So You Wanna Workout In The Morning? Welcome To Hell!

Screech. Buzz. Ring. Beeeeep. Goes the The signal call for death reincarnated. It's a sound symbolising the end of all times and the beginning of the day. It's the sound of your alarm clock.

But wait! Your head is ringing worse than usual. Your body refuses to move, and it's still night time. This can only mean one thing; you've made the grave mistake of deciding to sacrifice your few sweet moments of serenity in exchange for sweaty, aggressive exercise.

It sounded like a good idea at the time. Youre busy all day, eating all night, there was really now other way. But now vicious claws of time and commitment have finally caught up to you and its time to put your money where your mouth is.

If you want a little help making the worse moment of your life a little less worse continue reading. 

annoying morning alarm
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Stop!!! Don't you say another word. You still reasoning with yourself right now. No you're not gonna do it later, you'll have no energy and you'll have no time that's why you said you'd do it this morning.

No you're not hurt, your body is just preparing for the pain your about to cause it. Oh, and my favorite, you're most definitely not gonna start tomorrow. Tomorrow, life's greatest tease. She's always coming but never comes. She is the biggest, sweetest lie you can tell yourself, encapsulates all the good feelings of dedicating yourself to something without actually having to do anything. She is a tempting mistress but you have to let her go. 

 Now that you and tomorrow have said your goodbyes, it's time for the hardest work out of the day "getting up". This step is very simple.


Do it, maliciously and with contempt, like you hate yourself. No matter what, before you dream, before you think, before anything; just throw yourself up. Have a partner? Roll over em, they shouldn't have been sleeping in the way of your goals.

You sleep on the top bunk of a bunk bed? Land on your feet. No matter what Do whatever it takes to be on your feet by the time your eyes open and I guarantee your halfway there. 

Finally, Once you're on your feet be proud. You've done what so many  people can't. You took that step and you're on your way. Now get the first set done. I don't care If you go to the gym, workout at home, or whatever; when you get to your destination, do the first set of whatever.

First steps are the most important because once you take it you'll never see a reason to look back, and why should you? You managed to pull more than a hundred pounds of near dead carcass out of the sweet embrace of pillow and bed and forced it to perform activities to strain and break it before the sun rose. There is literally nothing you can't do.

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