10 Eye-Catching Outfits From BoJack Horseman To Replicate IRL

Ten of the show's most fashionable moments.

Netflix's hit show, BoJack Horseman, is often recognized for the unfiltered glimpse it gives into the internal battles that celebrities and everyday people face. While I'm overjoyed that the show is getting the attention it deserves, there is one component of the show that is seriously overlooked.

Considering TV is a visual medium, it is a huge task for animators to create characters that are interesting to look at. Although the plot carries the show, the character design plays a huge part in capturing and keeping an audience's attention. The designers on BoJack Horseman did an excellent job creating a variety of outfits and looks for the characters to embody throughout the series.

One of my favorite things about this show is the amount of attention paid to the small details, and the characters' many outfits are no exception. I would be lying if I said some of the outfits from the show haven't inspired me in real life. That being said, here are 10 of the trendiest, most eye-catching looks from the show that will have you rushing to find your own dupes. 

1. Diane's Blue Two-Piece Set (S1E4)

bojack horseman diane blue outfit s1e4
Image: Netflix

Even this early on in the series, the character designers show us what to expect with the business casual styles at Todd's rock opera rehearsal. The first non-everyday outfit to catch my eye was this gorgeous blue blouse and long skirt combo that Diane wears to the event. This outfit choice suits Diane perfectly — it's classy and artistic, yet simple. 

At first glance, it looks like it might be a dress (and it very well might be). However, the slight color difference between the top and skirt makes me think otherwise. It would be easier to treat it as a two-piece when looking for dupes in real life. The top is more difficult to replicate since the design is so intricate, but the long blue skirt can be replicated, either through thrifting or searching online. 

2. Princess Carolyn's Trench Coat (S3E3)

princess carolyn's coat trenchcoat
Image: Netflix

Although this look might seem simple, the accessories give it that extra oompf. This neutral trench coat and red beret ensemble screams sophistication and maturity — a perfect look for the quick-witted Princess Carolyn. The design of the trench coat alone is cute, but the berret really brings the look together and gives new life to her regular pink pumps. 

This outfit is one of the easier ones to replicate in real life. A simple Google search will bring up similarly-colored trench coats and berets. The exact style of pumps she wears might be tricky to find, but honestly, a variety of shoes would complement this look just as nicely. This look, although only worn twice in the show, would be most practical for everyday use in colder weather.

3. Stefani's Cookie Blouse 

stefani stilton's outfit
Image: Netflix

If you give a mouse a cookie, she'll find a way to incorporate it into a super trendy outfit. At least that's what I gathered from Stefani Stilton's character design. Although this is her everyday look, the seemingly sheer blue blouse with cookie-shaped lapel pins immediately caught my attention when she was introduced. Her look is super trendy and unique, a fitting characteristic for Girl Croosh's bad-ass CEO.

Since this look is so unique, replicating it exactly might prove to be a challenge. This exact shirt might not be available on the market, but a sheer blue blouse without the shoulder cut-outs should be manageable. The black thigh-length shorts can be found at almost any clothing store, but the shoes will most likely have to be swapped out for another style.

4. Todd's Red Hoodie and Flip Flops 

todd chavez's outfit
Image: Netflix

Todd's everyday outfit truly embodies the Southern California lifestyle. The devotion to comfort and preparedness for any weather is indicative of his laid-back personality and ability to focus on what's important - getting to the money. Considering his look is copied and distributed by a major fashion designer in a later episode, I would say I'm not the only one who thinks his outfit is attention-worthy.

His hoodie, sweats, and flip-flop ensemble is not far off from what I see on a daily basis in San Diego. This outfit is probably the easiest to replicate, and the items should be available in both men's and women's sections.

You can get a basic red hoodie from just about anywhere, as well as the white undershirt if desired. Grey sweatpants are also easy to secure, although finding this exact pattern might take a bit of research. As for the flip-flops, these can be found online, or on almost every corner if you happen to live in SoCal.

5. Diane's Post-Divorce Romper (S5E2)

diane nguyen's outfit after divorce
Image: Netflix

A common response to a painful breakup is to change your whole look, which is exactly what Diane did after her split from Mr. Peanutbutter. This bright green romper was different from her usual attire; it was fun, sexy, and loud. Paired with her new haircut, it seemed to symbolize a new chapter in Diane's life. Although she eventually reverted to old habits and settled back into her normal outfit, this romper deserves its 15 minutes of fame. 

