Top 20 Reads For Kiddos, And To Get Adults Back To Reading

We're all looking for a good book to read to our kids, but adults don't want to keep reading the same book over and over again. So here we'll be exploring some of the best books that can be fun for both kids and adults.
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There's little time in the day anymore to take the time and stop to read. Adults are always too busy and then become too tired to take a second and read.

Kids are focused on their screens and the latest TV shows. Books are such a point of the past, and the future is sparkly that kids don't want to take the time to open up a good book. TV shows, movies, and video games provide kids with interesting stories that they can watch.

Is there even a way to fix this? Yes, there is. Adults and kids need to take a step away from their screens and lives to dive into magical worlds that follow interesting characters in exciting adventures.

So here is the Top 20 List of Books that can get both parents and kids excited to read.

20. The Chronicles of Narnia

Author: C. S. Lewis

This series follows the adventures of different people who find themselves in the magical land of Narnia, where animals can talk and where normal kids can become knights in shining armor. This series also has some action-packed scenes that will keep everyone in their seats. You can find this book on Amazon.

19. Peter and the Starcatchers

Authors: Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Another fun series that takes the original story of Peter Pan and adds a fun twist. The books answer the questions that all of us have; 'how did Peter learn to fly?', 'how did they find Neverland?', and we're able to read the daring story of how Captian James Hook became Hook. You can buy this from Amazon!

18. Nancy Drew/ The Hardy Boys

Authors: Carolyn Keene / Franklin W. Dixon

Did you know that both series authors' names are pseudonyms, and several ghostwriters write both? Adults may remember reading these when they were younger, but these are classic mysteries that are still going strong today. These books follow the mystery detectives, Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, and sometimes these two groups come together to solves mysteries together. This is a perfect and fun read that both parties will be wanting to read one more chapter. You can find both of these books on Amazon, for Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

17. Disney's A Twisted Tale Series

Authors: different authors

What if Cinderella never tried on the slipper? What if Sleeping Beauty never woke up? What if Belle's mother cursed the Beast? These fun twists on classic Disney movies that we have grown to know and love. Each book follows a classic Disney character as they go through their 'what if' moment to find they are happily ever after again. Both kids and adults will enjoy this because it's characters we know and love, but it's not the same story that we've been told. You can find this one and the other books in this series on Amazon.

16. The World of Winnie the Pooh

Author: A. A. Milne

Silly Old Bear. Winnie the Pooh is a classic kids story that provides fun adventures for kids to laugh at, and that may take adults back to when they were younger, where their parents were reading. Winnie the Pooh follows everyone's favorite characters as they venture around the Hundred Acre Woods. You can find this Winnie the Pooh book as well as others on Amazon!

15.Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl

When five golden tickets are sent out to different parts of the world, everyone wants a chance to visit inside the infamous Wonka Factory. Out of the five chosen is Charlie, a boy who lives with his low-income family as they struggle to get by. Follow the story as we see the greed that some kids take to win, and show kids that good things come to those who are kind and patient. You can find this with the link provided on Amazon.

14. Matilda

Author: Roald Dahl

A special little girl was born with amazing powers and a greedy and meant family, but she doesn't let that get her down. Matilda has a positive attitude when it comes to life. When it's discovered that she has special gifts to make items float, she uses those gifts to make positive learning and home environment for herself and her peers. Matilda is an inspiration to both children and adults as she moves to better herself. Hopefully, reading about her love of books will help you go out and find your love too. Check out Matilda and other books by Roald Dahl on Amazon or other bookstore platforms.

13. Holes

Author: Louis Sachar

Stanely Yelnats is at the peak of his bad luck when he is sent to a detention camp after a pair of stolen shoes lands on him. Camp Green Lake is where bad kids go to work out their punishment by digging holes every day in the Texas heat. But there's more than meets the eye to this detention center, and Stanely is about to uncover the history of why the lake dried up and why they're digging so many holes. Find this amazing book on Amazon.

12. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

Author: E. L. Konigsburg

Claudia and her brother Jamie decide to run away from home after feeling unappreciated by their parents. They decide to make their new home in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York City. But when they hear about a mysterious woman named Mrs. Frankweiler, they decided to out and find her. You can find this wonderful story on Amazon.

11. The Hobbit

Author: J. R. R. Tolkien

Bilbo Baggins is a respectable hobbit who prefers all the luxuries of his hobbit hole. When Gandalf the Grey and a party of dwarfs appear in his home, offering him a chance at an adventure, he declines but ends up going anyway. Fighting trolls, goblins, and dragons to save the Dwarfs' home, this story is great for fantasy lovers and action seekers. (Best for older children due to violence). You can find this and more by J. R. R. Tolkien at Amazon.

10. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carroll

When a strange white rabbit appears out of nowhere saying he's late, Alice follows him down the rabbit hole into the very strange Wonderland. Alice experiences some strange things, eating and drinking things that make her grow and shrink; and meets some odd characters like the Mad Hatter and the Chesire Cat. It's weird and fun that'll make everyone smile as they read this classic tale. You can find this beautiful cover on Amazon.

9. The Giving Tree

Author: Shel Silverstein

This book follows an apple tree's life that gives to this boy that we see grow as time passes. As the boy gets older, he spends less time with the tree and begins to visit the tree when he wants something. The boy takes from the giving tree, and the tree only wants to see the boy happy, so she is more than willing to give. Find The Giving Tree and other books written by Shel Silverstein at Amazon.

8. Goodnight Moon

Author: Margaret Wise Brown

This is known as a highly acclaimed bedtime story that everyone went to sleep reading. It follows a little bunny as they say goodnight to everything they see. It may not look like much, but it's the perfect bedtime story to start the chain of reading for all. It's a great way to wine down the day for adults and kids as they begin to drift off into dreamland. Find this beautiful classic bedtime story on Amazon.

7. Love You Forever

Author: Robert Munsch

This book is an amazing way to show your love to your child, as we follow a mother and her son throughout their life. While her son may do things to upset her, she always reminds him of how much she loves him. And it shows it in a beautiful cycle that we can all learn to pick up and show our kids. Find the love on Amazon!

6. Charlotte's Web

Author: E. B. White

This classic follows the story of a barnyard pig named Wilbur as he goes through life but soon discovers that his life might come to an end. He meets a compassionate spider named Charlotte, who promises to help him live by making him a famous pig. Catch the word and see the pig by buying this book from Amazon!

5. The Cat in the Hat 

Author: Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a writer that all generations have been able to grow up with. His books come with fun rhymes and amazing drawings to go with them. People of all ages can enjoy his books. Kids will have the chance to take their imaginations to untold places, and adults can relive a bit of their childhood. Dr. Seuss is one of those timeless classics that start the path to reading. Pick up any of his books to step into the imagination of Dr. Seuss. Find this Dr. Seuss classic and so many more from Amazon.

4. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Author: Rick Riordan

Percy was just supposed to be a normal boy with normal problems. Not even close. Greek Mythology says that the Gods would often come down to mingle with the mortal humans, and sometimes these Gods would have children with these humans, creating demigods. Join Percy and his friends as they battle monsters and demons while also still being teenagers. Rick Riordan does an amazing job of holding readers' attention and showing kids that being different is better than normal. Fight alongside Percy and friends and buy your copy from Amazon.

3. The Tale of Desperaux

Author: Kate DiCamillo

This is a story of a brave and noble mouse (yes, you hear me right) named Despereaux that dreams of being a knight like the ones he's read in stories. He lives in a castle with the royal family, and when rats capture Princess Pea, he will do anything he can to go and save her. A fun tale that can teach kids that no matter what your size or who you are, you really can do anything you set your mind to. Find Despereaux and his tale in Amazon.

2. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Author:  Laura Joffe Numeroff

If you give a mouse a cookie, he's bound to stick around. This fun children's book will leave all laughing at the strange outcomes that come with 'If you give a mouse a cookie.' This fun children's picture book comes with an amazing story and great illustrations that both adults and kids will enjoy. You may even want to grab a plate of cookies for yourselves while you read along. And remember to check out the Amazon Prime Original series, 'If you give a mouse a cookie,' as well as use the Amazon link to buy a copy of the book.

1. Harry Potter

Author: J. K. Rowling

The boy who lived and defeated Lord Voldemort has never known any of that until one day at the age of 11; Harry Potter receives a letter to Hogwarts: A School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter is a great and magical tale that is fun for all ages, and there's always something exciting to be found. Parents will love being able to share a magical tale that they may or may not be obsessed with, and their kids will become obsessed with it just as well. A whole new generation of Potter fans will come. There are so many amazing new copies of Harry Potter found on Amazon!

Whether it's from this list or your own shelf at home, reading is the gift that keeps on giving. Just 30 minutes when you can spare it, can create a better world for you and our kids. Sharing a favorite story can create a wonderful bond that will last a lifetime.

Happy reading!

Just a bookworm living in a crazy world with a love of writing. Come to me for any recommendations.

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