How Do You Change An Unhealthy Habit?

Change is not easy especially when it’s coming from within. Here are some tips to nudge you in the right direction by building healthy habits.

Words are powerful and are sensitive to each individual mindset. Your perspective and the way you take in information will be different than others. Using the phrase “Break a habit” may imply that much work needs to take place. It sounds like a commitment we made without setting the motions. But if we switch it to “Change a habit”, you’ll see that it sounds like something we can do. The word “change” helps put it in gear to want to make those necessary steps. 

When we put our minds to it, we set the intention of successfully changing what no longer serves us within our daily lives. Once we know why we want to change, it helps us dive deeply into making that change permanent. 

Making change is easier than we think. Once we apply the mind power and the belief that this is the change we want to make, it will be easier for us to take that step forward. Fully knowing that this is hindering your growth will prompt you to make the necessary changes. Along with being aware of what needs to be changed, committing to what you set for yourself needs to be kept. 

Building healthy habits
healthy habits. image source: pexels

Steps To Change An Unhealthy Habit 

Here are some guidelines you can implement to make a difference in your life by letting go of unhealthy habits. 

1. Be the observer

Observe yourself. Pay attention to what you do on a daily basis. Observe your behavior and your reactions. Why are you giving so much attention to this? What are your thought patterns? What do you allow in your subconscious? What do you allow in your sight, your vision? What you see constantly has the power to control your mind. Along with what you listen to throughout your day. 

How do you feel? Take note of your emotions when you are around others and when you are in any type of environment. Observe the foods that you intake, as it affects the biochemical in the body; which affects our mood. Keep a journal as you go along so it could be clear on which habit(s) to change. 

Make sure to write down why you want this change. Having a clear reason why something no longer needs to be applied in your life will help your inner momentum. It will help you get started on making that change. 

2. Once you fully look into your daily life routine and become aware of how you act and react

It is now time to identify which habit(s) is preventing you from moving forward. Be honest with yourself. If it’s something that you absolutely do not need to do, have enough strength to remove it from your life. Remind yourself that this isn’t helping your growth.

Breaking a cycle that you no longer need is key to elevating your mindset. Accepting this is something you need to let go of will help you with being decisive. Choose wisely and stick with your decision! 

3. Find a positive replacement

Find or create an activity for you to do. Removing a habit is one thing, so now it’s time to replace it with something else to occupy your time. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something that will help you accelerate; something fun that only you would enjoy doing.

Creating a new habit will create a new brain path in your mind which will eliminate the old patterns that you’ve chosen to change. Having complete faith in what you are doing is keeping a positive mindset. This will help keep your momentum and energy from depleting. Having faith will also encourage trust within yourself. 

4. Once you’ve selected your activity, it's time to apply it to your everyday life

It’s time to put it in motion. Find a way to fit it in your routine so it won’t be forgotten to do or won’t be too late in the day to accomplish. Take it slow and take it a day at a time. Once you apply it within the full seven days, your mind will create a path for you to continue that habit. It will start to feel more comfortable to achieve it.

The days go by fast once we are preoccupied, once we are in the present moment and focusing on what is in front of us. So don’t pressure yourself, as the replacement is something that you’ve selected and should be something that you wanted to do. 

If you are unable to find something else to occupy your time, here are a few suggestions. Read something that interests you. Reading a book is a great way to keep your mind from lingering thoughts. Work with your hands; gardening, painting, drawing.

Anything that has to do with creating from your subconscious mind through your hands. The last suggestion is an outdoor activity. Frisbee, archery, nature walks/hiking, anything that involves moving your body will keep you in the present moment. 

5. Within 30 days, that habit becomes a part of you

Keep moving forward and remind yourself that going backward is stifling your growth and the progress that you’ve made. There are going to be some thoughts of caving in but you are strong and you are powerful. You have full control over your mind and your thoughts.

You are not your past and you know why you had to change your habit(s) in the first place. It wasn’t helping you succeed in life. Choose actions that bring happiness. Success is right around the corner so it's important that you keep moving forward! 

Take your time with these steps. Set the intentions of wanting to change your routine and change will follow. Apply positive affirmation to keep you going, to remind yourself that you can do this. Anything is possible once we know the reason why we want to change.

Remember with each challenge we face, is a chance to learn something new. Obstacles are called obstacles because they are something new we have not faced. Once we let go of the fear of not overcoming it, it becomes possible to face it, defeat it and overcome it. Which helps us grow and helps us get ready for the next life challenge. 

healthy choice
healthy choice. image source: freepik
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