Prince Phillip Funeral : Prince Harry's First Time Back Home Since Oprah Interview

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Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, was best known as the Royal Consort to Queen Elizabeth II.  Since his death, many have wondered what his funeral was like, when it would be held, and how this would affect his grandson Prince Harry. Here are the details on everything we have been able to uncover about Prince Phillip's funeral and Prince Harry.

The Death Of Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, age 99, died in his sleep on April 9th, 2021. His funeral took place on April 17th, 2021 at Windsor Castle. His grandson, Prince Harry flew to The UK for this funeral.

Prince Phillip's Funeral Arrangements 

Prince Phillip's coffin draped with flag
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Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, and husband of Queen Elizabeth II died in his sleep on a calm Friday morning in The United Kingdom. He had been the longest-serving royal consort in history. Plans for his funeral were already in place before he died.

Prince Phillip wanted a small funeral and had made such arrangements before he died. Although, due to COVID restrictions, an even smaller funeral had to be laid out for the 99-year-old monarch’s husband. This made it difficult for his extended family members to return to the United Kingdom from other parts of the globe. Prince Phillip’s funeral was televised live from Windsor Castle at 7 AM Pacific and 10 AM Eastern on most major news stations worldwide.

Special customized Land Rover for Prince Phillip's funeral
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His funeral hearse was a Land Rover, one he helped to design. The vehicle, of which he was very fond, took him to his final resting spot at Windsor. It is a modified TD5 Defender 130 chassis-cab truck. The outgoing Prince was once quoted as saying “Just stick me in the back of a Land Rover and drive me to Windsor.” His wish was fulfilled. 

Prince Harry Returns Home To The United Kingdom

Prince Harry's first time back in UK since Oprah interview
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One notable royal who returned to the United Kingdom will be his grandson, Prince Harry. Harry, son of Diana, Princess of Wales, and sixth in the line of succession to the British Throne, has spent the last year in the US with his wife, American actress Meghan Markle. After stepping down from royal duties in January 2020, he followed his wife to her native Southern California.

Harry’s self-removal from the Royal Family sent shockwaves throughout the media, as, just a year earlier, he had been made Duke of Sussex. Choosing to live a more low profile life in America with the Dutchess of Sussex rubbed some royalists the wrong way, as well as his grandparents. Traditionalists in Britain were shaken by the thought that this could be the first blow in the downfall of their great institution.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Oprah Interview

Prince Harry and Meghan during bombshell Oprah interview
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Harry’s choice to step down left the family surprised, and only recently had some light shed on it when he and his wife did an exclusive interview for Oprah on the CBS special, "Oprah With Meghan and Harry". The broadcast, which was seen by 49.1 million people across the world, touched on various reasons why Meghan and Harry felt the need to leave the UK. 

The Oprah interview largely discussed the way Meghan was treated by the Royal institution as well as staff members who made life difficult for her. Meghan said that she had been "silenced" by the people in charge of running the institution, and also discussed an incident in which a not-to-be-named Royal told Harry about their concern over the skin color of their then-unborn son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor

Next, Meghan implied that a royal title was not given to Archie because of his African-American mother. “They didn’t want him to be a prince,” Meghan confided in Oprah. The boy’s mixed lineage ruffled feathers in the traditionally white Royal Family, and with the popular sentiment against racism these days, this interview understandably made a big splash. Meghan confided in Harry that she had been contemplating suicide, going so far as to tell Oprah, “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore.” Consequently, because of her poor treatment by the Royal Family, they decided that it would best to move to America.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Move To America

Harry and Meghan together in forest
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to Los Angeles in March 2020. It is extremely odd, historically speaking, for a high-ranked royal-like The Queen’s grandson, to live abroad away from Britain. It took a family tragedy to bring Prince Harry back to his homeland when his grandfather, Prince Phillip died on April 9th, 2021. While the Royal Family issued a statement denying the alleged racism, things were probably tense upon his return to the island nation. 

In addition to the Oprah interview's bombshell revelations, the death of the 99-year old Prince Phillip added to the family’s troubles. A common wave of anti-monarchist sentiment was given strength upon Meghan’s revelation of her terrible time as a Royal. Though Megan admits to being naive about what was expected by Royal Protocols, she did not think it was right for her to be ostracized from the family before even having a chance.

With that in mind, Meghan will not be returning to The United Kingdom anytime soon. The trip was a short one for Prince Harry, however, who wanted to return home to comfort his wife, who is pregnant with their second child, a daughter.

The Queen's Son Prince Harry

The Queen sits with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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Indeed, speculations had been made that Prince Harry would stay until the Queen’s 95th birthday on April 21st, 2021 but he returned to his Montecito, CA home one day prior to that. 

Although Prince Harry did not stay for his grandmother’s birthday, he did tell Oprah, “I have spoken more with my grandmother in the last year than I have in many many years.” While no announcements of Prince Harry’s next trip exist at this time, he has been busy with his and his wife’s CA-based public organization Archewell.

With regard to The Queen, Harper’s Bazaar reports that Prince Harry had a one on one audience with Her Majesty on at least two occasions while he was home. Prince Harry also made an effort to speak to his brother, which he has become somewhat estranged from. 

The Oprah Interview's Effects On Royal Relationships

The rift between the brothers is no doubt stemming from the Oprah interview, and consequently, their relationship has soured somewhat. After Gayle King reported that post-interview negotiations had reached a standstill, Prince William became angry that his brother Harry leaked the information of their talks.

For instance, Harry did speak to his brother, Prince William, on the way back from the funeral. His father, Prince Charles, also was able to spend time with Harry and William, reportedly discussing matters for a good two hours. 

Prince Charles, Harry's father, is reportedly "aggrieved" that his son chose to air the Royal Family's dirty laundry on the air.  Prince Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is understandably frustrated about her son and grandson's inability to forgive each other following the landmark interview.

Harry and Meghan hold hands on walk
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Prince Phillip and Meghan Markle's Future In America

While no announcements of Prince Harry’s next trip exist at this time, he has been busy with their public organization Archewell. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, the company will focus on social issues such as “conservation, female empowerment, and gender equality.” In addition, the company will focus on philanthropy and charity work. 

While the Royal Family does damage control, the couple will move on with their progress in America's elite California community.  Queen Elizabeth described her sadness at the allegations of racism, saying that "issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning".

While Prince Harry’s recent trip home was understandably tense, and sad given the death of his grandfather Prince Phillip, the funeral seemed to be an opportunity for him to mend some of his family relationships. Expect Harry to lay down more roots in America in the post-Oprah-interview world. 

How To Watch The Bombshell Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Oprah Interview

Didn't catch the Oprah interview with Prince Phillip and Meghan Markle the first time around? No sweat, watch it here.

Joseph Poulos is a freelance writer from Michigan.

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