10 Most Relaxing Spa Resorts In United Kingdom

We all need some TLC every now and again and a spa can do just that

Spas are the best and most effective way to relax for many people. Why wouldn't they be? Swimming pools, Swedish massages, drinks, and other pampering treatments galore.

But if you live in the UK and are trying to choose the best place to visit you're definitely going to bump into some trouble. This is because most lists have as many as 30 suggestions if not more.

Not to blame the writers, their intentions were pure. Maybe they also couldn't pick a handful to recommend. I know it sure was tricky for me.

But this is exactly why I've done my own research and narrowed it down to ten options that'll hopefully, make it easier to choose. These are the spas that have popped up several times in previous searches, so there's certainly something unforgettable to them.

1. The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel, London

Four Seasons London Spa
Image Source: Four Seasons

Here we're talking about the one on Park Lane. Unlike the one on Ten Trinity Square, it has received a five-star rating.

The Four Seasons Hotel offers spa treatments from 11:30 am until 8 pm and from 7 am until 8 pm if you've membership. From their list of offers, you can tell their services are fit for a king.

As you can see on their website they can provide a detox, deep sleep massages, and their signature treatment with the use of concentration from 24-carat gold! Obviously, this isn't a cheap indulgence and can cost you as much as £390, but you'll leave the spa feeling like a newborn.

No matter the price, I know I'm not going to pass up that kind of a golden experience. What are months of saving up for a 24-carat gold treatment?

Take a look at their website and book a couple of treatments for you or your loved ones. Or if you'd rather a loved one experienced this luxury, you can purchase gift vouchers on Four Season's website. You're not going to regret the visit.

What do people think? The 5-star rating comes from 15 people but their lowest score is 4 stars. That should tell enough about the spa. Visitors of Four Seasons stated it was the best spa in London with amazing robes and even better massages. The staff will introduce you to the facilities in the compact resort and the skilled therapists will leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

2. The Lanesborough Club and Spa, London

The Lanesborough Club & Spa
Image Source: Lanesborough Club And Spa

Another five-star winner in beautiful London! The Lanesborough doesn't offer only spa treatments, but since we're focusing on this type of luxury let's dive right in.

On their website, they write that you can enjoy their manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials. As a cherry on top, they do bespoke sessions which are bound to please even the pickiest of customers.

Additionally, they use luxury brands in their treatments such as La Prarie, ila and Tata Harper which I'm sure you've been dying to try. However, that's not the best part about their services.

Want to bet I know what you want? Post-lockdown treatment. Do you know what The Lanesborough Spa offers? That's right. Post-Lockdown Pamper Recovery.

I know, it sounds like heaven. Be prepared to open your wallet very widely though, but it'll be oh so worth it. In addition to the use of their facilities, you'll get spoiled with a manicure and a pedicure, eyebrow shaping, and be gifted a scented candle.

So, when you take that gorgeous branded gift home you'll be reminded of your one-of-a-kind visit to Lanesborough Spa. ...And that you've survived the apocalypse. But more on that in a different article.

To make matters better, Lanesborough offers Christmas and New Year's Residence. Your rooms will be decorated with Christmas trees and you'll be served by your personal butler.

Combine that with a spa day during the festive season? I honestly don't know what can beat that. Sounds like heaven. But this seems to be a rather popular spot (no wonder), so make sure to book in advance.

What do people think? The 5 stars come from 41 customers who have left the resort with nothing but positive memories. They could see the effort put into the place the second they entered and the knowledgeable staff didn't disappoint. The treatments were lavish and rooms pristine, and one of the guests described it as a beautiful and private place to get pampered.

3. Bamford Wellness Spa at the Berkeley, London

Bamford Wellness Spa
Image Source: The-Berkeley

Seems like all the five-star places are in the heart of London! If you've never been to this gorgeous city this is your chance (and excuse) to visit.

Bamford Wellness at The Berkeley's offers holistic treatments bound to soothe your aching body and soul. Not only that but they're currently working on opening a rooftop swimming pool which you can enjoy from late summer 2021. What a treat! Who doesn't like a good swim?

Along with the typical spa procedures, you can also enjoy a session of yoga that's going to make you feel the stretch. Bamford Wellness also stands out by offering treatments of the season which, in June, was a boost of the immunity system, goodnight's sleep, detoxes, and energizing treatments.

Not to mention, their range of organic products is one that won't leave you disappointed. They offer items from body wash to accessories. So, put Bamford Wellness at The Berkeley's on your to-visit list and enjoy your spa stay.

What do people think? Not many people have visited this resort but those who did have all left 5-star reviews. The retractable roof at the swimming pool made the best impression as the customers knew they'd be able to enjoy all facilities independent of the weather.

4. Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, Hampshire

Chewton Glen Spa
Image Source: Chewton Glen

This stunning hotel in Hampshire offers its own spa treatments that you can enjoy at an affordable price. Well... as affordable as spa goes.

Their staff are oncology trained and can provide you with a stair climber if it's necessary. Chewton Glen employees have ensured that all age groups are taken care of and they cater to individual needs.

