13 Trendy Fashion Influencers You Need To Follow ASAP

You've seen the dancing videos, the DIY crafts, and the stay-at-home meals, but are you keeping up with the fashion?
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Quarantine has been rough, there’s no denying it. But one saving grace has been the many beloved, innovative, social media fashionistas. From pantless job interviews to DIY makeup tutorials, these stylish influencers have allowed us to improve our fashion sense during the worst year of our lives! In lockdown? Who knew?!

Here are 13 fashion influencers you need to follow right now!

1. @Kearacallahan - 103.4k Followers on TikTok

If you’re looking for an outfit for every color of the rainbow then this is the profile for you.

Finding the perfect color-coded outfit is as easy as it’s ever been with @kearacallahan! Pink, green, purple, you name it, Keara’s got it. Not only does she share her own color coordinations, but she also shares unique outfit ideas for date nights, how to look taller, and the best clothes for maximum comfort. Keara also recommends healthy beauty products that rejuvenate your hair and skin, shares ideas from other fashionistas, and provides lifestyle tips meant to lift your spirits! She even reviews shoes and does athletic unboxing videos, and who doesn’t love that? Explore Keara's TikTok here.

2. @Carlottaoddi - 118k Followers on Instagram

Do you want advice from a fashion icon who's worked in Italy and Japan? Then you've come to the right place.

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A post shared by Carlotta Oddi (@carlottaoddi)

Carlotta has been obsessed with fashion for as long as she can remember. With her brand Alanui, and having worked as an editor at Vogue Japan for eight years, it's safe to say she knows what she's talking about. Her style is based on her daily mood, pairing layers, and working with various material weights and patterns. Her most recent focus has been on geometric patterns similar to western Native American and Indigenous People's artwork. See Carlotta's Instagram here.

3. @Andoej - 124.2k Followers on TikTok

Ever not known what top to wear on a hike with the Kardashians? Or which bottoms to choose for a day on the beach with Harry Styles? Well, @andoej has you covered.

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A post shared by Andie J (@eh.jey)

Andie runs her “niche fashion comedy” profile with style and splendor, crafting chic outfits for outlandish occasions you may, or may not, be attending. “What I would wear front row at different designer runway shows” is one of her most popular series, producing countless spin-off content ranging from “what I would wear to the different designer after parties” to “dressing for really specific events that will never happen to me but I have all the outfits for.” Andie’s sincerity and devotion to trendy statement pieces is no doubt the reason for her TikTok success, so get ready to take notes and get dressed for that gala you’ll never go to. Find Andie here.

4. @Ssiiena - 134.6k Followers on TikTok

Do you remember Macklemore’s No. 1 hit song Thrift Shop? Well, @ssiiena certainly does!

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A post shared by siena filippi (@simply.siena)

The young influencer specializes in thrift shopping and uses her TikTok power to recommend the best pairings she finds on her adventures. Not only does Siena raid consignment shops, but she guides her viewers on how to upcycle vintage items and older trends; updating the items to fit modern styles. Do you have an outdated 2016 cardigan? Siena will tell you how to strut it in 2021. Some of her videos contain stay-at-home runway modeling and showing off her latest inventory, while others display her weekly workout routines. If you’re looking for a casual account to follow for thrift advice and periodic lifestyle vignettes, then @ssiiena is a great profile to follow. Enjoy Siena's videos here.

5. @Itsyuyann - 158.4k Followers on TikTok

With 158.4 thousand followers and counting, @itsyuyann takes fashion influence to the next level.

This LA resident specializes in styling accessories and amping up everyday outfits. Fun fact: platform Converse pairs well with oversized hoodies or a t-shirt with jeans! She also provides modeling guides that show you how to flaunt the outfits you're wearing. So, if your Instagram or Twitter needs a face-lift, listen to Yuyan. She’ll tell you which poses are best for showing off each outfit, and your social media vibe will shimmer with glam! And did I mention she also does hairstyles? Thanks, Yuyan! View her profile here.

6. @Asiyami_gold - 314k Followers on Instagram

With a talent for photography, design, and travel, there's more to this fashion influencer than meets the eye.

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A post shared by Asiyami Gold ???????? (@asiyami_gold)

Asiyami Gold is more than a social media influencer, she's her own company that excels in mobile photography tips, travel blogging, documentary filmmaking, and, of course, how to dress well while doing it. A Nigerian native, Asiyami not only boasts a fashion partnership with Vogue, but also has an impressive repertoire with Pantene, proving herself a worthy hairstylist as well. See Asiyami's work here.

7. @Carolinafreixa - 337.9k Followers on TikTok

One of the most innovative fashionistas on TikTok, @carolinafreixa is magic with her imagination.

