2021 Popular Fashion Trend Predictions

This could be the year we finally enter our very own "Roaring 20's"! These are the trend predictions for how we're going to be dressing for the year.

It’s everyone's favorite time of year, the time when we get to delve into the new trend and trend predictions for a new year. Although all fashion events will most likely be online or virtual for the foreseeable future, it just means you have all access to watching how fashion unfolds. With fashion being so online, it means you can witness everyone's best and brightest outfits through Instagram and TikTok. 

Trends from 2020 were a bit nonexistent for most of the year, due to the pandemic and having nowhere to go. Things for 2021 are looking a bit more optimistic with more and more people being vaccinated daily. Hopefully, by Christmas, we can be back to fashion shows and concerts.

Here are the popular fashion trend predictions for 2021:

Spring Fashion Prediction:

1. Wide leg pants

According to Tiktok, GenZ has canceled skinny jeans. It’s all wide-leg pants from here on out. There are even fewer and fewer regular denim jeans to be seen. Many, with too much time on their hands, have started painting and upcycling jeans. Now there's patchwork wide pants, painted pants, plaid wide pants are very popular. They’re also a lot more comfortable than skinny jeans.

Wide leg pants

2. Pastels

Pastels are very popular for the last couple of months. One of the biggest trend to be seen were matching cardigan-tank sets. Lavender and light yellows seem to be very popular and will likely last into the spring. The colors are very spring-like and bring in a sense of comfort.


Summer Fashion Predictions:

3. Bandanas & Silk Scarves

Bandanas are making a call to that Y2K feel that seems to be so popular. There’s also been a lot of people wearing silk scarves in a variety of ways. From in their to hair, to tied as a top, both scarves and bandanas have become popular and will likely last into the summer.

Bandanas & Silk Scarves

4. Flamboyant Dresses

After so long with nowhere to go and no reason to get dressed, it’s likely possible for this summer to be a little flamboyant. When the last pandemic ended, we entered the Roaring 20’s. Hopefully, we can enter again by the end of the year. This summer could see people cranking out some really great outfits, starting with flamboyant dresses. From patterns to colors, the potential for standing out is definitely there. 

Flamboyant Dresses

Fall Fashion Predictions:

5. Cow Print

Now cow-print could make its heyday during any season but the fall would be perfect for some fun prints. Cow print has been popular lately because it's easy to DIY. Many have used the stuff that's in season now but haven't worn it, so possibly, they’ll wear the DIY cow print tops, bags, and jeans for next fall. It'll be one of the great patterns of 2021!

Cow Print

6. Arm Warmers

This has been a bit of an odd and upcoming trend. Basically, it's just a hole for your head and two sleeves. Typically, it's worn with a tank top or a bra underneath and often sold together so they match. It’s a way to keep your arms warm but also show a little cleavage or mid-drift. 

Arm Warmers

Winter Fashion Predictions:

7. Jogger Sets

These have been a true lifesaver in quarantine. Many struggles with trying to look both cute and to be comfortable. This created the sweetest. We’re still in quarantine, which has made many tie-dying, paintings, and adding a little spice to anything they have. Retailers caught on, and now they sell matching sets of sweatshirts and sweatpants.  Now you can be cute, cozy, and coordinated. 

Jogger Sets

8. Bucket Hats

Tiktok seemed to have people catching on to just how easy bucket hats are to make. Online retailers caught on to how easy they are to make into fan merch and to sell. Appa bucket hats from Avatar the Last Airbender were very popular over the summer. There were even some upcycling Trader Joes bags into bucket hats.

2021 will be full of surprises and will be a great year for fashion unlike 2020. 

Bucket Hats
Courtney is a junior at Montclair State University and is from a small town in Pennsylvania. She loves fashion, reading, art, and history.

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