How To Achieve A No Makeup, Makeup Look

Ever wondered that it is weird you want to apply makeup that looks like you are not wearing any makeup?

No makeup, makeup look is one thing that is very trending on social media these days. It is a must-follow look of the season. If one wants a clear, natural look, no makeup, makeup is the best option. Even though the look is very minimal and looks simple but in reality, it is hard to work on but of course worth it. 

No Makeup Makeup Kit

What Is No Makeup, Makeup Look?

The no makeup, makeup look is not that typical Instagram looks that everybody sees online these days with bold brows, winged eye-liner. Rather, the look is the bare minimum and focusing more on the steps of application than the number of products used. 

Everyone loves trying out new makeup trends and get a glam look for an evening but there is something special about a natural, fresh-faced makeup look. This look has been popular for a good reason, it is flattering for a lot of people and super easy to do. It is one of those looks that can be seen on runways and street style look and it always looks great. It is doable and makes you look like a better and healthier version of yourself. 

How To Achieve A No Makeup, Makeup Look?

The best part, you don’t need to be a master to get this look. A messy bun and you’ve got a chic and effortless look to go for.

Here is how to master the no makeup, makeup technique from start to finish:


Start with a skincare routine. The key to having flawless no makeup, makeup look is to have a good skin regimen as it will keep your skin healthy and glowing without any makeup too. There are a lot of ways to get your skin glowing but choosing the right product for your skin is the start of your journey. Always cleanse your skin first as it set the tone for the rest of your process. A good cleanser deeply cleans and purifies all the pores. Then use an exfoliating mask that removes all the dirt and makes your skin healthy from underneath. Pixi glow mud cleanser deeply cleans and purifies pores but is gentle enough for all skin types. 

Pixi glow mud cleanser


Now that your skincare routine is ready to go, it is time to prime the skin. Primer is very helpful for no makeup, makeup looks as it smoothens the skin and creates a perfect base. It creates that extra layer between your skin and the product, offering up a smooth surface that helps the makeup stay put and last longer. The pore professional pearl primer from Benefit is amazing to cover all the pores and it gives a fine look. 

Benefit pore professional primer


Foundation is always optional. Some people like to skin this step and only go with primer while others for a lighter dewy foundation. BB cream is a great pick for this one. It gives sheer and buildable coverage. Ig cover, primer, SPF, moisturizer. Try the Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Fluid- Touch Foundation if you want to achieve that dewy, fresh glow. Use a buffing brush to blend in the product. 

Maybelline dream flawless nude fluid foundation


Brightening your eyes and banishing any dark spots or redness is what’s next. Use a concealer on areas you want some extra coverage, like your under eyes, around your nose, or any other blemishes you have. Just like you did with your foundation, apply the concealer also with a makeup blender.  Tarte shape tape concealer is the best for under eyes. It is very pigmented and won't create any creases and also stays very long. 

Tarte shape tape concealer


Once you are done with the face, it is time for your eyes. Mascara is the finishing touch to make your eyes pop. Choose a mascara that is either volumizing or lengthening to make your eyes look defined. If you want to volumize and lengthen your lashes then Benefit BADgal bang mascara is the best. One layer of this mascara and you are good to go.

Benefit BADgirl bang mascara

Add some color to your cheeks. Put some highlighter. At last, apply lipstick and before you head out the door, set your makeup with a setting spray. 

We also have some tips on how to remove your no makeup, makeup look

It is always important to remove your makeup at the end of the day so that your skin can breathe and be wonderful always. Use micellar water from Maybelline and use a cotton pad to remove your makeup, and give extra attention to your eyes and lips as those two are the areas where the product is applied a lot and is difficult to remove. Then use a cleanser to remove all the residual makeup. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizer and lip balm and you are done. Wake up with a beautiful face the next day!

Perfect no makeup, make up look can be achieved with the correct product application and the correct choice of product for your skin. Try and apply those products that do not look too creamy and looks natural. This is one thing I have learned from experience.  

Here is a video of how to rock a no makeup, makeup look;

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