5 Tips For Keeping Your Glasses Clear While Wearing A Mask

Here are a few things someone with glasses can do to keep themself comfortable while wearing a mask.

This year-long pandemic has been a trying time for everyone in one way or another, but there’s been one group of people who have been impacted worse than anyone: people who wear glasses. With everyone having to wear masks over their faces when they go outside, people who wear glasses have had a bit of a struggle thanks to how easy it is for their breath to fog-up their glasses while they’re wearing their masks.

It happens every time you take a breath, so if you’re trying to drive your car or are just simply going about your day in a rare moment of being outside the house, it can be annoying at best and outright dangerous at worst. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for someone who wears glasses to both wear a mask and not have it get in the way of their daily routine.

Here are 5 tips for keeping your glasses clean while wearing a mask:

1. Wear A Thick Mask

Wear a thick mask to prevent condensation
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The main reason why a person’s glasses fog-up while wearing a mask is that the air they exhale escapes through openings in the mask and has nowhere to go but up, naturally creating a problem for the large number of people who would be wearing glasses. An easy way to circumvent the issue is by wearing a mask made out of thick material, as that’ll allow it to absorb more of your exhale and make less of your breath end up in your face. A thicker mask can also help prevent germs from entering your mouth, so it’s definitely something worth considering.

2. Put Your Glasses Against Your Mask

You can put your glasses against your mask to keep air from escaping
Credit to The Verge

Like we said before, the main reason glasses get fogged up while wearing a mask is because of air escaping upwards with each exhale. A thick mask can help to prevent that, but an easy alternative to that is to use your own glasses to keep air from escaping. Just bring the top of your mask over the bridge of your nose and set your glasses down on top of it; this will keep your mask locked tight against your face, and so long as you don’t do anything too extraneous, the lock won’t get loose.

3. Tape Your Mask To Your Face

Use tape to keep your mask close to your face and prevent air from escaping
Credit to South China Morning Post

As previously stated, an easy solution for keeping your glasses clean is to keep your mask locked tight against your face to prevent air from getting loose and fogging them up. Simply using your glasses for this is an easy way to go, but if you want to do something that makes it less likely that your mask will come loose, you can try using tape to keep your mask against your face.

4. Wash Your Glasses With Soap

Soap can be used to keep glasses clear of fog
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Another simple solution for keeping your glasses clean is to just give them a good wash with plenty of soap. If you wash the glass with soap, the soap will leave a thin layer of film that causes water molecules to spread out evenly and not get clustered together into the fog. It’s an easy and affordable way to keep your glasses clear, so no sense in not acting on them.

5. Buy Anti-Fog Wipes For Your Glasses

antifog wipes for glasses
credit: amazon

Wipes are a staple in the toolkit of anyone who wears glasses, but your standard wipes aren’t always going to cut it, especially in this kind of situation. Fortunately, it’s possible to buy anti-fog wipes that, just like the soap tip mentioned before, leave a surfactant film on your glasses to help prevent fog from accumulating over them. It might not be something you can automatically do at home, but it’ll still be more than worth it.

In conclusion, while those of us who wear glasses have certainly had a rough time during this pandemic, it’s never once been an impossible situation to deal with. Whether it’s something that would cost you a little money or something you can do with items you most likely already own, it’s more than possible to make it so you can wear glasses and a mask at the same time without fogging up your glasses. This past year has been all about overcoming adversity, and something like this shouldn’t be any different.

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