10 Reasons Why You Need To Explore And Embrace Your Creativity

What does it mean to be creative?

Creativity is a state of mind that fosters creation. When in this state of mind, we are in a flow state, completely focused on what it is we've set out to accomplish.

The imagination is free-flowing and loose, able to explore the untapped areas of the mind.

The term does not have to be forced into a box. When we think about what it means to be creative, our minds often settle on the image of someone painting a picture or forming a sculpture.

However, creativity can take on many forms. It can be creating something out of nothing, it can be reading books to expand your mind, it can be taking part in new and exciting experiences, it can be daydreaming about the future.

Creativity is a quality we often admire in other people, but we sometimes have a hard time recognizing it within ourselves.

Are we all born innately creative?

We are all born with a creative spark; we investigate this imaginative quality in ourselves widely throughout our childhoods.

As children, we have vivid imaginations. We spend time exploring our interests, participating in arts and crafts, playing dress-up, getting into mischief.

Children are the most imaginative beings; they aren’t susceptible to the often-demoralizing influences of other people and society until they’re older. Like young humans, children have fun embracing the things they enjoy and don’t spend time thinking about them. Children just live.

Creativity is transparent in children and it’s easily recognizable. We watch creativity come into fruition through the way they play independently and with others, the way they communicate and interact with those around them, and the way they tell stories.

Why do adults stop being creative?

As we grow and experience life, we become hardened to utilizing our inherent creativity. We become adults, and our eyes are opened to what the world truly has in store for us.

We allow the world and life experiences to make us rough around the edges and we no longer dip into our creative wells. Our creative lights become dim and we shy away from fanning the flame.

Creativity in adulthood is not as celebrated as it is during childhood. Adults who are creatives are often labeled as flighty individuals with their heads in the clouds. Careers in the arts are not held in as high regard as jobs that bring in a steady cash flow.

These stereotypes cause us to subconsciously shut down the creative areas of our minds, and we put that quality to sleep. As adults, we silence the creative voice we hear in our heads, we tone it down, we muffle it, and dampen it.

However, we must choose to awaken our creativity. We must acknowledge with certainty that we are in fact creatives at heart, and we have the ability to bring something new to the world.

There are substantial benefits to exploring your imagination and creative senses, and it’s never too late to traverse those benefits.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should embrace and explore your creativity.

1. Creativity builds confidence

When you embrace your creativity and allow yourself to create in a way that flows naturally, you become more confident in what you’re doing. You’re no longer doing something that feels silly or not worthwhile.

Confidence stems from being creative because you’re literally bringing something into the world that didn’t exist before. You’re making something out of nothing. Your imagination plants seeds in your mind that take roots and grow into whatever you’re creatively passionate about.

It is when you explore this growth that you become more confident in your abilities.

2. Creativity is an outlet

We can use creativity as an outlet for our negative feelings and emotions. If you’re stressed or feeling bogged down, funnel that energy into a project.

We are often able to create when we are in a state of distress. This is when our creative juices begin to flow, and we’re able to utilize our state of mind to our creative benefit.

When you’re sad, angry, depressed, anxious, lonely, or feeling any other shade of blue, use that to your advantage. Sit down with your emotions and pour them into whatever it is you choose to work on. You may be surprised by the outcome.

3. It feels good doing something you enjoy

When we allow our minds to play and explore the depths of our creativity, we often find that we enjoy the result. We find that the creative process, as well as the aftermath, can be beautiful things.

Finding a creative outlet you enjoy taking part in is imperative. If you don’t like putting pen to paper, don’t write. If you don’t like clay, don’t sculpt. If you don’t find joy in reading, don’t read.

Find what works for you and stick to it. Explore different forms of creativity and find what resonates with your mind and heart. We all have wells of creativity within us, and it’s worthwhile to find the outlets that bring us the most satisfaction and joy.

4. Creating things is productive

Creativity is never a waste of time. You will never put your creative juices to work and find disappointment. Creating something out of nothing is always productive.

