takes meditation practices and a great desire to be of service to others. Many people live through life frustrated because they cannot figure out what purpose to fulfill in life. 

Purpose makes you improve spiritually and physically. Personal growth is the measure of life, and it can occur on many levels like emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It is a measure of progress with time, and everything you do should have a concept of growth. 

When the world around you changes at a higher rate than the change occurring inside you, the end is near.

Reading will change your life for the better.

Learning defines the existence of humanity, equipping them with skills to lead a more productive life. 

Consider learning as investing; the more you do, the higher the return on profit. You must invest in reading materials that are in line with your passions, dreams, and interest.

For an easy routine, it is practical to read a new book every week. At the end of a year, you will have discovered 52 new ways of thinking, doing, and interpreting situations around you.

Learn new concepts and implement the tactics in your life. If they don't work, make some changes, and you gain an education in the process. An educated person is a man who meets their needs without violating the rights of others. Learn from every material you read and do not just stop there, implement.

Here is a list of the ten best books to help you discover your purpose and plan on your next bold move.

1. Who moved my Cheese?

who moved my cheese

Written by Spencer Johnson, 'Who moved my cheese' helps discover a way of finding another area with opportunities you can accomplish. The story, about two mice in a maze looking for Cheese, describes two types of people's attitudes towards change. 

Some people, after situations change, can become stranded and stop there. To an extent, you complain about situations, give up and end up living a mediocre life. Else you can look around, learn the lesson and move on to new opportunities.

The writer uses a pizza image for what you desire and two mice who feed on it. The mice enjoy feeding on the pizza for some time, and suddenly, they find no cheese left. Looking around and sensing no sign of any cheese, the mice move on, looking for Cheese in other areas. 

For Ham and Hem, the two little men, they sit down and wonder what to do. Ham decides to move on and look for new Cheese, but Hem stays back. He is too rigid to accept reality and move on. Lastly, after being in the same spot for a very long time, Hem moves on to find new territories of Cheese. 

Purpose reveals to you in hardship when the circumstances around you are rough. That is when you discover your strength in a given faculty and decide to use it to your benefit and the service of others. The book delivers a message worth meditating on,

what would you do if you weren't afraid?

Understanding the sense of purpose reveals itself when you answer the above question.

2. Seasons of change

seasons of change

Myles Munroe is a man ahead of his time, as depicted in best selling book. Seasons of change represent the interpretation of life with change. Change is constant, and it affects everything in the world.

The writer depicts a picture of understanding yourself in harsh times. Changing your surrounding creates a time for isolation as you think about the effect of changes on your existence.

Purpose involves doing what you do for a living with an incredible drive. It's applying the philosophy of doing it like everything were possible. When you face a change in season, it becomes your choice to embrace it or despise it.

Your mindset controls the result you experience in the outer world. Understanding the seasons of change will help you to grow from within by discovering what you are passionate about in life. 

Seasons don't last long, and the next one may be in a row. Learn most of what you can in the current season and carry the lessons to make better choices in life. Myles gives a point I thought worth sharing,

You are living the promise. Find the reasons.

3. Think and grow rich

think and grow rich

Napoleon Hill wrote an excellent book that has stood the test of time for many years. Every man that read the book and became practical attained high level of abundance than ever imagined.

Napoleon describes the working of the mind in a simple way understandable to man. He also uses case studies that greatly impacted history and how the men involved surmounted many levels of difficulty to become legends.

Think and Grow Rich helps you understand how to program the conscious and subconscious mind to yield the results you want in life. Napoleon Hill illustrates an ability of the reason that we rarely use and fail to discover in life.

Through the 15 principles on how to thinks and grow rich, Napoleon explains how to attain everything you desire through the power of desire, faith, autosuggestion, among others.

The mind has the power to transmute any desire to its equivalent physical object. When you focus on something too much, you get it. Create the desire to identify your purpose, and with time, if you keep your goal daily at your hand, nature reveals it to you in some much-unexpected ways.

4. The bible

the bible can help you discover your purpose

Reading the bible strengthens your spiritual life. Man exists in two dimensions; spiritual and physical, but we rarely use our spiritual dimension. The bible has almost any solution to what you face daily. For laziness, it describes what befalls a lazy man. For obedience and wisdom, it explains ways of attaining both.

Acting as a reference book, the bible addresses most areas that affect human existence. The parable of the servants and the master illustrates the need to utilize your gift. Among the best-published books in history, the bible holds an authentic stand in the world of literature. It guides, warns, and offers convictions on leading a fulfilled life.

Consider the bible as a library; most artistic and literal materials expound on a concept from it. Primarily used in churches, the bible offers ways of finding your calling. Ecclesiastes, also referred to as the book of wisdom, narrates moving from one point to another. It uses the time to create a better understanding; 'there is a time for everything under heaven.