Speaking of those, with their Tailor-Made Spa Day you can select treatments you consider to be most suitable for you. You'll be greeted with breakfast on arrival, have their facilities all to yourself for eight hours and if you book a 120-minute treatment you'll be allowed to bring home a complimentary gift.

In addition, you can always make use of their Treehouse Studio Suite. This is where influencers Zoella and Alfie Deyes themselves preferred to stay.

However, bear in mind this isn't a cheap treat. Treehouse Studio Suite will cost you starting from £1350. Yes, you've read that right. Starting from.

Does it stop you from saving up? It shouldn't. Here you can make use of unique treatments provided for their Treehouse residents. Other than the obvious luxury of living in a treehouse you'll be provided with a daily breakfast hamper, flat-screen TV, and many other services.

Honestly, I've already decided that no matter how long it takes but I'll visit this resort. At least once. At least before I die.

Obviously, these aren't the final ranges of their services. Head to their site and take advantage of all the things they've got to offer, there's plenty to choose from.

What do people think? Scoring at an impressive 4,6 from 1010 customers. Someone who celebrated an important milestone left very impressed by the service and choice of food. The excellent staff will provide all necessary treatments despite the COVID restrictions. Not to mention the tranquil and beautiful area only adds to the experience.

5. The Spa at Coworth Park, Ascot

Coworth Park Spa Ascot
Image Source: Dorchester Collection

Ascot's Coworth Spa is another brilliant get-away where you can get spoiled and forget about the world's troubles. At this iconic getaway, you can take advantage of their spa treatments every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

On top of that, their steam room, swimming pool and fitness studio are all open until 9 pm. So, there's quite an amount of facilities to choose from.

So, what makes Coworth Spa special? Along with the typical spa treatments, they combine aromatherapy and mindfulness techniques to nourish not only your body but also your soul.

To add to that, if you're an expectant mother you can also enjoy their wide range of offers. Coworth Spa provides pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and pre-natal care that's guaranteed to soothe and relax.

Coworth's area is deemed so beautiful that they've made a service of holding your wedding there. Their Oval Room has the kind of design that makes it a blank slate for any wedding ceremony.

But the owners do recommend keeping a candlelit atmosphere. The countryside views that you can observe from the windows will add to the romantic ambiance.

However, that's not their only room to choose from. You can also pick the Garden or Oak Rooms, the upper-level Barn, or the Outdoor Spaces.

But don't forget to book in advance. Because of their wide and affordable range of treatments, they get full very quickly. It's no wonder, not with their kinds of services. So, grab that phone and make your first booking.

What do people think? As many as 726 customers have contributed to a 4,7 rating. The scenery is so gorgeous it was even chosen for a corporate business photoshoot! Rate that. Many people have chosen to take a relaxing walk after a super delicious brunch. Attentive staff will not disappoint and will cater to all your needs.

6. Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa, Surrey

Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa
Image Source: TripAdvisor

Spas at the heart of London may not be for everyone either location- or price-wise. This is why you can head to neighbouring Surrey to explore your options in the stunning Pennyhill Spa.

On arrival at Pennyhill's full spa day, they provide their guests with appropriate spa-wear, unlimited access to all facilities, and £40 credit for food and drink. Despite how busy they are (at the moment, Pennyhill takes bookings from November onwards).

The spa also serves as a hotel and can provide packs of services. The Swedish massage is a given at this resort along with many other treatments. Probably the most impressive would be their Oxygen Bubble.

It's a spherical tent where the air is 99.995% pure according to the website description. It sounds like it could be especially beneficial for asthmatics like myself. I know I would definitely try this out.

The best part? It only costs £10 to add the Oxygen Bubble to your regular treatments! However, at this time this service is temporarily unavailable.

But don't worry, I'm certain once COVID is done and dusted with, it'll be readily available once more. This seems to be the signature treatment of Pennyhill Park, so definitely give it a go.

What do people think? Reviews for Pennyhill boast a 4,6 score from 1188 happy customers. They describe the resort as a divine place to be that feels like heaven. Despite COVID restrictions is was an amazing unforgettable experience that still allowed for a happy celebration of their anniversary. The rooms are designed in a traditional manner that adds to the castle-like experience.

7. Bathsheba Spa, Woodbridge

Bathsheba Spa
Image Source: The Crown at Woodbridge

Bathsheba is one of the best spas in the Midlands and holds an award for Massage Treatment of the Year. That should say enough about the quality of their service.

The spa offers an overnight package where you can stay at The Crown's Hotel. Here you'll be offered a choice of either: cocktail experience, two-course lunch, champagne cream tea, or brunch with Prosecco.

Meanwhile, Bathsheba will take care of your pampering and you can have a choice of two of their treatments. You can choose from facials, neck and shoulder massage, "head in the clouds" treatment, pedicure, manicure, or gel nails or toes.

To add to that, you can benefit from bridal packages and hold small parties so you and your friends can enjoy the services. Bathsheba really does offer unique services that'll leave you relaxed and happy.

Not to mention, treatments that are tailored to individual needs? Sign me up! Honestly, the more I research these places, the more places I'm noting down in my bucket list.

