10 Modern Society Affairs For Jordan Peele's Next Horror Movie

The greatest horror is often right our window.
Jordan Peele

Former comedian Jordan Peele (Key & Peele, Keanu) proved with his Oscar-winning 2017 directorial debut Get Out that he is not in the business of making conventional horror films. While not much is known in the way of Peele's much anticipated third film, Peele has revealed that his upcoming horror projects will only continue to use throughout society.

Peele's first two horror films Get Out and 2019's US have stemmed from relevant social issues experienced within society itself. It's safe to assume that these scripts are not directed at a mask but deeper thematic elements not typically akin to the horror genre.   

Social Media and Jordan Peele
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10. Involvement in Social Media campaigns

Though social media is not a substantial threat above others, it still presents a danger to those who use it irresponsibly... which can amount to nearly a billion people. Social media initially began as a platform for people to connect and, but that fun gradually spiraled into an obsession of struggling to leave it all behind.

Individuals may become so immersed in the world of social media that they can tend to lose touch with reality itself. Jordan has a knack for tackling the rigors of the social conversation within modern social circles and there is no greater than social media itself. Another that social media has conceived in its duration, is cancel culture, which would be another social charge for Peele to present in a creative and twisted manner. 

climate change and Jordan Peele

9. Focus on Climate Change

According to millennials, climate change and its harmful effects on nature hold the crown for the world's most critical issue. It may not be, but it is from global warming, endangered animal species, and other forms of nature. The climate change mold can present Peele with his first disaster horror film ala 2020's Underwater or 2016's Train to Busan.

That's not even taking into account the health issues related to changes in climate can range from Lyme disease, mental health issues, and a crop decline.  If climate control can serve as the backdrop to the greater machinations within the story, which are only reinforced by the de-evolving climate. 

healthcare and Jordan Peele

8. Healthcare issues in society

Even in the "progressive" world of 2021, America's health care system is not without its faults. Compared to other countries, U.S. citizens without medical insurance are endowed with a series of bills and possibly even debt after a visit to their local healthcare center.

People run the risk of losing loved ones every day, due to the nature of the current healthcare system. Aside from a handful of well-crafted documentaries, horror and the American health care system have yet to collide. 

Peele's Get Out and the US have done a masterful job at making the audience ponder issues bubbling within their society. That can become even more frequent positioning the villain in particular as the root of all evil within healthcare. 

bullying and Jordan Peele
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7. Topics related to Bullying and Teen Suicide 

While bullies are commonly or the catalyst of events in most Stephen King novels/movies, it's time for the topic to take the forefront of a horror film. No one likes a bully but they are real threats and gain strength in numbers each and every day.

As if that wasn't frightening enough, suicide is currently the third leading cause of death among the young adult demographic. While suicide is not always related to bullying, bullied victims are 2-9 more times likely to consider suicide as a solution.

It would be a delicate subject to place under a horror lens but bullying, as well as teen suicide, is a topic that needs to be broached nonetheless. 

racial injustice and Jordan Peele
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6. Take on police brutality and racial injustice

Jordan Peele firmly established a modern horror in his directorial debut Get Out, as it pertains to race. While not as prevalent in Peele's directorial follow-up in the US, racial themes still look to have a place in the director's horror mythology.

While audiences haven't been privy to Jordan's take on police brutality or racial discrimination, it would be even more intriguing to see Peele expand on this subject rather than do away with it completely. Peele has conveyed that race can be even scarier when it is amplified to a record level. 

unemployment and Jordan Peele
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5. The state of unemployment in the country

Jordan Peele's previous two films have depicted the lengths people will go to protect their newfound family and livelihood. Peele can take it even a step further by introducing a protagonist (or antagonist?) burdened by the world's own state of affairs.

It's the unfortunate state of the world that often shifts good-natured people into villains of society. During the initial phase of the COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment rate reached a record 14.8, which were numbers that hadn't been since 1948. Just imagine the personal strife and new identities that formed in the wake of the pandemic. 

elections and Jordan Peele
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4. Anxiety and tension on the Election Day

Even more than some Christmas mornings, the most anxious time of the year has to be the election season. There are allusions to both Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan's presidency in Get Out and US, but why not depict the anxiety and tensions of an election day itself? The lead into a new leader is often terrifying for most and may even cause discord within certain households.

Without diving into specifics, the Joe Biden V. Donald Trump election of 2020 had the entire world on the edge of their seat just waiting to see the outcome. Plenty of election movies have been released in recent history, but none with the foresight and foreboding nature of horror at the helm. 

gun violence and Jordan Peele
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3. Public shooting and gun violence

People are the main root of violence against others but guns play a significant role in that violence. On the one side of the discussion, there are a handful of individuals who would have guns on a strict leash while another sect of people cannot be without their weapons.

Whichever side is chosen, recent shootings have only increased within the last decade and unfortunately allows for a handful of recent shootings from Peele to choose from. Not only are public shootings becoming more frequent, but more than 500 people die every day from gun violence.

A gun possessed by the spirit of a murderer would obviously border the side of a gimmick but guns or weapons in general as the lead catalyst for a horror project could be up Peele's alley. 

water pollution and Jordan Peele

2. Water Pollution and its adverse effects

Water is one of the world's oldest and greatest resources and each day it continually becomes contaminated. Americans may drink more than one billion of tap water every day, but do know where the water originates or if it will become tainted?

Infamously, the Flint Michigan Water Crisis of 2014 placed the citizens of Flint in great danger in a move to ultimately cut costs, with the U.S. government largely turning its back on the town.

The contaminated water caused hair loss, rashes, itchy skin, and other unfortunate oddities among individuals. A film focused on the after-effects of the acts committed and the water's end result on the population of Flint, Michigan (or a town inspired by Flint) can be even than the Loch Ness Monster. 

right to education and Jordan Peele
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1. Lack of Education leading to global poverty

It's hard to imagine children being denied their right to formal education, but it happens each and every day. Not even taking into account the lowered wages emitted to teachers, schools themselves are at the cusp of a horror-like metamorphosis.

The lack of education faced is tied to global poverty. There is over 39% of the population without formal education and counting. Education is being denied to children all around the globe and it will only get worse before it gets better.

As Jordan Peele fully embraces his horror tendencies as a writer/director, the ever-changing world around him will only continue to become an inspiration for the imaginative and scary new worlds he creates. 

Current junior Writing Arts major attending Rowan University. I am an avid writer, comic book reader, and film enthusiast.

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