Purpose reveals through reading the bible. From a spiritual perspective, you can discover the divine purpose for your existence. Jeremiah 1:5 says that "God knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb, and ordained you to become a prophet (replace with your purpose) to the nations." 

What else holds you back?

5. Secrets of the millionaires’ mind

Secrets of the millionaires’ mind

T Harv Eker revolutionized the aspect of personality. He teaches 17 applicable principles that will turn your world into the best. The secrets of the millionaires' mind offer actions to take to become your best self, equipped for change, and ready to embrace opportunities by being in the right place at the right time.

Through understanding the effect on the social quo in society, T Harv Eker offers an insight into equality in the human race, and the only differentiating factors are mindsets and your reactions when faced with hardships.

You can become a millionaire from the association, value addition, interpreting results based on effort, and having better management habits. The secret involves being conscientious and dedicated, using affirmations to the mind, and unconsciously, you grow into a millionaire.

6. Acres of diamond

Acres of diamond

Russell Conwell delivered a speech that holds relevance up to date. He gives insight through a man who wanted to invest in the gold mining business and decided to locate its deposits. He sought gold in many places but never searched where he lived.

One day, an idea came to mind. The young man travels to a faraway land and discovers a gold deposit at a river. He packs and entrusts his wealth to his servant.

He encounters many challenges while on the mission and dies in a foreign land, having found no gold. The young man died without achieving his dream of gold(purpose) simply because he didn't recognize the potential of where he was living.

One day, the servant discovers some rock in the field of his master and enquires about it. He realizes it is gold and thinks of his master. Russell Conwell illustrates that if the young man had decided to look for what he wanted right where he was, the likelihood of discovering gold was higher with less trouble.

A valuable lesson from 'Acres of Diamonds' implies that if you can become great at where you are, then you can become great anywhere in the world. Russel Cornwell expounds on recognizing the opportunity right where you are and not looking for it in any other place.

7. Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits

Have you ever had a clear idea in your mind on what to do, and for no reason, you are not working to realize it? 

The gap between your dream and actualizing it into a reality consists of limits. You find all the excuses why you cannot become a writer, teacher, or whatever your goal is, you name it. The reasons create limits on how much to invest in realizing what you want out of life.

Pepe Minambo teaches how to challenge conventional wisdom and follow your heart to live your dreams. Do not define your ability for achievement with what others think and comparing with the last achievements. Have the courage to disrupt the status quo and go beyond what is there.

'Beyond Limits' carries an insight of its kind. It prompts you to analyze the current situation, picture where you want to go, analyze the limits, and have the sense to set foot into a vast world of possibilities. Grab your copy at the nearest bookshop.

8. Find your element

Find your element

Sir Ken Robinson had discovered a practical way to identify your Element and share it in his excellent book. The book answers frequently asked questions like what to do when you are good at something you do not love, finding your talents, and discovering your passion.

Finding your Element focuses on promoting self-fulfillment through combining your talents and passions. If you need to use what is in you to serve what you are interested in, this book can be a powerful guide.

9. Finding your own North star

Finding your own North star

Explorers used a north star to know where they were going because no other landmark would offer directions. Similarly, the journey to your ideal life requires a guiding element to overcome the fears and anxieties of pursuit. When you tread into the unknown, hardships occur, and a need for a way out comes in handy.

Realization of your purpose creates happiness. Similar to North Star, purpose guides you from who you are to becoming the right you. When you realize the potential to become the right you, life becomes joyful. Martha Beck offers steps on the journey to discovering your ideal self.

If you feel anxious, unhappy, and stranded on what to do next, 'Finding your own North Star' sounds like the best book you need to find your purpose.

10. When things fall apart

when things fall apart

Recommended by therapists, this book revolves around finding a reason to move on despite facing complex problems. Marriages, relationships, and jobs are crucial phases to consider, and when one ends abruptly, the motivation to carry on diminishes.

Pema, the writer, teaches how to recover from painful situations and emotions through discussion with others. She explains methods of working and making it when amidst difficult conditions.

When things fall apart, we lose the sense of ourselves, what we are capable of and fail to recognize the moment's opportunity. If you are currently undergoing a breakup or lost a job, this book will help you redefine your strategy and find more meaning in life.

Always keep in mind that discovering purpose takes time. The journey involves the search for knowledge, and it's never-ending. Confidence develops through having the information to do what you want. Without understanding, life would be challenging because it lacks a plan on how to take action.

discovering your purpose takes time and reading makes it easy
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There are many great books to help you discover your purpose and live your ideal life. Using this list as a starter, explore more literature materials and find yourself. Purpose of adding meaning to life and you will get more happy living through serving.

When you finally find something to wake up to, you feel happy because life becomes more meaningful. Go on and find your purpose, invest in it and live it.

As a self-improvement enthusiast, I help you live fully and happier with tips and advice from research and personal evolution/study.

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