9 Ways To Express Your Emotions And Energy Healthily

Don't keep it all inside, release your burdens to live a better life.

If there is one thing that experts from both the spiritual and medical areas are starting to agree with is that emotions are energy. And they need to be expressed in order not to end up stuck and stored in the body where they can later develop into more mental, emotional, and physical issues or illnesses. 

In a few episodes of a cancer documentary called, The Answer to Cancer, released in 2020, and a Trauma Series documentary released in early 2021, producer Nick Polizzi and guests, explore how trauma and negative emotions from that trauma get stuck in the body producing aches, sickness, and even, in some cases, illnesses like cancer where the trauma happened. 

Experts are now realizing that the pain you feel, whether emotional, mental, or physical, is a way of your body telling you to pay attention to it because it wants to release that stuck energy. 

Lorie Ladd, a well-known spiritual teacher, stated in one of her videos that as much as you want to get rid of the energy or negative emotion, the emotion also wants to get out. 

But how do you release negative energies and emotions?

Here are nine things you can do to release emotions and energy healthily: 

release negative energies and emotions
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1. Move the energy out of you

Time and time again, professionals advise their patients and clients to keep an active life. There are various reasons for this and most of them are for physical health. But, there are also mental and emotional reasons for this. Now, we can even say there are energetical reasons for exercising.

Exercising helps you release energy. But, it's not just exercising but also simple stretching that can help release stored up energy. These are all planned or semi-planned movements though.

What about jumping up and down when you feel excited? Or suddenly running when you feel frustrated or angry? And breaking into dance when you feel sad or happy? These spontaneous movements when you have a burst of energy or emotion also help to release. 

Now, if you want to, not only release, but also continuously manage your energy, having a routine of exercise is advised. It doesn't have to be done every day but experts recommend having at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise 3-4 days a week. 

Always look for professional advice when looking to better your health in any way. The content of this article is for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only and not meant to replace medical, dietary, mental, emotional, or physical advice from a professional in any way. 

2. Get all your stress out with art

We are all aware that many of the most successful artists have had tragic lives. And even though it is turbulent for them, they seem to be able to cope, at least for a while. How do they do it? The answer is their art.

If you notice, some of the most beautiful art has come out of the artist having had experienced very difficult situations. Their art is a way for them to express themselves and start healing from their pain. 

It is so effective that many professionals in the health industry use art, not only in therapy sessions but also as a method to rehabilitate people. 

Your art doesn't need to be perfect, it is only meant to help you express and get out the emotions inside of you and you can do it however you want. The thing about art is that it is created at the discretion of the artist. 

You can do whatever you want paint, draw, sculpt, design, write, build, photograph, and create anything. 

Get it out with art
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3. Express your emotions through words

Talk your stress out

There are studies that have shown that people who complain a lot have less stress and live longer than those who don't. Why you may ask? Well, it is because they let out all of their emotions, frustrations, anger when complaining.

Now, I'm not saying you should start complaining all the time to every single person you meet, that gets old fast especially for the other person on the receiving end. But, you can ask friends or family if you could talk because you're not feeling well. 

Be aware that not everyone will be able to handle your emotions or situation so choose who you talk to wisely. If you don't feel you have anyone you can talk to that is close to you, you could try online therapy, counseling, or a hotline. 

Write a daily journal

If talking isn't your thing, you could try writing, in this case, journaling. Writing is widely used in shadow work and other therapy work because of its healing benefits.

Writing helps you put all of your emotions on a page and get them off of your chest. The good thing about journaling is that you can write whatever you want, and how you want it because you don't have to worry about making other people uncomfortable or hurting their feelings.

You also have the advantage of keeping it private and, if you wanted, destroying it at any moment's notice. 

You could also write stories, songs, essays, or any number of other things to express your emotions in different ways if journaling is not necessarily your cup of tea. 

Sing and heal yourself with positive frequencies

Not only is singing good for releasing emotions and energy, due to the physical aspect of using your body to do it, but new studies are showing that certain tones and frequencies that can be done by the voice can help heal the body.

What's better than belting your way out of frustration or other heavy emotion? Here you have the added benefit of, not only letting out your emotions but also projecting them out into an audience.

And that audience has the opportunity to connect with your songs and express their own emotions alongside you. If you are releasing or planning to release songs, then go for it. 

Channel your energy into projects
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4. Channel your energy into projects

There have been countless stories about how people who have experienced difficult situations have used the resulting anger or indignation to start new ventures or projects that later became successful. 

Anger can be good fuel to start something new, it won't necessarily get you all the way through but it can be the spark that gets you started. 

Starting new projects is a good way to channel all that energy into something constructive and productive. A lot of times, when people feel down, they tend to resort to destructive ways of handling it which can turn into addictions or into unfortunate accidents. 

Don't fall victim to that, put your emotions where they can be most helpful and most productive. It can change your life in the long run.

