5 Marvelous Attractions To Visit At Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure

The park that comic book fans only dream of.
Marvelous Attractions To Visit At Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure
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The 2021 summer season may be nearing its conclusion, but it's still far from over for the world's most iconic theme parks. After formative amusement park discussions with DC Comics and parent company Warner Bros. came to an unfortunate end, established film conglomerate Universal Studios moved onto another comic book giant in Marvel Comics.

Universal was in the process of expanding its parks to even greater heights, with the aid of some of pop culture's most renowned superhero properties. 

In an age where the Marvel brand was on the precipice of being forgotten, Universal came to the rescue with a proposed Marvel Superhero Island complete with roller coasters and other attractions.

Featuring a cavalcade of fan-favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel Comics pantheon, Marvel Superhero Island has catapulted Islands of Adventure to a must-visit destination. In its effort to accurately portray the Marvel Universe, there are various Marvel-themed attractions and locations across the island that guests will not want to miss. 

X-Men's Storm Force Acceleration
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5. X-Men's Storm Force Acceleration

Coinciding with the release of Bryan Singer's X-Men film in May 2000, Storm Force Acceleration serves as the Uncanny X-Men's exposure to Universal Studios. Rather than focus on the band of mutants at large, the ride insists to give the spotlight to the team's weather manipulator Ororo Munroe a.k.a. Storm.

With Magneto continuing his vengeance against homo sapiens and unruly mutants, riders are forced to strap into their designated accelerators in an effort to aid the X-Men in the fight against their signature arch-foe. The ride formula replicates the classic teacups ride format, with 12 accelerators capable of housing participating heroes.

The speed of each accelerator, which can reach up to around 10 miles per hour, is determined by the riders chosen for this risky superhero mission. Unlike several other rides that occupy Islands of Adventure, the Storm Force Acceleration is likely the most accessible for child riders. 

The Incredible Hulk Coaster

4. The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Islands of Adventure welcomed The Incredible Hulk Coaster to its park in summer 1999 during its first year of amusement service. With a steel track modeled after the Incredible Hulk's signature colors, the coaster simulates Dr. Bruce Banner's fateful transformation into his monstrous alter ego via a brand new gamma-ray accelerator.

Consisting of an eleven-story hill, riders are launched 150 feet into the air with coaster speeds reaching up to 67 miles per hour. Along with momentous speeds, Universal's Hulk attraction features several twists, turns, and loops to truly increase each and every rider's adrenaline.

Remaining a flagship Universal Studios Orlando attraction, The Incredible Hulk Coaster ranked #9 on Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Award. Any individual standing over 54 inches tall will have the chance to experience the inner anger and rage within Marvel's green goliath. 

Doctor Doom's Fearfall
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3. Doctor Doom's Fearfall

Bearing a striking resemblance to Disneyland's classic Tower of Terror theme park attraction, the villain-centric Doctor Doom's Fearfall is a 185-foot coaster designed to make even the bravest thrill-seekers encounter their greatest fears. The sovereign Latverian ruler has finally conquered his foes the Fantastic Four using a new weapon of his own invention, powered on the fear of the human race.

Riders can experience Doom's weapon first hand when they are blasted to extraordinary heights at 40 miles per hour. Once catapulted into the air, there's no escaping the sheer excitement and terror that await riders in the sky.

Consisting of two extensive ride towers, Doctor Doom's Fearfall has made such an impact with fans that the coaster even spawned its own tie in the comic book. Though the ride queue may convince some otherwise, Doctor Doom's Fearfall is not for the faint of heart. 

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
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2. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

Universal's The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is unique for blending 3-D and motion sequence technology with real-life sequences. It's only fitting that Marvel Comics mascot Spider-Man would receive the most experimental ride that Superhero Island has to offer.

Riders are placed into the role of Daily Bugle reporters assigned to tail Spider-Man via The Scoop vehicles on his deadliest night of crime-fighting yet. While the extended world of Marvel superheroes does not feature, Spidey villains the Sinister Syndicate (Electro, Scream, Doctor Octopus, Hobgoblin, and Hydro-Man) do factor into the ride's main story.

Without giving away spoilers, it's these characters that truly play into the ride's interactive qualities. Along with a stylish Daily Bugle queue featuring live New York City news segments, patient riders are treated to a Spidey-themed gift shop once the battle with the Sinister Syndicate reaches its climax.

As The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man neared its 13th anniversary, Universal Studios transferred the ride to complete HD in 2012 in an attempt to remaster the attraction for a new decade. 

The Comic Book Shop

1. The Comic Book Shop

While it may not send shivers down one's spine, the Marvel Superhero Island comic shop is sure to leave a lasting impression on park guests. The comic shop is located on the boulevard, right between The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and other adjoining Marvel stores.

As the name implies, the shop primarily focuses on characters affiliated with Marvel Comics including The Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Fantastic Four.

Though labeled Comic Book Shop, the souvenir store is destined to every rider's need for novelty shirts, mugs, collectibles/figurines, key chains, posters, and an assortment of Marvel must-have items. The comic shop fits in snug with fellow Marvel Comics-inspired outlets from Cafe 4 to the Marvel Boutique.

Current Marvel Comics owners The Walt Disney Company may have gained access to use select Marvel characters in their theme parks, but Universal's Islands of Adventure will remain the pioneers of the gambit.

There is a reason that the theme park has lasted for nearly three decades and continues to have a momentous impact on guests. As Disney's Avengers Campus finally gets underway, its rival Marvel Superhero Island will always hold a special place as a must-visit destination for any fan of Marvel, comic books, and thrills.  

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