10 Hilarious Adult Card Games You Need To Try

Crazy 8's is old news, why not dip your toes into something a little bit more spicy?
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Breaking the ice at a party can be a bit awkward at times, so what's the best way to organically strike up some lively conversation? Plunging into some very inappropriate adult humor obviously!

Most of the wickedly awesome card games you're about to see have an age limit of 17 years and up, that being said, don't be too surprised if the comical content is particularly risque. And while a lot of these jokes are intended to be debatably controversial, it's all in the name of fun, try taking it with a grain of salt.

Here's a compiled list of some of the best adult rated card games on the market:

1. Cards Against Humanity

adult game
Image Source: hoodedgoblin.com

In order to win Cards Against Humanity, you essentially need to have the most raunchy yet clever answer to the dealer's black question card over and over until you're left with no remaining black cards. It's best played with three or more people, and the winning card from each round will be chosen by the dealer after all the players have submitted what they believe to be the most fitting card.

2. Stuff Happens

adult game
Image Source: Ebay.com

This "worst-case scenario" game all comes down to methodically accessing how bad each situation given to the players would be on a scale from 0, being not that bad, to 100, being absolutely horrendous. It takes no time at all to learn the rules and if you're especially pessimistic, you very well might be a champion at this game.

3. For The Girls

adult game
Image Source: whatdoyoumeme.com

Accompanied by your favorite drink, the For The Girls card game should be a pre-party necessity for any girl's night. Each player takes a turn rolling the color-coded dice to see who gets sot be faced with the truth, dare, most likely to, or a never have I ever question. While nearly all the cards make for embarrassing answers just remember, don't break the girl code!

4. What Do You Meme

adult card game
Image Source: Amazon.com

You're basically holding pure internet humor in your hands with this one. In the pack, there's one deck of absurd sayings or mature situations and a second deck stacked with popular, well-known memes from throughout the years. To be victorious you must collect the highest number of meme cards out of everyone in your group by the end of the game.

5. Drawing Without Dignity

adult game
Image Source:gameyore.com

Drawing Without Dignity turns the picture-based guessing game we all grew up with into a night of speed round-based x-rated sketches. With a far and wide selection of 670 category suggestions, you won't need to worry about coming up short with unorthodox ideas to draw for your friends.

6. Never Have I Eve

adult card game
Image Source: kinggaming.ca

There are some decisions we make in life that leave us wondering, "Why did I ever do that?!" well now you can make a game of it and share with your friends some of the most outrageous things you've ever done. The more embarrassing stories you share the closer you'll be to placing first!

7. Savage Choices

Image Source: SaveChoices.com

With 150 character choices and 300 attribute cards, there's nearly an endless supply of good belly laughs ahead. For this game, someone will randomly choose two character cards along with two awkwardly preposterous attributes per character and then decide who they'd rather be and why. Get ready for some wildly suggestive mental images!

8. Mixtape

adult card game
Image Source: breakinggames.com

The card deck inside this original throwback-style packaging are hundreds of different scenarios like, "Best go-to sad/melancholy break up song", "The song you jammed out to when you got your license", and "14-hour road trip, the radio is stuck on the worst song ever. What song is playing?". Your job is to do your best to find the very best song to fit each and every situation and explain why.

9. Do or Drink

adult card game
Image Source: do-or-drink.com

Accept the dare on the card or drink! Although it may seem simple it's not quite as easy of a decision as it sounds, a lot of the dares are guaranteed to make things pretty awkward within your friend group. With dares like, "Give $5 to the person to your left or finish your drink" and "Let the group tickle you for 30 seconds or drink two times", who knows how the night will end up?

10. Most Likely To...

adult card game
Image Source: SquadGames on Etsy

Each card drawn offers 10 "most likely to" options. Announcing each option out loud, one by one, players will write down who they believe is the most likely to be in that specific situation. Get to you who your friends really are behind the scenes!

There's never a bad time to get together with some of your best friends and have a hilarious, memorable night. Each card game has several hundred cards within the pack, which means there are hundreds of hours of original, saucy entertainment just waiting to be played around with!

While all of these card games heavily suggest drinking throughout the duration of the game, sometimes even as a punishment for losing, it's vital to recognize your own personal limit with alcohol. Depending on your location, the legal drinking age will vary, it's not advised to play these games while consuming alcohol if you are under age. Drink responsibly.

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