Rollerskating Is Not A Passing "Craze," It's A Lifestyle

How roller skating had a surge in interest during quarantine and is continuing to get attention in 2021.
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As someone who used to roller skate when I was younger, I couldn't wait to dive back into roller skating as a new hobby. I've previously written an article about my other hobby in record collecting, but this new hobby involves being outside and away from the house. Roller skating forces you to get out of your comfort zone and trust your body as you move. Trust me, you'll be scared at first to attempt skating on any smooth surface but eventually, that fear will in time fade away once you get comfortable. 

You'll never forget that feeling once your skates are all laced up and you're flying through the air. You're constantly learning new moves and getting comfortable in a new environment. It's why roller skating is so fun. And it's in taking up this fun sport that I realized how much I needed it as an outlet.

Why roller skating now?

With covid and isolation, we learned how valuable socialization is for humans. Skating turned out to be an outlet that could promote a community while maintaining social distance rules - exceptions of course are when you accidentally crashed into someone. This activity promoted getting back out and socializing with society. For those stuck in quarantine, roller skating provided a way to feel physically active again. To feel like you weren't stuck in the same rut of staying in your house and binging television shows. 

One of the benefits of social media in 2021 is how accessible content is for the consumer. There are tons of content creators and roller skaters who upload their skating progress videos to their followers which encourages those just getting started. One of those famous roller skaters is Berlin-based creator Oumi Janta. Her video went viral getting over 3 million views on Instagram last summer. Watching her videos you not only see Janta vibing with the music but the dedication to perfecting her craft as a jam skater.

For those not familiar with the term "jam skating," it's a skating style that combines dance, gymnastics, and roller-skating. There are even specific skating shoes made just for jam skating as they are cut lower than traditional skates and have no toe stop or "brake." You might hear jam skating referred to as "shuffle skating" where the dancing styles differ dependent on the individual's personal expression. It's what makes Oumi Janta stand out compared to other skaters, she's got the smooth moves and confidence within her dancing.

After looking at that video, I immediately started looking for roller skates and the equipment I'd need to safely skate. At that moment, nothing was more important than finding another outlet to have fun with that was away from the screens and 4 walls of my room.

Rollerskating Is Not A Passing
Image Source: Pexels

You learn so much from roller skating that's beyond the physical exertion on ones' body. You learn to rely on your body's ability to pick up a new skill, and with practice, perfect it with time. You learn how to find a community within your area that makes you feel at home and loved. You learn to trust and push yourself to become not only a better skate but someone who doesn't give up. The reality of learning to skate is easy, you put on your skates and start rolling. But to continue that practice daily or even weekly says a lot about ones' determination to succeed. 

Going to the skating rink for the first time in over 10 years, I felt like I had never left. The energy of the packed rink was euphoric and something everyone should get the chance to experience. It's one thing to skate alone but another to skate with people. Sure there were plenty of people more advanced than me, heck even the young children had better skills, but never once did I feel out of place for my subpar skills. That is the beauty of the skating community, everyone starts at different levels but never discourages those doing their best. You're there to have fun, and boy did we ever have fun!

Even though my journey is just beginning, I don't see this as just another hobby. For me, it's a lifestyle change.

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