Feeding Minimal To Your Soul May Leave You Alone With A Minimal Lifestyle

The minimal trend has really made its way from our closet to our soul. And this extension is really not good for us, as the soul should be fed more and more in this busy, materialistic world. So, lets get to know some really good recipes to feed our soul

The lifestyle we live in highly supports and promotes a spotless and healthy body. But what about the actual health? are we concerned about it? 

We do indulge ourselves in daily routines such as going to the gym, working out, using skincare and makeup to be spotless for the world. But, we forget to do the initial step towards accomplishing these goals. Our bodies and soul both need to be equally healthy. In the fast-paced lifestyle, we try to feed everything possible to our body to look astonishing but unknowingly forced our soul to starve or end up feeding it with junk. And doing so has always brought a short term good looking illusive body.

The best recipe to feed our soul and be forever healthy both inside out is by creating a bond between mind, body, and soul, which helps to imbibe what's good around and will change the perspective of life. So it's crucial to take out time to create a strong bond between, these eminent pillars, by bringing few changes in one's lifestyle.

Absorb the good around, credit - dribbble

There are different ways to fulfill the need of your soul, which will be helpful to maintain a good body too. A happy soul will not only make you look good from the outside but will also rejuvenate your inner self.

Here are a few recipes to feed your soul, tastefully.

1. Have an eye for gratitude

It's ubiquitous recognize, that people often forget to value the things they have in their life and whine about what they want or don't have. which brings the body and soul in a lot of unwanted pain. So, it's important to have an eye to see and value what a person has and be grateful for it. It is the first step towards feeding one's soul. Waking up with an approach of being blessed with the things present in life is very important. According to The Gratitude Project, book by GGSC - have a feeling of gratitude and acknowledging the blessings tends to make a person happier and stress-free.

The video below explained by Robert Emmons, a psychology professor talks about what good is gratitude, and what are the benefits of opening the gate of positive energy.

Being thankful, for what you have enables you to see with a different perspective. Where a person starts acknowledging the appreciation or support received by others strengthens the relation. Gratitude makes us see the importance of things received and value them and even creates a mindset to reflect back on whatever good has been received.

2. Closure with nature

Running or walking in a park or any natural surroundings, taking sunbath and boosting vitamin levels, gardening can be a real stress-buster, outdoor sports like skiing, swimming, horse riding can be really fun and self-realization time, even watching wildlife can bring great stillness and relaxation. The stillness and calmness of nature, makes a person realize to slow down and imbibe it. Nature is capable of healing all the stress, anger, anxiety, and fear from the body and soul.

When body and mind come in contact with nature, it not only uplifts the mind and soul emotionally but also affects and greatly impacts the body physically maintaining the heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and stress hormones. The reduction in stress ultimately makes the skin look younger affecting the outer appearance. 

3. Writing a journal

Writing a journal on small things that took place in a person's life, really get to dive deeper and closer to the soul. Thinking about what you did, what worked, what didn't, what should be done, and many more really helps to connect on an emotional level and makes the person think about himself or herself in a very profound manner. It leads to self-discovery, lightens up the weight of the burden, reflects the true you.

4. Following a passion 

The next way tells about the sole purpose of every soul, which is to find one's passion. Passion is what comes from deep inside and this gift when flows inside, lets the soul get closer to the mind. It brings the mind and soul to feel the infinite potential. Passion is an experience or a feeling which is received when a person achieves it while doing something that he loves and enjoys.

Giving time to anything you love and enjoy like painting, dancing, cooking, etc helps to break the jar of pretends, in which one has been trapped for a very long time. Passion helps, to be happy and satisfied and makes one a believer in himself. Everyone needs to give a small amount of time to explore their interest.

5. Connecting to beats

Music is said to have a profound link with one's soul. It can make a person reach another dimension. The power of music is so impactful that it can heal a person from deep inside. It has been noticed, that people connected to music perform better in their career as compared to others. So we can understand that music can also be helpful to make your mind work more efficiently and calmly.

Music energies and freshens up every individual cell belonging to one's body. The song below is Mozart's 40th symphony that can change a sad mood to a happy one.

and song below is  Raga Malkauns by Rashid Khan, which has the potential to gradually change a depressed mood into meditation, hear the soul-touching songs for a wonderful experience!

It's really magical and unbelievable how deeply music can touch one's soul and can have an unforgettable impact on it forever. 

Music makes its way into one's body as vibrations, through ears, which contributes to the brain functioning. It is a therapy that makes the soul create a bond between the body and mind very strongly, bringing immense peace and satisfaction. 

A strong bond between soul and mind can be created through music, credit Flickr 

6. Reading books

Reading motivational or spiritual books can also be a way to feed one's soul. As it really brings a lot of depth to one's life. Knowing other's perspectives about life and their experience about it can be really impactful. A person can actually experience another individual life by reading their book, which is really incredible.

Read yourself out, credit School Library Journal

It's really important to go for a book that is full of positivity. Reading a book should be enjoyable and so a person should take his or her own time to finish it without any pressure. Even books with great humor release the stress and connect to the soul.

7. Solo Journey for the soul

Lastly, a solo journey really helps to feed your soul to the fullest. As, it creates an opportunity to expose oneself to different places, people, and situations. Being alone and taking all decisions on your own brings one's senses to another height.

Traveling alone in unknown places, meeting unknown people makes you know more about yourself. It even brings more confidence to one's lifestyle. Bursting of the bubble of comfort is very much required to know the real value of life. Where a person faces moments of fear and doubt and is exposed to a life full of surprises.

Solo traveling to the soul, credit the sheaf

Being away from the technical gadgets and the monotonous lifestyle where everything is planned, traveling can be real escapism from the fake world to the real world. Solo traveling is a chance to get to know oneself profoundly. It gives blissful moments to experience and an immense amount of satisfaction and happiness to the soul.

Feeding the soul with the recipe of love and compassion connects a person to the universe, and can bring immense miracle to life. as humans are capable of doing wonders. The feeling of being alive from inside is so strong that it will reflect the outer world of one's soul. Being mindful before taking any step to look great is very important. Because being healthy from the inside out is what matters and stays forever.

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