Quick And Easy Way To Speak Through Illustrations

Th power of art and its language communicating to understand the meaning of life.

The world is a platter served with art to everyone in different exquisite forms. The taste of art has always been a pleasure for people to see and experience. As the voice of art is unforgettable and impactful than any other thing. The notion behind every art is to grab a special space. Few artists have really tried to be real change through their creative and unimaginable ideation which makes people leave speechless.

As the current situation of the world is in its most vulnerable stage, where a change of climate, war, inequality, gender, crimes, extinctions of species has all seem to be normal. Well one more normal and expected reaction from everyone has been the debates, complaints, judgments, criticism, and blames on others is really pacing up every day. 

The immense potential of art to change the world, credit 6 Bridges Gallery

But as we know that every coin has its other side, the judgemental side is being suppressed gradually by the side where words are being interpreted through work. As some people possess the immense capability to really talk through their work with a notion to bring a change.

And what can be the best way to shape others' thoughts than art. It silently blends in the mind and without any notice brings a huge difference.

Let's explore these great artists and explorers and see how they use their strong determination and creative mind and hand to create their own piece of thoughts through art.

1. Baadal Nanjundaswamy

An artist who has his own silent way of speaking and reaching out to people. Baadal Nanjundaswamy is from Narasamma, Mysuru, and is a gold medalist in bachelors of Fine arts from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA).

He been an art fanatic since his childhood and used to deeply admire paintings and literature. And so wanted to pursue art, but the lack of money made his way a bit rough but couldn't stop him from doing what he wanted. He paid his college fees by selling his paintings in his painting workshop which he converted from a shop. And gradually he found a notion behind the work he did. 

Fight against the Bangalore streets potholes, credit Baadal Nanjundaswamy

Baadal fills the potholed roads and bad infrastructures through his creativity and tries to bring focus on major issues that are normally neglected by others and cause a great loss to humanity. His 3D paintings, sculptures, murals, and art installations have been praised globally.

Street art of Titanic with a pinch of Covid, credit whatshot

Currently, when the situation was going put of hands Baadal tried to make noticeable creation of some paintings on the city walls to speak to people about the seriousness of the situation where social distancing, sanitizations, and using masks were a few of the eminent measures to be followed.

His paintings spread to police stations, markets, pillars, walls, and many more places, where people could notice them. The paintings he created were clearly informed about the situation and were appreciated by the people around him. Baadal is a true inspiration for others, to go beyond every limit and be a change for society.

 2. Shilo Shiv Suleman

Shilo Shiv Suleman an Indian contemporary artist who has created her art imbibing the colors of feminism in it. She has been profoundly influenced and intrigued by the reality of magic and technology. She believes in the immense potential of art in changing society and civilizations.

The art of being fearless, credit Sivo Shiv Suleman

The founder and director of the fearless collection enable over 400 artists the power to stand against the issues faced by the planet. She never stops to blend her brush towards the progress of the society and so even during the lockdown, her art was speaking the language of the murals in the streets of Old Jaipur. 

She tries to convey a story behind every art installations like the Fertile aims to decolonize female sexuality. The story behind this beautiful art was of a goddess whose captivating beauty was irresistible by every god and so were afraid of the destruction of heaven. This lead to a conspiration where the goddess was poisoned and was buried under the soil in a distant dark corner.

Fertile, credit Republic World

But this planning and plotting couldn't capture or stopped her divinity and she grew into medicinal plants which proved to be a great benefit for human beings. And thus Shilo Shiv Suleman beautifully captured this intense and profound story in her art.

To be Loved, credit Shilo Shiv Suleman

Suleman always wanted to create a sacred space for artists, where they get the freedom to express themselves. But she believes a true change can take place on the streets, where the connection becomes stronger.

A great source of inspiration for her art has been the people who have been courageously supported their true self. Suleman has been the explorer of raw and real-life and always try to make others have the vision to appreciate the reality.

3. Sudarshan Patnaik

Art opens a gateway of ultimate opportunities to express in the most beautiful and satisfactory form. It blends with the people who vision for the bigger picture and wants to bring that in the canvas for the world to see, remember, and learn. This beautiful task might seem to be smooth but is as ruthless as it could be.