The act of being creative results in beauty, innovation, intrigue, and whimsy. The outcome will always be worthwhile because you’re pouring your energy into something that didn’t take up space until you brought it into the universe.

Never be afraid that your creativity will be superfluous; the product will only enhance and add to the world, not take away from it.

5. You can use your skills to make things for people

Come holiday time, you don’t have to participate in last-minute panic-buying; you can make your own gifts, depending on what your creative outlet is.

If you enjoy making things, use this skill to make gifts for people you would regularly buy gifts for. People typically love receiving handmade things because it shows that you put the time and energy into making something thoughtful instead of buying a store-bought gift.

If your creativity comes through knitting, make scarves or hats for loved ones; if your outlet is painting, make hand-painted cards. If you enjoy writing, write a short story or cartoon, or article individualized for each person. Get crafty with your creativity.

6. Creativity allows you to express yourself

Everyone is their own unique person, and we all hold creative inner gifts that allow us to express ourselves through the utilization of these qualities.

Just as wearing your favorite outfit is an expression of who you are, so is your ability to create. Your art, your creation, your work can be a clear reflection of who you are and what you stand for.

7. Your craft can make you money

Many people have a side hustle. Some people drive for Uber and Lyft, some people refurbish old furniture and sell it for a profit, and some people set up Etsy shops for the things they make by hand.

If your creativity can draw in money, allow it to. If you spend your creative energy crocheting blankets, making jewelry, writing poems, drawing sketches, find a way to harness your skills into a money-making outlet.

Whatever your skill is, you can market it and take advantage of its monetary benefits. Get creative with your inventiveness and set yourself up for a little extra income, simply resulting from a craft you already enjoy doing.

8. You can get “good” at something you enjoy doing with practice

You can love doing something without being necessarily “good” at it. You could find pure, unbridled happiness in making dreamcatchers, designing earrings, or knitting cat sweaters, but your creations could be subpar.

Just because you’re not good at what you love now doesn’t mean you never will be. In most cases, practice makes progress; the more you do something, the better you perform at it over time.

Give yourself grace and time to improve at your creative outlet. Allow yourself to practice and don’t give up just because the end result doesn’t quite meet your standards. Everything worthwhile takes time and effort, so just continue putting forth your energy and your skill will improve.

9. Your creativity is inspiring to others

Creativity inspires others, plain and simple. We see others around us create and it inspires us to find our own ways to originate our ideas and thoughts through physical manifestation.

We’ve all seen a beautiful painting or piece of art that stirs emotions inside us, causing us to feel certain things. Sometimes this feeling leads to the desire to see more beautiful things created by others, and sometimes it funnels us down our own creative paths.

Whatever your chosen outlet of creativity is, it will inspire someone else in one way or another. Let your creativity flow.

10. The world needs your gifts  

Anytime anyone creates something new or has a new concept or idea, the world becomes more full, complete, and diverse. Everything starts from nothing, and the world’s most famous creative minds have brought their work into the world from a mere thought or idea.

If these inklings of thought had been stifled, where would the world be today? It would be lacking in beautiful artistic creations, moving and insightful literature, knowledge and intellect, and fun and joy.

Without the flow of creativity, the world becomes a duller place. If you are a creative individual, allow your creativity to flow freely, uninhibited. Do what you love, do what makes you feel good, and remember that the world is a better place because of the gifts you bring to the table.

In summation, society tells us to put a lid on our creativity; it tells us to hush our imaginative voices, box up our ideas, and extinguish our creative flame. Because of this, we don’t always see ourselves as creative because for too long, we’ve silenced ourselves.

Remember that you are creative; you were born creative and that doesn’t just go away. You have gifts to offer the world, those around you, and even yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to explore where your creativity can take you, and enjoy the flow.

Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash
Eden is a 26-year-old Aries who loves learning and exploring mental health, self-love, self-care, and eating disorder recovery.

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