8 Birthday Gifts For Writers: Supporting Small Businesses

Don't worry about finding that one novel your writer friend hasn't read yet.
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Never again will you have to panic and scroll through endless Etsy pages for the perfect gift! Writers - those elusive, introverted creatures - can be tricky to shop for when their birthdays come around because who wants to spend hours figuring out what book they haven't read yet? 

Hint: They've read everything. Twice. Probably. 

Here's another hint, though, writers are voracious readers. Below is a list that's suitable for setting the atmosphere whenever your friend wants to sit down and pen their newest novel or relax on a Friday night with a book (of their own choice!) 

Not only that, but each of these stores is a small business that you aren't likely to find in the mall. Now more than ever, it's time to support your small businesses. The care and joy they put into their products are unmatched.

You might even surprise your friend by introducing them to a store they've been secretly following on Instagram! 

Here Are 8 Unique Small And Budget Friendly Birthday Gifts for Writers:

1. Page Anchor

You can buy them here.

Price Range: $49.99 - $374.99

Page Anchors are the premium way to keep a book open without having to strain your thumb or shove your elbow in as you brew a cup of tea. You can even use them to keep your notebooks open! 

These anchors won't harm a book's spine, come with a lifetime warranty, and include free shipping worldwide. 

Plus, they're absolutely gorgeous. It's perfect for the reader in every writer. 

2. Bookish Candles from Wick and Fable

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You can buy them here.

Price Range: $5 - $85

Your writer friend will surely love these bookish-themed candles. With the varied range of genres and fandoms, there's a scent for everyone in their massive catalogue. 

The good news is, every scent is ideal for setting the scene when your friend is facing a tight deadline or looking to relax with a good book or two! 

3. Journals from Little Inklings

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You can buy them here.

Price Range: CAD$10 - CAD$45

These journals are not only beautiful for those Instagram posts, but they're also highly intuitive, with various pages dedicated to the different sorts of notes that your friend might take while reading. 

Pie charts, organized lists, book challenges, and many more features are found within each and every planner. 

Little Inklings is also known for their bookmarks, which could be a potential alternative to the journals they offer. 

4. Book Sleeves from Book Beau

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You can buy them here.

Price Range: $15.29 - $29.99

Book Beau is the original creator of the book sleeve. They've expanded their site to include various sizes for every novel, and they add new designs all the time. 

Your friend might be wary of carrying her tablet or new book in their bag - because who wants a dented cover or folded pages? - so a book beau is sure to protect their belongings. 

I guarantee that your friend will want more than just one so they'll have choices when leaving the house with a book in hand. You'll find bookish designs as well as everyday looks to compliment every aesthetic. 

5. Bookish Tea from The Simply Bookish Co.

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You can buy them here.

Price Range: $1.50 - $51

What writer - and reader - doesn't love tea? Forget the unoriginal Earl Grey or English Breakfast you can find at the grocery store and find a more personalized gift over at this shop. 

The Simply Bookish Company offers a wide range of products, but their tea can soothe any busy mind. Mix and match flavors, complement it with a mug rug, and you can even purchase a bookish mug to go with it.  

6. Magnetic Bookmarks from Happy Hello Co.

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You can buy them here.

Price Range: CAD$3.08 - CAD$40.00

Hand-drawn magnetic bookmarks are the most versatile gift you could get your writer friend. Apart from their intended purpose of marking a page, they could be used as mini decorations or even tree ornaments if you hook them through a string! 

Happy Hello loves to add new book characters to their collection, and they also have pins and greeting cards to satisfy the needs of every customer. 

7. Bookish Posters from Litographs

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You can buy them here.

Price Range: $24 - $119

For the writer who is looking for a unique piece of home decor to show off to their friends, then a poster is the perfect solution. 

Litographs is known for more than just their posters. You can get the entire text of a book printed on blankets, t-shirts, scarves, and many more. If you can subtly figure out one of your friend's favorite novels, then Litographs is likely to have it. 

If you want to make the gift even more personal, you can order custom text to be printed on a product of your choice!

8. Book Box Subscription from Owlcrate

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You can buy it here.

Price: $29.99 - $167.94

What writer doesn't want a book in the mail? But not just a book; the whole box is filled with goodies centered around the particular theme for that month. 

Some will contain socks, candles, art prints, and many more! Owlcrate is especially perfect for lovers of YA or Middle-Grade fiction, and you can decide which plan works best for your budget. 

Their boxes sometimes include products that can also be found individually in the shops listed above, so if you're looking for a choice that will surprise your friend every month, Owlcrate is the way to go. 

Any of your writer friends will definitely appreciate the gifts listed here. You can sleep tight knowing that you have a host of options that are suitable for any budget. 

Happy shopping!

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