How A Mini-series On This Star Wars Character Could Work

With the second season of The Mandalorian inbound and rumors of other Star Wars shows in the works, a show with this fan favorite could have potential.
star wars mini series
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

If you are a Star Wars fan you are in no doubt excited for the second season of the Emmy-winning series The Mandalorian. With the countless rumors of fan-favorite characters appearing as well as some of them making their live-action debuts, it might leave you to speculate who else could get a show.

Could it be a fan favorite? An entirely new character? or maybe a character who has yet to be fleshed out? If you thought about any of these possibilities (especially the third option) then allow me to recommend the first character for this concept: Count Dooku

So how could a show based on the Separatist leader and Sith Lord work exactly? While we got some great backstory in Attack of the Clones and in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, why not go a bit more in-depth with that? We know that there is a ten-year gap between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. So perhaps that is where we could start the story about the Count. 

Dooku was a padawan to Master Yoda and eventual master to Qui-Gon Jinn, as well as having a hand in creating a grand army for the Republic. This show could easily start right after the events of The Phantom Menace with Dooku having flashbacks to when he was Qui-Gon's master as he struggles with the loss of his student and friend.

While there is plenty of time to cover the Count's upbringing, the biggest parts of the show would have to consist of the following: Why Dooku became the Sith Lord Tyranus, his involvement with the creation of the clone army, and the disappearance of Jedi Master Syfo Dias, and his rise as the leader of the Separatist movement. Along the way, plenty of fan-favorite characters can be included such as Jango Fett, Asajj Ventress, General Grievous, and many more.

All of this can be covered within a ten-year time period with important events that take place before The Phantom Menace serving as flashbacks. With ten years between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, you have ten years' worth of a compelling, dark, and mysterious story that would be a terrible opportunity to waste on the big or small screen.

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