How To Lose Weight With A Simple All-natural Detox!

Did you know that you may potentially have 40-60 pounds of waste in your body right now! Detoxing is advertised as an act that leads to eating disorders and mental health trauma, but we want you to detox all the waste and weight out of your body.
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Why do I have so much waste?

The average male stool weighs approximately 1 pound, and the average female stool weighs about 14 oz. Waste builds up in our colons as there is insufficient fiber in our diets to aid our digestion and help our bodies naturally get rid of the waste sitting in our bodies. With low fiber, many people result to having constipation, which is where someone can not poop. 

Dietary fiber and how you may not be getting enough

A study regarding dietary fiber led by Harvard College Medical Schoo revealed that most Americans do not reach their targeted daily fiber needs. "On average, American adults eat 10 to 15 grams of total fiber per day, while the USDA's recommended daily amount for adults up to age 50 is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. Women and men older than 50 should have 21 and 30 daily grams, respectively." Most are barely reaching half of their daily fiber needs, leading to more waste build-up in our colons.

What is the colon, and how is it an essential organ

Our colon is part of our digestive system. The colon is the last step of digestion where waste gets filtered, remaining nutritional liquid gets absorbed, and the waste gets prepped for the body's natural removal process. The colon is a vital part of our body, as is any other organ. The colon helps our body flush out our toxins and waste product. 

Colon health and why it is the core of our gut health

When our colons have waste build-up and experience constipation, we are putting ourselves at significant risk. A study conducted in 2012 revealed that constant constipation often referred to as chronic constipation, can result in life-threatening damage like cancer as toxic waste is not naturally removed from your body.

What can I do to ensure adequate gut health?

Dietary changes are the most efficient for long terms of colon health. Changing someone's whole diet is not always possible as some may still live with their parents, can not afford to participate in this way of eating, or know they can not keep up with this way of eating, and regardless that is okay! 

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At-home detoxing most people can do right now!

A short-term natural solution that may aid in colon health is a salt flush where you would mix a few teaspoons of salt, a liter of water, and some lemon juice for flavor. This detox, known for aiding colon health, try this recipe and observe any of the differences you see with your weight, overall health, and body synchronous.

Fruitarian and the health benefits

 A recently promoted diet that aids in constipation and long-term weight loss is a fruitful eating method. Fruitarian is a diet that consists mostly of, you guessed it, fruit! This diet is vegan and plant-based, meaning there are no animal products or animal by-products within this eating way. Furthermore, this way of eating promotes eating raw fruit as it's the primary source of nutrition. 

Freelee and her fruitarian claims

Many have seen remarkable outcomes with this diet alongside @freeleebananagirl. She claims that she can consume over 2000 calories a day with this diet a day, lose weight, and remain lean and fit while doing so. Freelee has been active on social media regarding her way of life and eating and has been a fruitarian for many years. Her videos are incredibly informational and aid people in bettering their colon health.

Freelee is a Youtuber who has maintained a fruitarian diet for several years and tries to eat food that she grows herself on her property. Freelee is one of the biggest influencers that are openly fruitarian and educate others regarding this diet.

Reflection and moving forward towards healthier colons

Most individuals want to live into their 90s, and even past the age of 100, this accomplishment will not happen if you do not start caring for your digestive system. The digestive system is one of the most fundamental and crucial parts of your body as it fuels all the other parts. As your body is fueling with nutrition, the waste material needs to be flushed out for you to feel good, look good with a flat stomach, as well as maintaining colon health, and preventing cancer.

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