A Minimalist Fashion Wardrobe Does Not Mean Boring!

Limited colours, No patterns, smaller closet. Sounds like a perfect recipe for yawn when you stand in front of this type of closet choosing your ootd. But honestly, is it really boring?

Many people equate minimalism with boring. They think ‘minimalism’ is a fancy word for boring.  The thought is that it’s too easy to get into a rut, wearing the same things over and over again. I actually find the opposite to be true as I am constantly inspired to create new combinations simply by shopping or a quick scroll through my Instagram or Pinterest feed. 

For those who still aren't sure about what minimalism in fashion is, let me give you a simple definition.

Minimalist fashion is defined by one major principle, which is to keep it simple. Its main focus is on the form and fabric of the cloth along with functionality. It revolves around the whole idea of 'Less is more'. 

Minimalism has a Monet effect, in that things might look simple at first glance but if seen closely then you’ll realize how everything put together has a purpose and how there is a whole lot of things going on amongst the minimal look put together.

From clever cuts, subtle colors to lovely construction, minimal fashion doesn't give it all away immediately, which makes minimal fashion people some of the most low-key awesome people with the chicest style! 

When it comes to minimalist fashion, the trick is in the styling. With the right styling and the knowledge of putting the outfit and the accessories together, you can create a look that’ll look everything but boring!

5 ways to put a minimal outfit together without being boring:

1. White on white

White haven | Image credits: Christian Vierig

Mix up all your whites for a chic and sophisticated look. To make the look a little more fun, just add a pop of color by wearing footwear of contrasting color. Try to keep your bottoms and your upper garment the same shade of white so as to create a cohesive look. Accessorize it with a white bag and you're good to go!

2. Fun with Layering

 A minimalist dream! Image Credits: Christian Vierig

If you’re concerned that minimalism would just get monotonous, try your hands on layering and get creative. Layering adds on that X factor in your whole outfit and helps make a statement pairing up simple pieces of garments. 

3. Structural minimalism

Structural pieces definitely have a charm of their own | Image credits: Christian Vierig

Structural pieces certainly have a home in the minimalist wardrobe of your dreams. Because structure and versatility are far from mutually exclusive. Accentuate your body figure by pairing up structural pieces and still maintaining that minimal factor overall.  

4. Blend in your whites

Image credits: Christian Vierig

If white on white sounds too daring for you then blend them in! Add a pop of color to make your outfit stand out. This particular combo can get you through any occasion, and trust us that you'll always look minimal yet fun.

5. Keeping it Neutral

Fun with neutrals | Image credit: Christian Vierig

Play around with different neutral colors to create an outfit that looks oh-so-chic. Adding neutrals on monotones is never a bad idea, layer up your outfit with a neutral-colored garment like an overcoat, and we're sure you're going to make a statement wherever you go!

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