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A post shared by Carolina (@carolinafreixa)

@Carolinafreixa transforms shirts into skirts, shrinks your oversized sweatshirts, and even bakes delicious snacks, all in the blink of an eye! Well known for her Amazon clothes reviews, Carolina gives superb recommendations on affordable yet stylish items. Despite already being an everyday wardrobe hero, she also provides hairstyle tutorials, holiday-themed aesthetics, and viral beauty product reviews. Carolina is truly a well-rounded, youthful, fashion guru who seems too good to be true! Find her here.

8. @Yolanainthecity - 365.1k Followers on TikTok

"I see it. I like it. I got it." You’ve never seen fashion tips like these.

@Yolandainthecity, otherwise known as Yolanda, is, well, in the city. This LA resident specializes in “fashion tings, small chest tips, and sewing and DIY.” Her 365.1 thousand followers are here for Yolanda's seasonal fashion hacks, nail art inspirations, and countless Pinterest and Amazon reviews. She also shares fashion do’s and don’ts, recommends themed outfits for special occasions, and even shows you how to pair clothes to your Doc Martens. Yolanda is true all that! See her here.

9. @Bryanboy - 592k Followers on Instagram

It all began with a blog and a dream, and now Bryan Grey Yambao is one of the leading fashion influencers of our time.

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A post shared by Bryanboy (@bryanboy)

A mix between a classic fashion critic and a modern-day influencer, Bryanboy manages to capture the minds of leading fashion icons despite having less than 1M followers. Having started his blogging lifestyle when he was 24 years old, he's grown to have a delectable and respected audience. His tastes revolve around high-end brands like Hermes and Celine, but his words aren't always as delicate as his fashion sense. Bryanboy is known for speaking bluntly about fashion lines he finds less than flattering, but the honesty that comes with his candor is why his followers trust his insight. See Bryan here.

10. @Iconaccidental - 748k Followers on Instagram

At 67 years old, Lyn Slater is a surprisingly insightful icon whose status as a fashion influencer occurred purely by accident.

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A post shared by Accidental Icon (@iconaccidental)

Known mostly as Accidental Icon, Lyn Slater started her illustrious fashion career as a side-gig to being a college professor at Fordham University. However, fashion has seemingly become an utmost priority for Slater since she's recently retired from teaching and gone full-throttle promoting her stylistic endeavors. She promotes her brand toward fashionable, middle-aged women who live "interesting but ordinary lives...and [are] comfortable with who they are." Lyn is undoubtedly worthy of acclaim alongside the likes of Anna Wintour and Iris Apfel. Explore Lyn's page here.

11. @Gabifresh - 825k Followers on Instagram

With a swimsuit brand and lingerie collection, both rooted in size inclusivity, Gabifresh might just be the most embracing influencer out there.

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A post shared by Gabi (@gabifresh)

An Instagram with an 825k following is no easy feat, but Gabifresh takes this responsibility in stride and uses her influence to empower plus-size women. She currently has two main brands, a lingerie collection Playful Promises, and a swimsuit brand Swimsuits For All, both of which strive for complete inclusivity of women of all sizes. Gabifresh goes the extra mile to model her most recent pieces in superb glamorous fashion and even hosts the occasional giveaway event. She also has an insatiable love for beauty product delivery apps and the color lilac. Check out her profile here.

12. @Iconicakes - 1.9M Followers on TikTok

Sisters, Sara and Avni, are here to quench your cosplay cravings and aesthetic desires.

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A post shared by sara and avni???????? (@iconicakes)

Known as @iconicakes, the duo has gained nearly 2M followers for their celebrity look-alike tutorials and fictional character guides. Sara and Avni go as far as dying their hair to get the perfect look, sometimes playing rock-paper-scissors to see which of them will get the dye and who won’t. Their content can help you create the perfect Katara costume from Avatar: The Last Airbender, or even help you pull together that basketball aesthetic you’ve been wanting to show off. Branching from complex to simple tutorials, Sara and Avni’s @iconicakes is a profile that will keep you scrolling past 2 a.m. Watch Sara and Avni here.

13. @Ireneisgood - 2M Followers on Instagram

Irene Kim used to be a Korean Model who liked dying her hair. Now she's a fashion mogul with her own clothing line and hefty social media following to tie it all off.

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A post shared by Irene Kim ???? 아이린 (@ireneisgood)

Born in Seattle, relocated to Seoul, then to New York City, and back to Seoul, Irene Kim begun her career as a model and quickly shifted into crafting her own label IreneIsGood. She first formed her unique identity by dying her hair like a rainbow and fangirling over BryanBoy. However, aside from hair color preferences, Irene has proven herself a true fashion icon with her label IreneIsGood consistently premiering new lines at Paris Fashion Week. Irene's clothes are full of vibrancy and warmth, so make sure to check out her most recent line Good For You. See Irene in action here.

Strut Your Stuff!

With the help of these incredibly talented fashion influencers, you're bound to be the talk of the town! Good luck thrifting, catwalking, and being the overall badass we know you are!

Chris is a recent Brooklyn College grad who's eager to share his thoughts on entertainment, lifestyle routines, and the state of the world.

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