Think about it. Is there something you always wanted to do that you are now free to do? What is there to lose? You can do it. 

5. Breath Work helps you calm down

A very popular method that has surfaced in the last few years is breathwork. It not only calms the body but also helps with concentration. 

If you feel in the midst of strong emotions or anxiety, breathing deeply into your stomach and slowly out a few times, you force the brain to concentrate on the breathing and to let go of the emotions. Soon you're feeling calmer.

It is especially good for when you're angry because it gives you a non-aggressive outlet to express, let go of, and even manage anger. 

There are different types of breathwork for different things. For example, there is breathwork to specifically give you energy, there is breathwork to calm the mind, there is breathwork to learn focus, and so on. Even pregnant women are taught a specific breathing technique to help them during labor. 

Breathing is important, it is one of the key components that keep us alive and gives us the energy to live. 

Take some time to experience different breathwork modalities to find out which one is the right one for you. 

6. Meditation is good for focus and awareness

There are many studies outlining the benefits of meditation on the mind, body, and emotions.

It helps with focus and concentration, for one. It also helps with emotional management and mental clarity when done regularly. 

With meditation, you learn to redirect your focus onto other things when faced with a situation that might trigger you emotionally. It also helps with managing energy when you can't focus on something else or don't have a choice but to face what might trigger you. 

Meditation can also help you look at things critically by promoting observation and healthy detachment from difficult situations or people. 

Many people use it for discovering themselves, what they truly like, what their values and beliefs are when not influenced by others. 

There's a lot you can gain from meditation and plenty of ways you can meditate that don't involve sitting still for long periods of time. Try different options out to find the right one for you. 

Do some cleaning to get clear
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7. Do some cleaning to get internal clarity

This option may sound frustrating to a lot of people but the fact is that studies have shown that cleaning up your area does help, not only with keeping everything clean but also with mental and emotional clutter.

When your area is disorganized and dirty, you start feeling anxious and stressed on a mental level, even if you're not completely aware of it. Seeing a cleared-up space physically, helps you clear up space mentally and emotionally. 

You are able to think more calmly and logically, that idea that you had been waiting on and searching for suddenly comes to you. That solution that you had been yearning to find finally appears, seemingly out of nowhere. 

An invisible weight is lifted off of you once you see your space finally clutter-free and clean. This is the effect cleaning has.

But the final effect is just one part of it. Have you ever wondered why your mom or caretaker seems to always be cleaning around the house? Especially after a very stressful day?

It is because the physical act of cleaning and moving around helps release that stress and pent-up energy that they have stored throughout the day. Sure enough, your mother or caretaker seems much more relaxed and friendlier after all is said and done, don't they?

If you still don't like the idea of cleaning, you can think about it this way, you can go through all of the things in the house and throw out or destroy the objects of that particular person that crushed your heart. Whether it be a lover, friend, family member, etc.

And, if you have other people living with you, you get to scream at them to get out of the way and let you work in peace. Fun, right?

8. Shout, to let all your negative energies out

While it's fun to sometimes scream at your family, it isn't recommended. Instead, try screaming into a pillow or going somewhere outside where you can scream without being disturbed or disturbing anyone or anything. As it may trigger fear in people around you.

Among the benefits of screaming, research and experts say that shouting can help release stress, frustration and help with anxiety.

Some believe it is a good exercise for your lung and liver. Other research has shown that shouting can increase your strength in certain circumstances. 

Research also states that screaming can activate endorphins in your brain which can make you feel calm and better after doing it. 

Self-care to take your mind off things
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9. Self-care to take your mind off things

Self-care, especially actions that pamper you, can help you relax and take your mind off things for the time being. It can also be used as a meditative technique to think about solutions or just to take a break from the situation mentally and emotionally. 

Showering or bathing, in particular, is a very popular thing to do. It is also suggested a lot by people who have tried it and experts. 

Water has always been a symbol of cleanliness and purity, many believe that it helps wash away all of our troubles and bad energy that we have accumulated throughout the day.

Maybe that's why so many people feel so much better when they shower or bathe after a long or hard day. Baths, in particular, seem to be the preferred option.

With baths, you can prepare a relaxing ambiance with candles, flowers, essential oils, your drink of choice, a book, your phone, and even a bit of food. Once it's all set up, you can stay there until all the stresses and high emotions of the day have dissolved, or until you want. 

Many people vouch for the calming effects baths take, especially if you add in a bit of extra olfactory and sensory help with candles, bath bombs, and essential oils. 

Try it out, and remember to shower/bathe every day to cleanse away all of that negative and charged energy.

Whatever you decide to do whether, from this list, a combination of things or something else entirely make sure it's the right thing for you, that you're not bothering others, and that you can make it a regular thing so as to not let all that energy and emotions bottled up in your body.

A writer with a love for hot chocolate and rainy days. Has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and is experimenting with fantasy writing.

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