6 Benefical Fruits High In Vitamin C That You Didn't Know Existed

Here Are 10 Fruits High in Vitamin C That Will Help to Improve Your Health
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Vitamin C is crucial to our bodies, especially during cold and flu season. This vitamin has a host of benefits including a boosted immune system, younger-looking skin, boosting collagen, and the prevention of gum disease just to name a few. When we think about Vitamin C, we tend to first think of oranges. While oranges are a good source of Vitamin C, they are certainly not the best by any means, contrary to popular belief. 

Listed below is a compiled list of Fruits that are high in vitamin C and can effectively boost your immune system and benefit your overall health

1. Guava

The guava fruit is incredibly rich in vitamin C, and it contains four times more vitamin C than an average-sized orange; and ten times more vitamin A than a lemon.  The high vitamin C content destroys free radicals and prevents oxidation, lowering the risk of degenerative diseases. As per the research conducted by multiple scientists guava also helps to prevent dental issues such as gingivitis.

Watch this video for more about the benefits of Guava:

2. Black Currants

The exotic and tart fruit known as black currants contain181 mg of vitamin C. This amount is equivalent to 200% of the recommended daily value of 90. As per the research conducted by Dr. John Axe, black currants are packed with immune-boosting properties that can prevent herpes and even fight cancer.

Watch the video below to see more amazing benefits of black currants:

3. Starfruit

Every serving of raw star fruit contains 22.7 milligrams of vitamin C, an amount that fulfills 20 percent of the RDA of the vitamin. As per the research conducted by Pharmacist Michael Jessimy, starfruit is a good source of other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which also boasts anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

The benefits of starfruit are explained in the video below:

4. Kohlrabi

As per the research conducted by scientists Park WT, Kim JK, and Park S, Kohlrabi is high in vitamin C and also contains powerful antioxidant properties that can help treat and prevent numerous ailments such as cancer, heart disease, constipation, diabetes, gout, hemorrhoids, hot flashes, high cholesterol, liver disease, menstrual symptoms, and many other issues. Although kohlrabi is not very well known, this vegetable has many benefits and should not be overlooked for its potent healing properties.

More information about Kohlrabi is detailed in the video below:

5. Kakadu Plums

A 100-gram serving of Kakadu plums provides around 1,240 milligrams of vitamin C (that's more than 20 times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges). Kakadu plums contain more Vitamin C than many of the fruits in the world. As per the research conducted by multiple scientists, Kakadu plums also contain a plethora of antioxidants, prevent cancer, and have powerful antibacterial properties making them a pertinent staple in our diets.

More benefits of Kakadu Plums are detailed in this video:

6. Guanabana

This deliciously sweet fruit is one of the most beneficial and antioxidant-rich fruits on the planet. Guanabana, also known as soursop, or graviola contains 20.6 mg of vitamin C in one serving which is 34% of the RDI. According to research conducted by Paul J, Gnanam R, Jayadeepa RM, and Arul L, this fruit also prevents cancer and greatly reduces inflammation. A Once eaten, this is sure to become your favorite and most beneficial fruit to eat.

Watch this video to get more details about the benefits of Guanabana:

The fruits and herbs listed above will surely promote health and wellness and have you feeling your best.

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