Can Cleansing And Healing Energies Be Detected By Science?

Many in the spiritual community have resorted to the Schumann Resonance for reading these energies and how it affects us.
Schumann resonance and the brain
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From realizing that everything is energy to finding that trees and plants do communicate with each other, science is finally proving what medicine people and spiritual leaders have been saying all along. 

This is why, nowadays, it isn't strange to see people mixing or complementing their spiritual beliefs with science and technology. Some do it on a more personal level, while others use it to interpret spiritual messages for the collective. 

One such technology is the Schumann Resonance chart. This chart is used by the spiritual community to read the energies that are affecting (and how they are affecting) the physical and spiritual bodies of people. 

What is the Schumann Resonance?

According to NASA, the Schumann Resonance is a repeating atmospheric heartbeat of electromagnetic waves that circle the Earth and are trapped between the surface of the Earth and the atmosphere. It is also known as the Earth's frequency or "pulse" to many, which is constant at 7.83 hertz.

The Schumann resonance electromagnetic waves are created mainly by lighting bursts but are extremely low frequency or ELF.

In order for the Schumann resonance to be detected, the waves need to hit and bounce off of each other at certain points (or peaks) to become stronger energies. 

The Schumann Resonance has an impact on us

The electromagnetic waves of the Schumann Resonance have the ability to affect different parts of us, from our brain to our heart. In terms of our brain, the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI) states that the frequencies can affect brain activity, so our brain waves can synchronize and harmonize with the frequencies of the Earth. 

But, what does that mean? Well, according to research these energies help humans stay in optimal conditions.

If we are in sync with these energies (at 7.83 hertz) we not only feel good but now our body is able to heal and we have increased vitality. If we are not harmonizing with the energies we can become sick, in both the physical and mental levels, with symptoms ranging from anxiety to insomnia; headaches, and diseases.

How does the Schumann resonance affect the mind and body?

The Schumann resonance has been theorized to help our bodies repair as well as revitalize us, if taken away, the lack of Schumann resonance waves could cause severe mental, physical, and even psychological damage.

While research, has found that the electromagnetic waves do affect us, there hasn't been a lot of specific research on how it affects us. But, with what has been discovered, scientists can theorize.

For example, a paper titled Innovative technical implementation of the Schumann resonances and its influence on organisms and biological cells cites that, since it has been proven that these frequencies affect the hippocampus (part of the brain linked to learning, memories, and emotions), "disturbing the rhythms of the hippocampus can be a possible cause for pathological conditions".

Meaning that if the normal frequencies of the Schumann resonance are disturbed and stop interacting with our brains, it could lead to severe mental illness. 

The paper, which was written by S. Danho, W. Schoellhorn, and M Aclan, also references a few experiments. One of these experiments had student volunteers live in a bunker, which was shielded from magnetic fields, for weeks. 

According to the study, the students reported mental stress and migraines. After this, the 7.83 Hz frequency was re-introduced into the bunker. Doing that stabilized the students' health. This study, referenced by S. Danho's paper, showed that "the absence of the Schumann resonance produced mental and physiological health problems..."

Although S. Danho's paper doesn't go into details on how the Schumann resonance affects our bodies and minds, it does give a few areas which have been proven to be affected.

These areas are the states between the dream phase and relaxed wakefulness;  and parts of the brain such as the hippocampus, the hypothalamus (links the nervous system to the endocrine system), and the pineal gland (produces melatonin). 

In terms of the pineal gland, the paper states that "The pineal gland is able to detect electromagnetic fields...and that [studies into the pineal gland] substantiate the [Schumann resonance's] influence on melatonin balance." 

This means that the Schumann resonance helps our mind and body regulate our sleep-wake cycles. Without it, we would suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness due to a melatonin imbalance or lack of melatonin. 

Schumann resonance chart
Image Credit: The Healing Ray

Brain waves and the Schumann resonance 

Besides the physical effect that the Schumann resonance can have on us, it may also have a mental effect in terms of our brain waves.

But first, what are brain waves?

Brain waves are created when neurons communicate with each other through electrical pulses.

Although the brain waves are continuous and have no physical division, science does make distinctions to explain their functions and how they affect us physically and mentally, according to Brain Works Neurotherapy

Brain waves are usually divided into five: delta waves, theta waves, alpha waves, beta waves, and gamma waves. 

The Bioregulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI) and Brain Works Neurotherapy explain each wave as follows:

The Delta Waves range from 0.5 to 4 hertz. They occur in a dreamless state, unconsciousness, or deep meditation. Here, healing and regeneration are stimulated. And they are associated with drowsiness and empathy.

Theta Waves follow the Delta and range from 5 to 7 hertz. These waves are associated with learning, memory, creativity, intuition, daydreaming, fantasizing, and vivid imagery. They occur in sleep and meditation. This state is where we hold our fears, history, and nightmares.

Alpha Waves, which range from 8 to 12 hertz, are the normal state of the brain. They occur in wakefulness when the person is relaxed; alert but not processing information actively. This state deals with mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration, and learning. 

It is also associated with the "now moment" or being present in the moment.

Beta Waves, ranging from13 to 38 hertz, happen when we are alert, attentive, and focused. This state covers musing, information processing, our fight or flight response, anxiety, and excitement. 

The highest hertz range is that of the Gamma Waves, which go from 39 to 42 hertz. Gamma waves occur when the brain is processing information between both hemispheres.