What do people think? Their staff definitely leaves an impression of how professional and friendly they are. Bathsheba staff listen to your individual needs and tailor their relaxing treatments accordingly. The spa uses high-class cosmetics and the great decor only adds to the atmosphere. 

8. The Coach House Spa, Beaverbrook, Surrey

The Couch House Spa Beaverbrook
Image Source: TripAdvisor

The Coach House Spa welcomes you with exquisite architecture right from the start. Their beautiful garden makes you want to stay there forever, it's that gorgeous.

The Coach House offers Spa Days which are treatments for a day or more that are focused on your wellbeing. Since this resort focuses on soothing your body and soul, they provide mindfulness and healing treatments.

One such offer in Spa Days is Celtic Druid's Deep Healing in Nature. It's a full-day retreat where you're meant to create a deep connection to your heart.

It's sure to make you feel like an actual druid. With traditional rituals, singing, guided meditation, and connection with the forest you'll feel like a new person. I sure know which spa day offer I'm going for should I ever end up at the Coach House.

Or if you'd rather take advantage of their packages, you could take a look at their Japanese Experience, Plant-Based Experience, Sunday Cinema Club and Sleepover, and many more. The latter is the cheapest one, starting from £445.

Or if this isn't your thing, you could always buy a gift voucher on their website and make a loved one very happy. I'm sure they'll appreciate the gesture!

What do people think? A good score of 4,6 from 258 guests. Many are fascinated by the gardens at the Coach House. Paired with professional staff and unique treatments, it makes for one unforgettable experience. As one of the guests said, you have to be there to fully experience it.

9. Calcot Hotel & Spa, Gloucestershire

Calcot & Spa
Image Source: CNTraveller

Calcot Spa has only one rule: relax. Promising logo for a spa. Isn't it exactly what you'd like to hear?

Their heated indoor pool allows for a more private atmosphere and is perfect on a cold winter day. Or you could visit their restaurant and enjoy a hearty meal.

Calcot's spa days are separated into a full, half, sundown, or mini sundown. But you'll probably be more interested in a tailored full day as it'll cater to your preferences and needs.

This treatment offers a 55-minute treatment that you choose, full day's access to their facilities, and a delicious two-course brunch. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

But if you really want to step it up, take advantage of their Ultimate Spa Break. At a cost of £379 per night, you can enjoy a full day of any £200-worth of spa treatments that you'll need to purchase in advance.

You'll be provided with a full Cotswold breakfast, followed by a three-course dinner at either one of their restaurants. A nice perk to take advantage of is their complimentary bikes to explore all 220 acres of land.

That's an opportunity not to be missed! But of course, that's not what the offers are limited to. There's plenty more to enjoy.

But if you want to enjoy their products at home you can do so! The Calcot Spa collection is available to buy at your local Tesco store. You'll feel like you're at the resort with their fragrant bath floats.

When you'll be booking this fabulous retreat, make sure you'll do it via their website. It's a better deal than Booking or Expedia because Calcot Spa will provide you with the best rates and you'll be able to add Cotswold Cream Tea, have a priority upgrade (subject to availability), and benefit from flexible cancellation.

What do people think? Another resort scoring 4,6 from 420 visitors. Wonderful and kind staff will take care of your needs and you'll enjoy delicious affordable foods with beautiful views. Even first-time visitors want to return to enjoy sipping Prosecco in a hot tub while listening to the crackling fire outside.

10. The Spa at South Lodge, Horsham

The Spa at South Lodge
Image Source: Good Spa Guide

The Spa at South Lodge is a resort with a territory of 44000 square feet. Amongst regular spa facilities, it boasts two amazing restaurants: the Botanica and Camellia Restaurants. The resort has both an indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy pool.

An offer that stands out would be their Spa Break, starting from £539. You can have brunch and dinner at their restaurant, have access to their spa throughout your whole stay and enjoy a 60-minute treatment per person.

The Spa at South Lodge can also spoil you at their Ridgeview Beauty Bar. They'll do your nails and make-up while you enjoy a glass of award-winning sparkling wine. What's not to love?

Can we take a moment to appreciate their outdoor pool? People often search for images of it and you can clearly see why.

The Spa at South Lodge
Image Source: The Telegraph

Gorgeous, isn't it? The flowers are a lovely touch. Honestly, if that image doesn't encourage you from visiting South Lodge, I don't know what will.

What do people think? A decent 4,4 score from 17 visitors suggests a worthy experience. The Spa at South Lodge provides delicious food and outstanding service in a beautiful location. Should anything go wrong, they try to make up for it with complementary service. But most people found the South Lodge their new go-to place.

All the above spas are open and operate in line with COVID-19's health and safety procedures. Hence, it's reasonable to expect longer wait times but you should still be able to enjoy their full range of services.

Hopefully, this has helped you choose from all the tempting options available. If you prefer to go someplace local, by all means! But you definitely won't be disappointed when you head to one of these beautiful destinations.

Enjoy your luxurious spa retreat and don't forget to write a review for whichever place you visit! I'm sure their business will appreciate it.

Aisha Kerrigan has had a passion for writing ever since she was a child. She's working on her novels and short stories in her spare time.

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