But the obstacles helps to bring out the best and leaves you with many surprises. As the artist, Sudarshan Patnaik never gave up his dream of poverty and instead used a unique medium that is, sand to be an unstoppable warrior in the world of art. 

One of the well-known sand artists from Odisha has been honored by Padma Shri for his commendable work. He creates huge detailed sculptures from sand which is based on the environmental issues being faced by the earth. He has made many artworks on saving trees, pollution n plastic wastes, and go-green initiatives.

Plant a Tree, credit Sudarshan Patnaik

He is very much concerned about the pollution of seas and oceans as he belongs from Puri, he finds himself liable to keep the beach less polluted. And so involves his interest in art to aware people of these serious issues. His work has been praised globally and has a huge fan base.

Swach Bharat, credit Sudarshan Pattnaik

For Patnaik, his achievement is to make people think about the environment while acknowledging his work. And so he tries to create sand sculptures on every festival or special day and adds a message related to environmental concerns.

Patnaik's incredible and unstoppable approach to educating people and take a step to make the world pollution-free is commendable. His work has really been a great help to highlight these issues and he expects to really make an impactful change through his art, with a notion to save our planet and life. 

A message to know the value of water, credit Sudarshan Pattnaik

Anjali Mehta

An artist mastered in Illustration from Arts University Bournemouth in the UK. Her inspiration from everyday life has made her art vigorous and connects to others smoothly. Her brush strokes mainly cover the broader aspect of life around women and their struggles.

Existential crisis, Illustrated by Anjali Mehta

She tries to portray the casual moments of every woman struggling in her day to day life. She even brings her personal life and its emotions to the canvas to give a more raw and real perspective to her art. Her digital art and Gouache (Opaque Watercolor) art and sketches create magic and inspire everyone.

Anjali's art speaks about self-love, same-gender sex, modern technology, animal endangerment, women's rights and touches many more topics to show a different perspective breaking the stereotypical mindset. She believes the first step towards change is the ideation which is inspired by the world around and then the visual presentation.

Go Away, Illustrated by Anjali Mehta

She has always tried to send a message from her illustrations and believes that all her ideations have grown from the world around her. She focuses more on adding meaning and depth to her art than beautifying it. 

"Change the price of my gender", illustrated by Anjali Mehta

Anjali has always tried to bring a very different perspective to the table of art and so faces a lot of criticism and she believes that criticism really elevated her ideology and added strength to her work. Anjali continues to bring her strong opinion and approach towards the need gap of the society and keeps on exploring the world through traveling and analyzing everything around, which makes her and her work unique and fresh.

Alicia Souza

An illustrator born in Abu Dhabi moved to Melbourne for studies and graduated from RMIT University in communication design, Australia and currently lives in Bangalore, India work.

She tries to frame the small simple yet blissful moments of life that get unnoticed, in her art. Her work starts from capturing the everyday incidents taking place around. The main protagonist of her sketch is mostly a girl named Alicia, who lives her life in the most casual way with a messy pony or loose bun.

The Moments, Illustrated by Alicia Souza

This girl gets disappointed about her nail paint not being quickly dried up or she can be seen giggling at her passport reading 'married' on it. The life of Alicia revolves around the small moments of happiness and how she adores and values them. 

The artist draws everything around her, every moment, the warmth of ironed clothes, a nice perfume in an elevator, a good poo. Her comics are about everything which doesn't seem to be special. She explains that for every human to be happy there should be a balance between the big and small things taking place.

The moments, Illustrated by Alicia Souza

Her cartoons create an instantly memorable art that everyone loves to adore and make them feel special about not being so special. Her art has really drawn the attention of India's young and restless. She has even worked with Google, Yahoo, Infosys, SAP, and many more.

Souza brings a clean and simple life in her comics. Her note to every minute detail of life really adds the spark to her work and inspires people to live every small moment. And gives a positive perspective to live life.

As life is the biggest influence of art and thus plays a significant role. Art carries the capability to reform the imagination of people and impacts them very strongly. Art enhances the ability of engagement, thinking, and action while making you experience real life.  

The power of art to make others understand feel and experience makes it the best medium towards a change. And so consists of the potential to shape others in different forms and takes a step towards changing the world beautifully.

A believer of art, through thoughts, lines, and words.

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