It is suspected that they modulate perception and consciousness. Scientists speculate that if an increase in Gamma Waves happens, it could lead to expanded consciousness and spiritual awakening or emergence. 

What do these waves have to do with the Schumann resonance though? Well, the Schumann resonance overlaps with human brain waves (0.5 to 100Hz), and, going by the research already made, it can be assumed that it affects us mentally and psychologically when it converges and harmonizes with our brain waves. 

The proposed impact of the Schumann resonance on our brain waves and ourselves

Knowing now that the Schumann resonance does affect us in more ways than one, it can be speculated that whenever it overlaps with our brain waves it also affects them.

Since the Delta Waves are associated with healing and regeneration and the Schumann resonance helps optimize our bodies, it stands to reason that whenever it overlaps with the Delta waves, it stimulates healing and regeneration in our bodies. Whether it is mentally, physically, emotionally, or energetically, is not known. 

When it comes to the Theta Waves, it could be said that the Schumann resonance activates creativity in order to work through our problems and fears.

In the Alpha Waves, the Schumann resonance may help in the integration of the mind and the body in terms of experiences we might have gone through that we have blocked, become numb to, or forgotten for any reason. 

At the Beta stage, the Schumann resonance might help us with better information processing and alertness to any outside situation. Maybe even giving us the opportunity to be able to step back and observe.

Finally, in the Gamma stage, the energies from the Schumann resonance may assist in the expanded consciousness and spiritual awakening that the Gamma waves are speculated to be associated with. Which would mean perspective and life changes in many areas of our lives. 

How is the Schumann resonance measured?

The Schumann resonance is measured with a chart in which the readers of the chart assign different meanings to the different colors and wave frequencies that the chart produces.

Along the side of the Schumann resonance chart the reader can see which frequency, in hertz, the waves of the Schumann resonance are impacting as well as the amount of time the waves remain in a certain frequency. 

Keeping in mind that the Schumann resonance does go into the same frequencies that our brains operate in, it could be possible that readers of the Schumann resonance might be able to read how the resonance interacts with our brains and what are the effects of this.  

Although it may vary from person to person, below is a video about interpreting the Schumann resonance spectrograph by Miranda Kelley a spectrograph spiritual reader:

Below is the interpretation of the Schumann resonance spectrograph: 

"In the Schumann resonance spetrograph, green is a representation of the third-dimensional clearing points. It shows the culmination of slow-moving or even stuck energies in the energetic system", Kelley says as she begins the video.

"Whenever the color red comes around, it means that there are blockages preventing other energies from flowing", she continues.

Then adds, "Green along with the occasional red, are indications of nodes and areas of purging, purification, cleansing, and healing. These two colors are made up of the frequencies and qualities of frequencies. Together they empower us with the ability to define and fine-tune our magnetism with the help of our electrical thoughts."

"Energies of change, make us look into what is blocking us and to release it", Kelley says.

"White is floods of light, power-ups, waves, light body activation, puts the chakras to the test. It puts what you have learned to the test and gives codes to integrate."

"It can be abrupt and force new pathways into the body to be able to hold more light. It can affect the chest, ears, eyes, neck, and top of the head. This light affects the way we feel and aids us in the unlocking of our power and DNA", Kelley continues.

"Blue is the natural state of being, the calm, homeostasis, and equilibrium", she says.

The Earth's pulse is being contaminated

The studies that have been done relating to the Schumann resonance have pointed to these energies being essential to the functioning and optimization of our bodies. Unfortunately, the Schumann resonance and our ability to harmonize with it is being threatened. 

As the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI) states on their site, "activity from man-made electromagnetic technology have caused significant changes to the to the intensity and stability of the Schumann resonance."

"This, in turn, can potentially induce alterations...influencing brain rhythms and human physiology synchronization", the BRMI continues. 

This means that technology has the ability to interrupt our connection with the energies of the Schumann resonance and "interfere" with our bodily functions in electromagnetic terms. 

According to BRMI, the man-made technologies that affect us negatively by disrupting our body's electromagnetic functions include computers, TVs, cellphones, radios, digital devices, appliances, airways, radio waves, etc. 

But, BRMI's biggest concern is the new 5G technologies stating that "5G and its 60Hz delivery system are an assault on our bioregulatory systems". 

How so? You may ask.

The BRMI explains that because of the pollution that comes with 5G, the 5G technologies may have the ability to disconnect us completely from the Schumann resonance and create or amplify acute and chronic disease conditions.

The BRMI also states that 5G will also make the blood-brain barrier more permeable causing more toxins to leak into the brain which could then lead to damage to neurons and DNA structure.

What can we do to stay connected to the Schumann resonance?

To stay connected to the frequencies of the Schumann resonance and stay in good health the BRMI suggests the following:

  1. Spend time in nature away from technology.
  2. Go stargazing.
  3. Listen to music that has the Schumann resonance frequencies in it.
  4. Invest in a Schumann Resonator (a machine that generates frequencies of 7.83Hz)
  5. Research current technologies and how they work.

Besides that, you can also use crystals to block the frequencies from technology in your home and on your phone. 

So, can technology really detect cleansing and healing energies?

Although there is still a need to have hardcore research on this field, based on what has already been learned we might say that, yes, it all seems to point that technology can read cleansing and healing energies. Specifically, the Schumann resonance frequencies.

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