10 Unique Ways To Layer Clothing

It's still winter, which means it's time to bundle up! Here's some fun ways to layer clothing but still be cute

Winter is a very hard time to still feel fashionable. With cold weather and lots of snow, it can feel impossible to still look cute. Layering is your best friend, especially if you're someone who gets cold easily. Here are 10 unique ways to layer clothing.

10 Unique Ways To Layer Clothing

1. Sheer tights over fleece-lined tights/leggings 

More of a life hack than anything, this is a great way to keep your legs warm while still wanting to wear a skirt! Nude-colored, fleece-lined leggings or tights can be bought fairly cheaply from Amazon or Target. You then slip on a pair of sheer tights over them. It still gives the look of sheer tights but adds an extra layer to keep you warm. You can also slide on a pair of socks over them if your feet get cold!

Sheer tights over fleece-lined tights/leggings 
sheer tights

2. Layer yourself with Trench coats

One of the best ways to stay stylish and warm is to wear a trench coat. Not only is it an extra layer, but it comes down further on your legs and helps keep the wind off them.  You can also wear it open to show off your fit underneath. There are plenty of nice trench coats out there, but they're a piece you can often find at Thrift Store for a good price. 

Trench coats

3. Wear Dresses over Sweaters

Some cute summery, spaghetti-strapped dresses look positively adorable over a sweater. This also stretches the life of your dresses. If it looks too frumpy, smooth it out with a tank top between the layers. You can add tights or thigh-highs (or both) underneath to keep your legs warm! 

Wear Dresses over Sweaters
Image from Pinterest

4. Button downs under rompers/jumpsuits

Got a cute jumpsuit? Add a button-down underneath it to give it that extra bit of definition. You can also belt the outfit to give it that extra bit of flair. It’s a great little way to add a layer, add definition, and add flair to an outfit. 

Button downs under rompers/jumpsuits
Image from Isalis

5. Wear a corset & bustier tops with turtlenecks

Thanks to Bridgerton, we all probably own a corset we don't know what to do with. Here’s a great fix! Add a button-down or turtleneck under the corset or bustier. Doing this enhances your figure and suspends the time you can wear your sleeveless tops. It also gives you a chance to show off some tops that are cute but maybe a bit much for certain settings. 

Wear corset & bustier tops with turtlenecks
courtney white

6. Layering with Thigh-high boots keep your legs warm

Thigh-high boots are a cute way to keep your legs warm. You can wear them over tights or jeans as a second layer of warmth.  They also have the effect of lengthening your legs, making you look a little taller. Since they spiked in popularity a few years back, now they can be found in a variety of colors and styles. You can get a pair to match every outfit!

Layering with Thigh-high boots keep your legs warm

7. Oversized blazers to keep yourself extra warm

Oversized blazers are a great way to keep warm and stay stylish for a multitude of reasons. You can easily find them at thrift stores, especially in the men's section. You can wear them over a skirt and sweater. You can wear it over a button-down and dress pants. You can also add a second jacket over it to keep you extra warm. 

Oversized blazers to keep yourself extra warm
Image from Chiaras

8. Turtleneck and oversized button-downs

Thrift stores often sell some great button-downs and some are often unconventional. They usually have a long aisle of men's button-downs and flannels. You can match colors to a turtleneck and layer it, wearing the button down a little more open than normal to show off the cute turtleneck. Flannels work the same way and have been super trendy in the last couple of years. They act as a hoodie without it being too heavy- great for summer nights. Make sure to pair it with some cute necklaces or other trendy accessories. 

Turtleneck and oversized button-downs
Image from Pinterest 

9. Sweater vests

This trend really peaked this year. They can be worn over turtlenecks, button-downs, or polos. You could also add it to a long-sleeve dress to add some definition. You could also find oversized button-downs and pair them with thigh-highs. Another super cute thing is to buy oversized sweater vests and wear them like a dress. Definitely a cute trend!

Sweater Vest
Image from Fustany

10. Floor-length dresses with sweaters

Floor-length dresses are another fun thrifty find. Many thrift stores are filled with these that often isn't the cutest, but just need a little flipping! You can pair them with sweaters for a little extra fun. This can be layered either way- with the sweater on top or with the dress on top, just depends on the style you're going for!

Floor-length dresses with sweaters
Courtney White

Layering can be very fun! You can style everything however you want! Fashion has no rules! To see how some of these might hold up in comparison to trends of 2021, read here!

Courtney is a junior at Montclair State University and is from a small town in Pennsylvania. She loves fashion, reading, art, and history.

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