This outfit is another that would probably be difficult to replicate IRL. It seems like this exact coloring and pattern would be tricky to find unless someone had seen the show and created a dupe. Even the style of the romper might be difficult to duplicate, so you might have to settle with a basic green romper or have it specially made. 

6. Pickles' Crop Top and Overalls

pickles aplenty outfit
Image: Netflix

This is the outfit that inspired this entire article. Out of all the wonderful combinations I've seen on the show, none sparked my desire to shop like that of Pickles Aplenty. Being a member of Pickles' age demographic, I related with her sense of style more than any of the other characters. I sport my fair share of crop tops year-round, so when I saw this combo I immediately asked myself why I didn't have this in my closet. 

Although I personally don't usually consider overalls when shopping, this look is trendy and casual and resonates with my inner hipster. The orange crop top and overalls can be found at any young adult clothing store, although finding a shirt with the same white stripes might be challenging. Personally, I would just pair any white and orange striped shirt and black overalls. I'm not the biggest fan of the shoes either, but the color coordination of it all is completely on point.

7. Mr. Peanutbutter's Tough Guy Outfit (S5E4)

mr peanut butter's tough guy outfit
Image: Netflix

This one is mostly for the fellas, although I would love to see the female spin on this ensemble. Mr. Peanutbutter steps away from his usual laid-back attire with this edgy orange leather suit. The loosely attached belt and unzipped shirt help to create that haphazard bad boy vibe he so desperately wants to exude. Paired with simple dress shoes and thoughtfully placed accessories, this outfit reminds us that the men know how to step it up a notch too.

This might seem difficult to find a dupe for, but it's not. Will you be able to find something that looks high-quality or that fits the same way? Maybe not. However, searching "orange leather suit" will get you started in the right direction. On the contrary, the black belt and sunglasses should be relatively easy to find.

8. Gina's "Sassy Malone" Costume

gina cazadore sassy malone outfit
Image: Netflix

Gina Cazador slips into this simple yet chic outfit for her Sassy Malone role on WhatTimeIsItRightNow.com's breakout show, Philbert. This simple brown jacket and jeans combo may not be the most interesting look on this list, but it is arguably the most sophisticated. Considering Sassy Malone is employed by internal affairs, this look is intended to be comfortable and casual, but also business-appropriate.

Luckily, this is another outfit that can easily be found in stores. Plain white tees and blue jeans are staples in every closet, and the brown jacket can be found in coat factories or online department stores. The accessories are kept to a minimum here — black shoes and a brown belt are easy additions that most of you will already have in your closets. 

9. Princess Carolyn's Green Bodysuit

princess carolyn's green jumpsuit
Image: Netflix

If anyone knows how to make a fashion statement, it's PC. This deep green bodysuit that she wore to Mr. Peanut Butter's surprise wedding was all I could pay attention to the entire episode. Princess Carolyn is a pro at dressing her clothing up or down with accessories, and in this case, she keeps the extra pieces to a minimum so as not to distract from the main piece. Her shoes are patterned yet muted, and she wears a simple gold necklace.

This bodysuit looks like something I would find on PrettyLittleThing, FashionNova, or maybe even Forever 21 on the right day. A simple green, long-sleeved bodysuit should not be difficult to find, nor should a gold necklace or spotted pumps. If the jumpsuits available on the market do not include the belt, it can always be added on separately.

10. Penny's Home-From-College Outfit

penny carson's outfit
Image: Netflix

We see the more mature side of Penny when she confronts pesky reporters in this simple outfit. The clothes themselves are pretty basic, but the accessories and color-coordination make me want to copy this look ASAP. The colored jeans are matched with the shoes to give the outfit a cohesive look, and the accessories liven up the plain black scoop-neck tee.

The shoes in BoJack Horseman are definitely unique, and Penny's are no exception. Finding dupes for this exact pair of purple flats might not be possible, but the purple jeans and blacktop can probably be snagged from your local Hot Topic. The triangular necklace and ring that add character to the outfit can be purchased from online jewelry stores.

BoJack Horseman is a show that inspires fans for multiple reasons. Yes, it provides commentary on happiness and self-worth, but it also gives us characters that are relatable in more ways than one. The show boasts amazing visuals with creative style choices for the cast, choices that the fans can (and already have) add to their own real-life closets.

Writer, blogger, and content creator from Sunny San Diego. When she isn’t writing, you can find her exploring, eating, and watching Netflix.

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