Eight Easy Ways To Go From Work-from-home-Ready To Errand-ready With These Quick Style Tips

Most of us are working from home nowadays, but every now and then we do have to be seen in public. Here are eight easy ways to take your style from work-from-home-ready to errand-ready in a matter of minutes.

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Have you ever avoided running a quick errand because you didn't feel like applying a ton of makeup or because you didn't feel like changing your entire outfit?

I know I have! I don't like wasting makeup for a quick trip and I don't like wearing clothes for a minute just to put them into the "sweet spot" on the chair in my bedroom.

If this has ever been you, then here are eight ways to go from work-from-home-ready to errand-ready in a matter of minutes.

1. Put on some accessories with luxury brands

Most luxury brands are created using high-quality materials and for that reason, they can last a really long time. Some luxury items can be used as staples in your wardrobe for years or even decades. It is also this reason why adding at least one luxury item to your outfit can instantly boost your appearance. I recommend investing in at least one luxury branded jacket, one pair of shoes, one handbag, and/or one pair of sunglasses. Wearing these four staples together, or wearing any combination of the four, can instantly take your at-home loungewear from shabby to shabby-chic in a matter of seconds.

2. Add some loose braids to messy hair

Adding a few loose braids to messy locks can add a sense of effortless style that can make your messy hair look purposeful. I mean, you purposely didn't brush your hair, right? Only kidding. Sort of. chuckling If you don't care for the braids in public, use a few small braids to add some waves to your hair and then remove them right before you leave the house. 

3. Flaunt those manicured nails

If you have it, flaunt it. If you don't have it, file and trim your nails or apply your favorite hue of nail polish to help refine your look. This is something that can easily be done ahead of time like the casserole cook show hosts pull out of the oven when they've prepared the dish ahead of time. Paying attention to your nails can help take your final look to a whole new level. 

4. Throw on a pair of ballet flats or tennis shoes

Toenails [and hairy legs] are easier to hide than your fingernails, amirite? If you don't have time to file and trim your toenails or to apply nail polish to them, this is a quick fix. Throw on a pair of your favorite ballet flats for a dressier look or, do your favorite pair of tennis shoes for a more casual look. 

5. Wear jewelry

Put on that jewelry, girl. Wear those statement earrings with a ring, or two. Or, wear those bangles. If you like simple, add a few minimalist pieces like a dainty, gold chain necklace, a solid band on your finger, or some tiny earring studs. The point is to just add the jewelry and have fun with it. 

6. Add a dot or two of perfume

Don't go crazy here, but a little scent can help freshen up your style. If you can, invest in a luxury brand perfume. If using perfume is not your thing, try using a scented oil like patchouli for a more subtle scent. Play around with different scents until you find the one that aligns with your personality (i.e. sweet or spicy) and your personal taste. 

7. Add a little blush or mascara, or both!

Adding a little color to your cheeks can help to brighten up your entire face, even during those more pale months. If you have very light brown eyelashes like me, then adding some mascara can also help to brighten your eyes. I go between waterproof and non-waterproof mascara depending on how easily I care for the mascara to be removed. 

8. Add some lip balm

Avoid dry lips by adding some lip balm before heading out to run your errands. There are so many different varieties and with the Internet at our fingertips, it is now easier than ever to look up recipes to create your own lip balm to curate it to your personal needs or tastes.

These style tips can be used interchangeably or they can be used simultaneously. I hope you find them to be useful in quickly bringing your work-from-home style from drab to fab for running errands. 

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